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  1. The only hard part in the main game trophies are : 20 demolition kills ( can be boost with 2 and take maybe around 30mins ) Won them all ( you need 5 people to start a Squad Death Match and win it
  2. I need help : Just bought a physical coppied of Batman Telltales for my ps3. I've update to the latest version of the game but when i completed the episode 1 , the game crash and i can't dowload the episode 2 ( coming soon ??? ) despite the game said that i already purchased the season pass and the dlc have been released for years . Please help :'(
  3. I have recently notice that my account is set in private mode but i havent setting in my ps3 or my ps4 trophies list to no one or friend only ( Currently set in Anyone ) . Can the administrator check for my account and fix it cause i have been block from join some trophies boosting sessions. Thanks
  4. PateThang Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 A modder has a mod menu that can unlock every thing very fast<br /> Please admin forgive me for this cause this have been 3 yrs and at that time i dont know what modder can do for my games<br /> Apologizes and promise this is a first and a last time for this situation , thanks :(