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  1. Hk?!
  2. 2/10 because of the 10 kills in HP mode I just took 50 minutes.
  3. thanks for the information
  4. does anyone know when and if a hk version comes out?!
  5. hk release?!
  6. Since I can not do anything in the end, I have played eternities of the ps3 and then simply transfer my data to the ps4 version. When the game is so bugged. But nice that you do the job and even get double platinum because you love the game. Nice that you only noticed that the trophies are popped up so I almost will not hide the trophies! Have patience and time in there!
  7. der-stefan-mock Grand Theft Auto V I do not understand the a allegations, I played the game quite normally! I ask for clarification on their part.