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  1. First I love WhatCulture Gaming so awesome username and avatar. Second, you have multiple games on your profile that are "multiplatform" trophy list meaning they share a list between PS3, PS4, and Vita. So I am guessing that GraniteSnake presumed you had one. Good luck with your White Whale, I gave up on this one years ago.
  2. My old record as far as I can tell was The Godfather 2 at 6 years 7 months 3 weeks. This wash smashed this year by Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time with 11 years 1 month 1 week.
  3. Wow that was underwhelming to say the least.
  4. Most recent platinum was Full Moon earned last night in The Wolf Among Us (PS4). Definitely one of the best Telltale games and I think I might start reading the Fables comic because I love the concept of the fables living in the Mundy world. If you like detective thrillers this is for you.
  5. Agreed but I am not surprised. If you look at who owns all news outlets it just a handful of corporations.
  6. Not back up for me in the US. Sony has a message on PSN Service Status, basically it is up but there is external factor causing our issue. Which aligns with the above messages.
  7. Amen to that. Glad I saw this thread before trying to play during lunch and getting angry because I can't connect. Knowing others have the same issue helps because you don't have to wonder if it's because of something you did.
  8. Currently for me it is MGSV's platinum, Legend at 5.17%. I am surprised that MGS games are not rarer. 3 was relatively easy but others are much more intensive. Requiring multiple playthroughs, tedious grinds, and some truly challenging gameplay like getting the BBE in 4 or completing all VR missions in 2.
  9. I never made that connection between Saren and Synthesis, thanks for pointing it out. While EDI and the Geth could be remade, both ultimately had Reaper technology integrated into them so I don't know that they would be the same.
  10. Back in the day I chose the Synthesis ending because it seemed like the happiest. This time through though I stayed the course and went the Destroy route. It was tough seeing the Geth and EDI destroyed - especially with Joker desperately trying to outrun the energy wave. Not to mention all the work put in bringing peace to the Geth and Quarians but I feel I stayed true to my Shepherd this time. I mean the whole game he and the Illusive Man are arguing about either destroying or controlling the Reapers then there is a fantastical third option that makes everything all honkydorey. Maybe it's that I'm just older and more cynical šŸ˜† but Destroy is the way to go.
  11. Use a weaker sniper and or increase difficulty level so it has more health. Personally got this on Insanity during the mission where you acquire Javik.
  12. I am totally against participation rewards but adding accessibility options to a game so that a person who normally couldn't play a game due to a disability or something I am all for it. But it does worry me and I will give an example as to why. My first Final Fantasy was FFX. I hated it at first but I kept coming back to it, I'd make it so far and get stuck, then start over and make it a little further. All told it probably took me 5 or so years to finally beat it and it is one of my all time favorites to this day and one of my prouder platinums. Fast forward to this year when I beat FF7 for the first time... but I used the modifiers to do so. While I enjoyed the game, something was lost with modifiers on. There are no memories of the struggles it took overcome a challenging boss or barely escaping death in a battle you couldn't afford to fight while trying to get to a save point. (FF7R Hard mode certainly made up for it though.šŸ˜) Maybe if they make it so you have to pick right out of the gate if you want these features on it will encourage those who don't need them to ignore them and for lack of better words: "get good." I don't know... either way, for those who "value" trophies I don't think these accessibility options are going anywhere because developers/ publishers typically want to appeal to as broad an audience as possible to maximize profits. Just remember they can't take away your experience conquering a challenge.
  13. Fatso from Kingdom Come Deliverance. Be overstuffed for two days cumulatively. This game is definitely a slow burn at first. You basically have to teach the main character how to do everything except eat. Seriously, from swordplay to reading to lockpicking and he sucks at it all at the beginning. It might as well be me living in Bohemia in 1403 but I have started to find my footing, most skills are level 3 or higher so the game is becoming easier and more enjoyable. I've got a horse now and a purse full of groschen, the world is my oyster. Until I find a tree in the middle of the road because I know that I am about to be ambused by 4 bandits which is beyond my combat abilities at this time... but one day I will make them pay. I think this game might very well be a diamond in the rough. Between the Witcher 3 and this, Bethesda really needs to step up their game for Elder Scrolls VI. It doesn't have to be as realistic as KC:D but it definitely needs to have a more compelling story for the campaign and side quests - radiant missions are not going to cut it and neither will just having a large open world. Fatso is probably one of the last easy miscellaneous trophies so it will be a long long journey to platinum but I am looking forward to it.
  14. I remember being really excited for trophies. Back in the day I had to make the most out of my video games as I didn't get too many outside of my birthday or Christmas. The advent of trophies just gave me a reason to play them for all they were worth to try and get the platinum. Sadly, my internet was not stable so many of my old trophies have no official timestamp so according to the site Dec 26th, 2008 I got my first trophy in Bioshock - Toaster in the Tub. While this was definitely one of the first games I remember playing with trophies, I can't say it was the first one definitively. Ah well, at least the site picked Dragon Age Origins as my first platinum (it has no timestamp) and seeing as it was one of my all time favorites, that's a-okay with me. Like others have said, still waiting on some games to get the trophy patch they are long overdue for. Like TESIV Oblivion or some Ratchet and Clank games. A pipe dream I know but still want them... Hmm maybe for this Dec 26th I'll play Bioshock Remastered and unlock the same trophy 13 years later.
  15. I recommend doing this after beating the game if you are on your Insanity run. Also, if you want you can lower the difficulty to the lowest setting and then during round 3 with only one enemy left change the difficulty to at least normal. I did this on normal on the PS3 and it was incredibly challenging so I took the easy way out on the Legendary Edition this time around. Besides I found the arena to be incredibly boring. Oh and to get to 6,000 use your Silver tokens to unlock modifiers like increased shields for enemies, no ammo pickups, etc. to boost your scores.