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  1. Finished off Ghostbusters The Video Game Remastered this weekend. This was definitely the sequel we never got with the movies. I loved the deep dive into Shandor and his cult. The only thing I didn't really care for is Venkman and Ilyssa because it means his character just reverted back to being a womanizer and Dana is out of the picture. Why not have Ilyssa be an LI for one of the other Ghostbusters? Mechanically, it was pretty satisfying capturing ghosts and I liked the different modes that they made for the proton pack. There were some hiccups with hit detection that nearly cost me the Nice Shootin Tex trophy but luckily I got it done in one attempt after my Destructor playthrough. I highly recommend this for any fan of the movies and anyone looking for Spooktober games.
  2. Well at least base game users have a workaround. I started a new speedrun save a while back but having had invested so much time in it and then hit that bug, I needed a break and have yet to go back and finish it.
  3. I tried this several times but I still got the infinite loading screen afterwards. Do you have the Royal Edition or the base game? I have the Royal Edition and the bug seems to be triggered by interacting with any part of the last DLC, A Woman's Lot, whether it be getting the dog as a companion or playing either Theresa's or Johanka's quests. I don't know if the base game is equally affected by having this DLC installed or not. The only solution so far I have found is what Demek97 said above, start a new game and avoid A Woman's Lot like the plague.
  4. I had some nerve racking moments in the museum, I managed to make it all the way to the Civil War area with sub $12,000 in damages and I was actively playing not just running around doing nothing. Then I somehow hit a cannon and boom $20k. Now just a little over $30k, I pressed on. Then in the Egyptian section I slimed something I thought was not destroyable and got $55k for $85k. I spent the rest of that level doing diddly squat. By the time I got through the Sedgwick I was at ~$93k and was sweating bullets. Luckily the last 2 levels don't count damage wise but man that was close, especially after playing almost flawlessly for most of the game. I think this should have been a special mode where if you restart a checkpoint it wipes the damage done so there is no need to either replay the whole game because of one off shot or save scum. And walking into a trash bag or flipped over chair shouldn't fine me! Otherwise, this has been a great game and would have made a hell of a sequel.
  5. Since some games in the PS2 era, like Ratchet and Clank, not only had NG+ but also the ability to read saves from previous games I have largely kept my saves after finishing a game. As time has gone on I have stuck to this for the most part but I have become a bit more aggressive in deleting old saves. I actually used to go through my old saves and read the description of to look at the icons (PS 1 and 2) or just reminisce on that moment in a game. Now however space is a commodity even with my external hard drive. I feel like saves are different now and so how I handle them is different too.
  6. From what I read in the thread so far, it sounds like they implemented a similar system to Killzone 2's spawn grenades. Any KZ2 vets here that can compare the 2 games? My interest has been piqued.
  7. Hmm. I'm more a fantasy guy than science fiction but I got some recommendations you haven't already mentioned. Prey, it was made by Arkane IIRC, the folks who did Dishonored. It's got some cool powers and an awesome GLOO gun that is so versatile. Takes place in a space station orbiting Earth, where Telstar - the company your work for does experiments. Observation has no platinum trophy but it was an interesting game. You play an AI on a space station and something has happened. There is one human you work with to try and figure out what happened. I don't want to spoil it so I will leave it at that.
  8. Been an interesting thread to read through. Props to the OP for the idea. I was surprised to see, unless I overlooked it, but no one has picked Ghostbusters The Video Game Remastered. I am playing through it currently and it is pretty fun. Also, it's not too long so you should have plenty of time to complete it for the event. I humbly recommend this to anyone who still needs to finish their list of 13 games.
  9. ExistentialSolid you can write quite the yarn. While nowhere near as challenging I'm sure, your descriptions of shaving off seconds and even milliseconds reminds me of going for the racing medals in the various Batmobiles in Arkham Knight. Your right about the different feel of one car versus another. For some of the races I couldn't complete it in Batmobile A but I could in B and C. Lap after lap after lap attempt after attempt but the euphoric feeling when you finally beat that time felt great. Keep up the good work.
  10. Little Hope makes it 10 for 10. 😄 I forgot earlier this year, I did hit a milestone that took some work to line up correctly. In May, I think it was, my 7,000 trophy was the Platinum for Final Fantasy VII Remake.
  11. I'd definitely say pick this up on sale. Personally I think it is the weakest entry so far but the story was compelling. More cerebral than any of the others and not everything is fully explained by the end. Trophwise it was by far the easiest and most forgiving. If you screwed up a section you can back out immediately and then use chapter select to go back to beginning of the chapter where you messed up. Plus it only took 3.3 playthroughs for the platinum.
  12. Yes, as long as you unlock no trophies from the second trophy list you can complete just the original list (base game and several DLC's) and then delete the 0% secondary list (additional DLC's).
  13. Happy 30 years of Civilization! Personally I only started playing on the PS3 with Civilization Revolution. I remember playing the demo and when it ended being like wait, wait! I just need one more turn! I am by no means a master tactician but there is something supremely satisfying about beating these games, even on lower difficulties. I recently got the Anthology upgrade so I will be up late once more saying to myself just one more turn, ah one more after I capture this city...
  14. This was tougher than I thought it would be. I choose not to include any remasters/ re-releases and the sole remake was significantly different from the original. Disclaimer: this is in no particular order and is subject to change. 😋 God of War Dragon Age: Inquisition The Order: 1886 Until Dawn Marvel's Spider-Man Final Fantasy VII Remake Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age Prey Hitman 2 Civilization 6
  15. I just haven't had the motivation for it. I loved the MP, joined a clan back in the day and kicked some butt. Even back then though, the coop side of things was basically dead. I've seen people say they did it solo - except the revives of course - but I barely managed one victory and it took me like an hour or more to do it. One day I'll setup a session... maybe.