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  1. Never bothered with hiding trophies, just have to grit my teeth at the games my brother put on my account and deal with it. Maybe one day we can outright delete them, that'd be nice...
  2. I highly recommend a mic and playing with friends if possible - if you get a group of 5 you don't need to worry about team kills or toxic people (unless one of your friends does that) because you fill a whole team. If you want the platinum though you will need to be an above average player to reach Gold rank IMO, you can be carried for perfect matches eventually but you'll need to perform consistently to reach that Gold. Luckily for me I got most of the ranked trophies before the trophy requirements were changed and were for the scenarios instead. But ranked is where this game truly shines.
  3. Splasher is definitely the clear winner right now. I was hoping for Catherine as I have played around with the idea of getting for a few years now and was looking forward to seeing updates for it. Maybe next poll as it is beating V to nth degree. That said, I am looking forward to the next update from ExistentialSolid.
  4. @Bushido_Cypher That was excellent video, I managed to do all moves in Asylum and City but this will greatly help me for Knight. I was really dreading it until now. Thank you for sharing.
  5. Ah I see that now, thanks for pointing it out. 👍
  6. Sounds like a good idea but not easily implemented by any stretch of the word.
  7. If you are referring to the Frog fight, you can do a trick with emotion smoke grenades. IIRC when you have one Frog left in the first wave you throw a green (?) smoke grenade at her feet and tranq her and throw another as the first grenade ends, repeat 3/4 times. Do some Googling you will find a speedrun video of it I'm sure.
  8. It has been some time but I don't think there is enough materials on Survivor to open all shiv doors, I think you will miss one or two at least. Depending on your upgrade order for weapons you will need at least 1.5 playthroughs for platinum. I.E. if you upgrade the first guns you get completely instead of the endgame weapons you will have to play to that point in the game to get those weapons again and then upgrade them of course. Personally, for the remastered edition, I did an easy run then NG+ on Grounded but I already did it once on the PS3 so it was nothing for me jumping to Grounded.
  9. Yes, as I recall once you get your backpack you can check it and see everything you have collected. Except Ellie's collectibles I think you have to wait till her section to check those.
  10. Pretty sure it is the base edition of the game, as I recall buying the season pass on sale along with the Return to Arkham collection after getting it of PS+.
  11. Are you looking to 100% it or just the base game? One of the dlc trophies is for a getting, I think 25 online collectibles. These are black and yellow boxes that have a glow to them and can spawn all over the maps and there is only one per match. Unless it was patched, they don't appear in botzone. So keep that in mind when the grind gets monotonous and you want to play an actual match. Also the coop is dead and has some trophies for 100% as well. Need to finish that myself but it is frustrating trying to solo the coop mode, to me at least. I have actually been hoping for a server shutdown announcement, sad as that may be, to light a fire under my butt and get it done.
  12. Are you sure you got the challenge in the very first level of the game? I missed that and had to use the map to fast travel to it so I could shoot the targets, I think it is on the far left if the map. If you did my apologies that sucks.
  13. I know in Skyrim, part of the issue for the save files getting so big was that it saved every time you opened containers and in a game where you loot everything, that is a lot of data to carry around. I remember not looting almost anything near the end just essentials, maybe that will help in Fallout 3 if you have a melee build and don't need ammo.
  14. If you are doing the DLC, from that save, I recommend making it your master save then keep a separate for each individual DLC. I did all of them on one save and by the time I got to the last one I had to wait several minutes for it to load and let me walk without falling apart. Pity because you can't really keep your progress but at least you can play them and enjoy them more than I did.
  15. Mine was The Bright Lord from Shadow of War. I wanted it to be The Last of Us 2 but I wasn't patient enough to wait another 2 months for it to come out. But that leads to the happy coincidence that my my 50th and 100th platinums are related - platinum 50 was for LEGO The Hobbit, so that's something at least.