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  1. This was one of the hardest trophies for me in a long time. It legitimately took 5-6 hours if not longer for me get. Watched a YouTube video and found a route I could do, then I just kept trying. Good luck!
  2. Luftballon in Civilization 6. Would have had 2 others if I had paid better attention to the trophy descriptions. 😐
  3. Saw a recent patch dropped for the new dlc. Can anyone tell me if an option has been added within the games settings to fix this issue? It's tedious switching TV's to play this game.
  4. Even since games allowed you to save almost anywhere I save all the time anywhere I please. Places I always save at though would of course be before and after difficult fights, or if I am done for the night I will travel to my next destination so I dive right into my next quest and whatnot. I have been replaying Dragon Quest VIII and I do enjoy going to Churches to save because nostalgia, God bless the quick save feature in the 3DS version. Sometimes you just don't have the time or battery life to get to a Church.
  5. Thank you OP! Just picked all of them up on the US store for free!
  6. That was the one I missed myself. Once you enter the cave/ bunker it should appear on map.
  7. I suggest equipping a perfect white gem to the ring, this raises any orc's level by 5 unless it is greater than your current level. You can also do some online vendettas and conquests to recruit more orcs and get chests for training orders to buff your orcs.
  8. You can also recruit the orcs siegeing your forts to replace your low level ones. With the update I think there are only 7/8 sieges across 3 stages. I was able to beat act 4 with orcs between levels 40-54, and maybe 20 or so were epic/ legendary. If you are trying to get captain rank, I recommend 100% Blade of Galadriel after completing shadow wars - you get 2 chests of 4 legendary orcs equal to your level (I was 64 at the time) and they put me over 2500 once I put them out.
  9. It has been years since I played but IIRC, you get a book/ tome that will reset all your points so you can re-spec. Check your inventory once you start the dlc.
  10. https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/the-last-of-us/243684-faq-how-2-playthrough-new-game-glitch.html This should do the trick. I have 100% TLOU on PS3&4 with this trick both times.
  11. I hear ya, sadly nothing you can do about that. I have only been in one game session on this site but in several on PSTrophies.org and experienced the same thing. Sometimes something comes up other times they just ghost you. Just gotta live and let live.
  12. My 50th was The road goes ever on... for LEGO The Hobbit. Currently sitting at 99 platinums, plan is for the Last of Us 2 to be numero 100 as none of my current games seem to have the panache to be my capstone for my trophy hunting as it is not as enjoyable as it once was.
  13. Off the top of my head, Star Wars Battlefront w/ dlc is grindy, especially for level 100. I will add Battlefront 2 in as well though I have yet to play it. Killzone Shadow Fall was very grindy but I loved the mp in it, sadly the servers are rather dead though maybe there has been an uptick during this quarantine.
  14. I don't have a computer to do the downgrade trick for the digital copy and did it legit on NG+ with all guns carried over. The hardest parts for me were the minigun enemies as molotovs seemed to do nothing to them on RHC. For the first one in Yamatau I killed the 2 guys on the left quickly and then ran behind the heavy as he was still in the process of making his intro during which he is invincible. Once his animation stops I used the shambler with the ammo box attachment and unloaded into his head. It takes like 20 shots to pop his helmet off and shoot his exposed head. Took me several tries as there is no reticule and a lot of smoke appears when firing. Afterwards at least 10 enemies spawn. The 2nd minigun guy (middle of Caspian) I just hunkered down until the shooting stopped. And the 3rd one at the end of Caspian, I took the minigun off the wall above a desk with a health pack on it and then ran to the double doors where he enters. Hold L2 to start spinning the minigun w/out firing and aim for the head (you'll be in front of him this time) again once his animation stops unleash hell on his head then mop up the rest. Hope this helps if you do it legit.
  15. Gears of War, Fable, TES3: Morrowwind, Half Life 1&2 to name a few off the top of my head.