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  1. Nice decrease in rarity! You have a number of easy games that you could complete to reach your completion percentage goal. Bioshock Remastered, Lego Harry Potter, and if you can join a trophy world for Minecraft you could clean up most of it. Only downside is that it would probably increase your average rarity a little.
  2. I platinumed it on the PS4 a few months back. It crashed a few times but that is the only issue I can recall.
  3. Ba-dum-tssh but your probably right. I really don't want to upgrade until I have better internet access though. They had Vampyr on plus 2-3 years ago IIRC but the interceding years were like this month. 😮‍💨
  4. This is October, where are my spooky games for Halloween! Only one that interests me is Hotwheels but that DLC...
  5. 0% games are not calculated in overall percentage but the moment you pop the first trophy it will be. Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, and games with a second trophy list like Minecraft and The Elder Scrolls Online all automatically add the additional trophy list at 0%. As always, you can delete 0% lists (hence why Crash 2 and 3 are not on mine) but the next time you play the game it will be re-added. Spyro 1 and 2 are pretty easy, think each one took me a week, so you could definitely clean them both up in the 3 remaining months. You do have my sympathies though - at least it's not the drastic drop I had with TESO.
  6. Man those top 3 got almost half of the trophies by themselves! That's insane! Congrats to card winners and great job everyone for pitching in and beating the record!
  7. Wow, I'll have to try that next time I re-play KZ2. Thanks! I'll check out your list too as I have recently gone back to my PS3 backlog.
  8. Working Games Darksiders Minecraft Up Slightly Working Games Lollipop Chainsaw should be moved, you can't aim the chainsaw blaster with the dual shock 4, see this thread for more details: Killzone 2 should be moved into this category too as there are several wheels you have turn with Sixaxis controls throughout the campaign. Non-working Games Flow can't be played at all since it is all Sixaxis controls.
  9. Ended up nabbing 18 trophies, I had hoped to break 20 but was too tired after the clambake I attended yesterday.
  10. This week was a wash for me trophywise. I ended up looking through storage containers for the paraphernalia needed for Lego Dimensions and Disney Infinity that my brother had. Found a couple of the characters for Infinity but hit the motherload for Dimensions. Only, the Legos were intermixed with no less than 4 actual Lego sets and I couldn't find the manuals. Luckily there's an app for that 😆 and a website so I was able to download the needed Lego set manuals. I spent the majority of my free time this week breaking down the parts that were still together so I could build them all from scratch. It's probably been a decade since I built a set and I felt like a kid again and just had a really good time with it. My hormonal teenage brother even joined in once he saw what I was doing and we spent 3 nights going through everything which was unexpected. When everything was built we probably ended up with less than 5% of the pieces missing; which I am convinced are with the missing Disney Infinity characters somewhere. I still plan on completing Bioshock Infinite's DLC but maybe instead of playing Fallout: New Vegas next it will be Lego Dimensions. Also, I bit the bullet and bought a copy of Up on the PS3 off of eBay and plan to get most of the trophies for an event Beyondthegrave is hosting today. Just keep chipping away at that overall completion percentage.
  11. Well I'm up and can't get back to sleep. I bought Up for the PS3 to clean up 😉 my list a little so that should give a nice chunk of trophies to start.
  12. I logged in yesterday to snag my daily reward and saw a message that this weekend would be running only relic matches in battlegrounds. I have not really started to play yet and was wondering what the level requirements for this mode are. Seeing as this trophy has been unobtainable in the past, is it worth rushing from the prologue opening and go for this trophy?
  13. I am over the moon that SF2 got added and don't care that it's trophy list is only for completing missions. I get to take another trip down memory lane and pop some trophies on the side. Hope we continue to get other games in the series leading to a series reboot/ remaster! 🤤
  14. Hmm Firstly, I too am glad they are there for those that need them. Secondly, they do kinda cheapen the experience. I have double 100% the original game and loved the challenge grounded presents. I knew that game inside and out, but I never reached that level of familiarity with Part 2. As for trophy rarity being more common, in general most trophies are now easier to get and at the end of the day it doesn't really matter - the only value they have is the one you give them; so for some people it will definitely be a factor in whether or not they go for it.
  15. Seeing as this game has accessibility options out the wazoo and the Platinum can be earned while playing on the lowest difficulty, it is a fairly easy game to Platinum. As to fun though, this game left me utterly emotionally drained. It's a good game with some great moments but I felt it was too long. If you want the 100%, play your first run on the easiest difficulty with chapter permadeath then ng+ on grounded using the glitch to activate tweaks.