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  1. The campaigns are pretty easy but the combat challenges are very tough- the Batman Arkham series. The Mr. Freeze boss battle in Arkham City was the best boss battle for me in probably a decade. You want unique boss battles and gameplay loop, can't go wrong with Metal Gear Solid series though the controls are dated for the older games. Almost any God of War game on hard always provided me a satisfying challenge and good boss battles, GoW 2018 I actually had to drop down to Normal to get through.
  2. I played and platinumed this on version 1.0 and had no issues. Maybe one of the patches introduced some issues. 🤔
  3. Don't remind me lol. I don't think I will go for it right away, going grind some materia and do miscellaneous trophies like the 300% stagger (which should have unlocked against that boss on the bike before the final bosses as the stagger was at like 500%). Then play something else to get me close to 7k trophies so the platinum can be numero 7,000. Quite the happy coincidence I'm so near that number.
  4. I did this in 3, 20-30 minute sessions which really helped me keep my cool. The hardest part for me is the beginning because it goes so slowly but once I got the timing of the gradual speed up down, it got a lot better. Also, at least the remake let you try again instead of one try per load like the original game did with the squats. 😡
  5. So I finished my first playthrough on Normal, "only" took 52 hours. I spent a fair amount of time on setting materia but not that much lol. I really enjoyed it but that boss rush in the last 2 chapters ho boy that was a little rough.
  6. Having recently started listening to the Sherlock Holmes books on YouTube, I am excited to see a new game based on the character.
  7. Yes, I don't own 3 yet but I was able to to claim the DLC for 1 and 2 in 3's addon section. (I only ever rented The Complete Edition for the first game, downloaded all updates and DLC's. When that was done, I went to the in game store to claim/ redeem the legacy pack or whatever to unlock it 2. Hitman 2 I bought the Gold Edition - no downloading needed. Then I went and redeemed both games for free under 3. 😁 ) Side note there will still be a Hitman GOTY Legacy pack to purchase for 2 for 9.99, no trophies are tied to it as far as I can find though it looks like it might have a useful weapon as stated above. Most trophies will autopop from what I read but some will not.
  8. You always bring a valid point Baphomet. It's just sad, recently just appears to be dismissive of anything logical, on the outside at least.
  9. Is Sony making business decisions with a magic eight ball? I want to say just wait and see the big picture but it's getting stupider with each day seemingly. Guess it's a good thing I have a backlog if we are moving towards remakes of games less than 10 years old...
  10. Have you checked the downloads section to see if it is listed there?
  11. Man oh man soooo many. Calling to the Night and Snake Eater from the MGS series. 1,000 Words (FFX-2) and numerous themes from the Final Fantasy games. I regularly listen to the Skyrim OST when answering emails at work. The songs on Galaxy News Radio in Fallout 3 and in GTA Vice City were great too! Really too many to list so I digress.
  12. Trophy hunting has definitely affected the games I play. I have some unobtainable games so I will never achieve that 100% overall but I strove for keeping it above 80%. Around the 90-100 platinum range I became disenchanted with hunting but after popping number 100 it rekindled a fire in me (2020 in general helped with that too) and I piled a lot of easy games on and am closing in on 125. In that blitz of games, hindsight showed me the games I just got to play through without following a guide or going out of the way for a trophy were the most enjoyable. I want to get back to that feeling and break the hold my OCD has - besides my backlog is big enough as it is, time to cut it down to size. If you are set on a 100% profile I would recommend a curated one of specific games and a separate profile for fun that you don't care about completion percentage.
  13. Save scum for the win! I see nothing wrong with this method, I am not a kid anymore and to lose hours on a run in vain would irk the hell out of me. I used save scumming for the Hunt is my Mistress and the other time trial in Shadow of Mordor and I still just barely made the requirements. Good updates on Issac so far, loved the accidental boss rush bit in this last update - my hands would probably have been white-knuckled on my controller.
  14. I really enjoyed this game and given the amount of DLC's that are paid, I would not be surprised if at some point it is a PS+ game. Maybe then we will get a decent sale price for them and I can go for the 100%.
  15. Well I guess it's time I finally buy the Syphon Filter games as they don't appear to be PSNOW and no remake seems to be forthcoming. 😞 Maybe Dead Space and Batman Origins too.