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  1. I have been listening to some Skyrim lore videos recently and it has lit a flame in me to dust off my copy and play again. Can anyone recommend any Mods for better character models, textures, homes, weather, marrying Serana (fingers crossed lol), etc. I understand that Sony has some draconian limitations on the Mods but am looking for the best that is out there as I have never modded anything and don't really know how it works. I have 100% completion so I am not worried about trophies not unlocking. Thank you!
  2. Think it was Watchdogs Hello World trophy.
  3. Optinoob has guide videos for the entire game and he does do backtracking in Mission 16 on hard. I personally just reached this mission and haven't watched the video yet but I am sure you can get some strategies from it. Take a look at his guide it's really great!
  4. Keep trying, I think the only way they could "fix" it is to remove the ability to set it to one turn. If I recall correctly, buying up tiles of land might help boost your score - I am not sure but where you settle your city will have an effect as well. I.E. land desirability, amenities etc, this is a largely random factor.
  5. Oh yeah, thank you for the correction. I have only played 1 and 3 once each and 2 maybe 2.5 times so I forgot you were originally awarded Codenames instead of an Emblem- as well Fox Hound being the highest in 3. Also, can we get a trophy list for TES: Oblivion or a remaster - I'd happily do Skyrim's trophies for Oblivion.
  6. ~4 hours of play and have made it to the semi finals round once - long way to go but I am having a hoot and a half!
  7. Just started playing this game with my brother and am greatly enjoying it but those 3 yellow cylinders are my bane right now.
  8. I think you only annoy Hannah when you reject the incense machine twice because I tried the Deflect option on 2 separate playthroughs and annoying the other girls got no trophy.
  9. My wi-fi is nowhere near the fastest but my brother and I can both download the new PS+ games - if we want them - and play same day or just do it overnight in rest mode. However we are in the USA. Before I had Internet though, I had to use my phones hotspot - we are talking KB's here because it wasn't the premium subscription. Took near 3 weeks to download God of War 3 and days for small patches. Don't we all have back logs to work on for such occasions.
  10. I remember in Uncharted 4 you could use Tweaks on Crushing, this the same story for Grounded?
  11. Anyone annoyed by the grain, looks like the new update will add a ton of new filter options: <https://www.naughtydog.com/blog/the_last_of_us_part_ii_grounded_update>
  12. MGS4 was my first taste of the MGS series and I love it. When it first came out I played it 8 times back to back. Yes the cutscenes are extraordinarily long but even being a newbie to the story I was hooked on it. I eventually went back after the trophy update and played it another 8 times for the Platinum. I recommend doing the 40 hour run for the first playthrough and getting the solar gun for your BBE run. I have since played 1, 2, 3, and 5. IMO 4 and 5 handle the best control-wise. 1-3 were very hard for me until I learned the controls but would love a full remaster/ remake a la RE2 or FF7. Story-wise, it is one of my favorite despite all the nanomachines.
  13. UR Gold - Big Boss' Legacy, The Original Big Boss Get the Big Boss Emblem in MGS2 and MGS3 respectively. 😈 Definitely add some more interesting trophies for The Last of Us 1 and 2.
  14. Dragon Age, God of War, Mass Effect, and Metro off the top of my head. I would like to do all of Kingdom Hearts but...there are a lot of spin-offs.
  15. I really enjoyed the challenge of grounded mode. My first playthrough was on hard so I really got a good grip on all of game mechanics and all enemy locations. Then I did it on Survivor and fine tuned all my paths. Grounded was released shortly thereafter and I had no issues with it really as I knew exactly what I needed to do. Those who did easy and then took advantage of the NG+ exploit would definitely have a rough time of it. Now God of War 2018, I started on hard and had to go down to normal because it was too much for me and I was not enjoying the experience. Thank God it had no difficulty trophies. Give me god of war would have broke me I think. Edit: I also had a lot more time on my hands when TLOU first came to out to learn it compared to GoW 2018. Adulting sucks.
  16. I watched an amazing video guide on playstationtrophies.org that had a commentary on what to do and why you are doing it. I was able to get like 2:25:35 IIRC for my BBE run. Sub 3 hours is very doable.
  17. Yes they carry over. One of the accessibility options will show you collectibles you already have with a checkmark on the pickup icon.
  18. I like the idea of this haptic feedback, feeling the tension of a bowstring in Horizon / Tomb Raider- sweet. However, I think it should be strongly encouraged not enforced/ mandated. Lair on the PS3 suffered from this in regards to the Sixaxis motion control. Also, haptics should be able to be turned on and off for people with arthritis or other afflictions that would be affected by a button that resists them.
  19. Thank God! I was able to do this in 2 tries, first was just to see what it was like to try and beat it legit - 60 seconds later it was time for round 2 and the loop method. I don't know if it matters but I am pretty sure my first hit began the loop and he never broke free even after being pushed up against the arena wall. My heart was hammering when I got to 1 health bar, all I could think was don't break out, don't break out! Now the only major obstacles are the data battles, wish me luck as do not want to restart on a lower difficulty!
  20. Easy rare platinums I have that are no longer attainable would be Killzone 3 and Overlord 2. Rare platinums I have that are still attainable include: The entire Dragon Age series, amazing RPG's from Bioware's prime - desperately hope they don't FUBAR the 4th one. Killzone Shadow Fall has a really grindy MP but I love this series and the plat is my number one ultra rare. Star Wars Battlefront 1 is pretty easy too but also has a grindy MP. Some challenging trophies are soloing some "SP missions" and 25 AT-ST trample kills but nothing intimidating. Most Assassin's Creed games have rare platinums that are easy but gets really repetitive especially if you play them back to back. I think I have some others but that covers the bulk of the easy "rare" ones.
  21. Rarest in terms of percent is KZ2 platinum at 2.13% and rarest in terms of achievers is Overlord 2 platinum, a little under 1,000 achievers (2.30%). Both are now unobtainable due to servers being down, unless of course, you already completed the MP.
  22. I think Lair was my first PS3 game. I really liked the concept of being a dragon rider tearing through armies and dragon dogfighting in the air. I think it would have been so much better if Sony had not forced them to use just Sixaxis controls for controlling your dragon - it was not very responsive. After beating it I tried to go through the levels again for higher scores and let's just say thank God this game came out before trophies. I think Heavenly Sword was my second game and I was so into it I beat it in one sitting- less than 8 hours. I miss short games...
  23. Well that's disappointing, I was hoping that by earning all generals in one hot seat game would take care of whatever the issue is tracking or otherwise. I engaged 2K's support regarding the UI being cropped on my TV; explained the whole thing and all steps I took to try and fix it. Ultimately the issue was that my TV lacks the functionality to zoom out and by default is zoomed and I told them this in my description. So what does support say, adjust my TV settings - did you even read what I wrote? 🤔 Finished the free DLC this morning and don't plan on getting the paid DLC at this time. Happy with 80% completion (currently at least) and getting my PS4 back in my room instead of using the living room's TV that can adjust zoom. Good luck with 100%!
  24. I recommend the site how long to beat: <https://howlongtobeat.com/> for such information. Might be the closest thing to what you are looking for available at this time.
  25. Has anyone tried to get To plow the sea by earning all generals in one multiplayer hotseat game with 2-4 Simon Bolivar's? I don't have the dlc to test my theory.