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  1. It's turbo time! Jingle all the way, nice shout!
  2. My condolences about your mom Sunny. I don't really have a Christmas game but the last few I played superhero games:Marvel's Spiderman 2019, Miles Morales 2020, Arkham trilogy 2021, so maybe that might become a tradition for me. Miles Morales takes place during Christmas time and the night I started playing it we got a snow storm so it was just perfect. Perhaps Arkham Origins is in the cards for me this year. As for movies, some of my all time favorites are: Miracle on 34th Street (the original one), It's a Wonderful Life, Elf, the Christmas stop animations classics like Rudolph, and the first 2 Die Hards.
  3. Playing on a base PS4, I don't recall any issues with the Mass Effect Legendary edition. I can't speak to any issues on the Pro. Surprisingly, this looks to be a pretty good month. I own ME already and Biomutant piqued my interest, can't speak to the last game.
  4. Thank you for all the replies. @pavelbagirov A new laser or PS3 is my ultimate end goal but between Christmas gifts and having just moved, money is a little tight right now. Trying to make lemonade with current lemons I have.
  5. I have been playing this game on my PS3 but it has stopped reading discs recently. I wanted to know how Fallout New Vegas runs when streaming it on a PS5. Currently, my internet is 500mbps and I am connected wirelessly. Also, I understand the version available to stream is not the Ultimate Edition so is there a way to access the DLC?
  6. Call a spade, a spade and shovelware, shovelware.
  7. @stuthesheepThat really sucks about DA:I DLC kerfuffle. The DLC is pretty good and the real ending that sets up DA4 is in Trespasser. The Descent was really interesting, especially if you like DA dwarves, left me with a lot of questions about some things (as did Trespasser). The first DLC is all about discovering what happened to the first Inquisitor and I had a good time with it. Definitely pick them all up when you get the chance! As for me, the move is done and the unpacking is well underway. New internet is setup and I went ahead and upgraded to PS+ Premium for the remainder of my current subscription, still debating on whether or not to stack another year. I booted up Hitman 3 and got the free PS5 upgrade and subsequently a free platinum trophy, seeing as Hitman 2 lacks a platinum trophy this is my unofficial H2 platinum. 😉 Since my PS3 is once more no longer reading discs, Premium offers me a way to play several games I don't have real access to for the time being. This includes Fallout New Vegas but it won't recognize my existing save since it is not Ultimate Edition that is available to stream. 😕 I want to complete all of the Sly (just need Thieves in Time and Bentley's Hackpack) and Infamous games (just need #2) so I started Bentley's Hackpack. It's just 3 minigames, 2 are pretty good but the third is motion controls and sucks. Managed to get about halfway through so far and am 91.74% overall completion. Might do Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy next. Have a good week!
  8. Well this morning I downloaded my free PS5 upgrade of Hitman 3 and naturally, it autopopped my trophies so now I have a 100% PS5 stack; given that second game never had a platinum trophy, this will be a surrogate Hitman 2 platinum. 😏
  9. Yeah, I am afraid to get Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory since I don't know that I can even beat it.
  10. Wow that is some insane button pressing you need to do! I have never really been into rhythm games beyond playing Guitar Hero/ Rockband (on easy) at my cousins' houses however when I played Yakuza Like a Dragon, I really enjoyed doing the karaoke songs. Now it is nowhere near as complex as what you're doing in Hatsune but I will admit I liked the challenge of getting at least 90% completion in all of the songs. I am kind of looking forward to this part of the other Yakuza games - right now at least lol.
  11. Yes, I try to login for the daily rewards - most of it is just potions but you get currencies and other stuff too. Nothing super exciting but I imagine some of it will be of use. Here's the link about Emperor: I sorely wish trophy list deletion was completely unlocked so to speak. Yeah we can hide stuff but it's not the same.
  12. Let's just say, there's a reason why there's a meme that says: "Get your kids into gaming and they will never have money for drugs."
  13. Thank you! I have only poked at ESO so far but have done a little research on guides. For Emperor, Sergen has posted a detailed solo build for it which I intend to follow at some point. The links below helped me find a) how to start the main quest and b ) looks to be an actual guide but I haven't given it a thorough read through. https://esoplanet.com/how-to-start-main-quest/ https://nodegamers.com/2022/01/23/the-elder-scrolls-online-trophy-guide/ My internet situation will be changing after the move and I will have better speeds soon which is part of why I have put off playing the game. Plus, I know once I really get into it, it will probably be a solid few months of just ESO. The dabbling I have done was to reach my % goal in this event. It is sad to think that I would be sub-700 unearned trophies and probably around 93% completion had that one trophy not popped.
  14. No update for me I have been to tired to even attempt playing anything let alone earn any trophies. This move is kicking my butt. 😩 It'll be done in 2 days and we'll have the long weekend to start getting unpacked and settled in, if I am lucky I will get some playtime in. Happy Thanksgiving!
  15. Let's see, since I last posted I have completed the following to 100% completion. BioShock Infinite, the challenge arena was boring as expected but Burial at Sea parts 1 and 2 were great. P1 especially, it was a great feeling to explore Rapture just before the sh!t hit the fan and playing an experience closer to original BioShock. P2 was good and it was interesting to see how they connected Infinite to the first game but it kinda messed with the canon a little much - I don't know how exactly to explain how I feel about it. Then for October, I bought and played through Infamous: Festival of Blood. It was a quick and fast 100% and scratched my urge for something Halloween themed. After that, I was fortunate enough to find a PS5 on the shelf at my local Walmart and for my first platinum and 100% on it was Astro's Playroom. This was a great little trip down memory lane and an excellent tech demo for the new controller. Currently, I am in the midst of moving so I am not sure what I will 100% next. Might be the original BioShock on PS3 as I would like to finally finish it off on 14th anniversary of it being added to my list. And Happy Thanksgiving!
  16. Oh, I'm a slave to the 100% completion, lol. It was only last month that I finally deleted Arkham City and Knight from my PS4 after flip flopping back and forth for near 2 years about whether or not I would go back and finish the challenges. Lucky for me though, I have an external 1TB hard drive so it didn't restrict me. My PS5 though, I am going to need another external hard drive soon enough. 😅
  17. That I don't know. I have recently acquired a PS5 but I haven't tried autopopping anything just yet.
  18. I was just coming to post this lol. Though I am kinda glad this was not included, grinding 100 deaths in Alien Isolation was bad enough but to have to find every unique death in a game like this... that's a lot of trial and error. I don't mind if there is playthrough on Hard mode if it equates to the original DS's difficulty.
  19. Wow. It's almost like they did the entire Ezio trilogy in one game now. Instead of releasing a sequel they just released DLC. I'm kinda surprised that there is less than 100 trophies given all of the post game content, who knows maybe this last DLC will add 7 trophies and make it nice round 100. Hopefully you folks can finally delete this game from your hard drives.
  20. This to me, is highly dependent on the game and whether or not you have a save to begin with. This year for example, I cleaned up a lot games on my PS3. Most of them I made new saves mainly because I had no previous saves or recollection of what was going on. However, for BioShock Infinite, I had a save and a rough idea of what I was doing so I continued from that point. It was a little rough relearning the controls but I managed.
  21. People keep comparing this to the old school God of Wars which I am big fan of and it's itch I haven't been able to scratch. However, I only ever beat them on the Hard difficulty never Very Hard. Can someone compare GoW's Very Hard to Infinite Climax?
  22. I was wondering this too as I see it on sale semi-frequntly and have been wondering about it. Looks like Overdose is a Remake of the first game. https://caligula.fandom.com/wiki/The_Caligula_Effect:_Overdose
  23. LordFrieza I can second everything Kefka can say about KC:D! That game needs some love from more players.
  24. This past weekend, thanks to Optinooby's excellent guides, I managed to complete my first ever Resident Evil platinum. It was for Resident Evil 7. It took me close to 6 years to do it. I tried it for the first time on a whim and after shaking in my boots for hours while exploring the guest house, I finally managed to make it to the main house. It was there that I hit my limit, persistent Jack hounding my every step, I said nope no more and stepped away. Fast forward to this year and in an effort to clean up my backlog for the Attack on Completion event I finally got around to beating it in March. However, I didn't have the will for another 2 runs and put it off for October. October came and went but I was busy with some other games so it got pushed back again. I finally buckled myself down this month and finished it. Optinooby's guides walked me through step by step for a combined speedrun, item box, and healing run then again for my Madhouse run. Dude is a treasure! I have no desire to do any of the DLC at this time and I am not sure I will attempt any of the other RE games. Might do them on an alt account as a lot have DLC's I can't be bothered with, or coop, and multiple playthroughs. That said, I caught a glimpse of why so many people love this series.
  25. I'm happy with it, they trimmed the fat off. The fat being the movie/ coop trophies. Although, the collect 200 opol or whatever it is could be concerning.