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  1. Of the list you provided I can only root for DA: Origins - I played that game at least 11 times and played through the Awakening expansion on top of that at least 7 times. One of my all time favorites harkoning back to when BioWare was on their A game. Going back to it now it will be a little rough around the edges but worth it IMO.
  2. Claim to Fame: Killzone Shadow Fall: Hero 1.76% - I loved the multiplayer so I had no issue with the grind to unlock all weapon attachments and max leveling all abilities. Unfortunately still need the coop trophies for 100%. Walk of Shame: Life is Strange Before the Storm: Bring on the Storm 64.17% - I enjoyed it overall but these walking sims really need a run button.
  3. Congratulations on platting FFX! I have not started FFX-2 on my PS4 but I played the hell out of it back in the day on PS2. I loved the continuation of Yuna's and Tidus' story. I never reached 100% completion even with multiple NG+ playthroughs. If you go for the plat I recommend following two guides simultaneously - the tediousness of doing this is part of the reason why I have yet to start.
  4. Killzone Shadow Fall: Hero 1.76% Killzone 2 : War Hero 2.21% Star Wars Battlefront: Platinum Trophy 2.31% Overlord II: 100% Clear 2.41 Assassin's Creed Brotherhood: Julius Caesar 3.96% None of these are particularly hard but they all have MP trophies - two are currently unobtainable so they can only get rarer 😃
  5. People are still unlocking the vendetta trophy so the platinum is still obtainable. However, if the WB account is necessary for said trophy it would be unobtainable for you unfortunately. Maybe you can validate your email by going to their website and then try signing in again on your PS4.
  6. Slim pickings but I'd go with the Dragon Ball FighterZ since you just need one more for Platinum though it looks like it's a grindy one.
  7. Let's see, between the PS3 and 4, I probably spent 700-800 hours on this game. I just lose myself in it. I still wish Oblivion had gotten a trophy patch... I probably played that over 1,000 hours.
  8. Pretty sure I remember reading any progress was wiped after the update so you'd be starting from scratch. Thankfully I got this trophy under its previous requirements. Only need a few more trophies for this game and might come back to it soon due to the update.
  9. Watch the coming soon dlc be an obstacle course in the Croft Mansion to go with the Croft Fitness outfit.
  10. Second butterfly capture minigame and the lightning dodges gave me the most trouble, everything else was just a grinding slog. Luckily, I was able to do all the chocobo stuff in about 2-3 hours of pure stubbornness.
  11. My line up was Tidus, Wakka, and Auron. Wakka did the most damage with Attack Reels especially when I could nail x12 but Tidus was good with his multi-hit overdrives too. Pretty useless if he is only doing 9,999 against the super bosses. I have no idea how you managed to beat all those creations without his celestial, I mean I know it's possible but... It's weird how Neslug is the only truly unique creation.
  12. I meant you only "need" Tidus' celestial unlocked to make the job of filling the grid easier. Also the right armor goes a long way too: auto haste, auto protect, +20% defense, auto potion/ Phoenix.
  13. Yes you can use clear spheres on inactive nodes. You can use magic defense spheres to fill in all the left over ones or whatever One Eye drops. I keep forgetting you have to fully unlock Tidus' celestial- that is like the last thing in your way for filling in the grid. As for Weapon Master, you only need to obtain all 7 celestial weapons not fully unlock.
  14. I found this thread very useful when I was stat maxing: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/final-fantasy-x-hd/233170-stat-maxing-recommendations.html Page 2 has a post about recommend armor for the dark Aeons and Penance too. Also it sounds like you are are moving everyone around the sphere grid before you have finished filling in the empty nodes. Time wise I'd recommend against this as you will have to send everyone through twice as they will have to go and get the ones you filled in after that character cleared said section. Personally I focused on my 3 main characters- they gathered the needed spheres to max each stat and once that was done I started catching the others up, I think I even used teleport and friend spheres to move them all to the same spot to easily track all the nodes they were unlocking. Luck was the last stat I worked on and I think I got everyone to 130 so I could hit all dark Aeons- again I personally Zanmato'd Penance and Nemesis because I didn't want to get armor for Penance. Also try resetting the game to reset the RNG if you're getting so few fortune spheres.
  15. Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories, haven't had the will to go back to my PS3 and beat this game 6 times...
  16. Hardest thing for me was getting 10 wins in each of the dlc modes. Most of the trophies are easy to do legit and those that are giving you trouble are pretty easy to boost. Most trophies only require 4 players.
  17. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain The grind is very tedious and hunting down all those animals... Plus constantly going back forth to Motherbase/ helicopter to reset side ops *groans*.
  18. Back on the PS3 version I was following the official game guide and one of the conversations it lists as counting was not true. The one I missed was at Tommy's dam. IIRC, when touring the dam with Tommy there is a random woman with the conversation prompt shortly before the fire fight.
  19. Oh that's good to know, thank you.
  20. When I first started boosting SWBF, I had to do a lot of research on various things to know what to do for various trophies so I decided to create this thread to help others. (It is always a good idea to read through the trophy list and the PSN trophy guide to familiarize yourself with the trophies and their requirements- too many times I have seen people go Hi I'm new, what do we do...) When first starting the game I highly recommend completing all tutorials and then each single player mission on Normal difficulty. Also, I recommend watching a collectibles guide for each mission to get extra credits, I used Powerpyx's. Note you only need all collectibles from one mission for the corresponding trophy and credits earned from single player modes do not count towards 25,000 credits trophy. By playing each mission you will be familiar with the map when you go for the master playthroughs. I recommend doing co-op for the survival master missions, for the no death and under 35 minutes completion trophies go for this on the Hoth map. YouTube has multiple videos showing camping spots that still work if attempting this solo. Next when starting the multiplayer, I recommend playing fighter squadron until you reach rank 15. By this time you will have plenty of credits to start buying star cards and hutt contracts. I personally bought every hutt contract as it gave me something to work towards on the grind to rank 100 but this is not necessary for 100% trophy completion. A note on kill boosting, Hero Hunt is the optimal mode to get hero kills and Blast for regular weapons/ grenades. Keep in mind some heroes use weapons tied to the dlc weapon kills trophies i.e. Lando, Jyn, and Krennic - I'd wait until I had the corresponding hutt contract with the requirements for their kills such as 20 kills as Lando (might as well make it 30 for the X-8 kill trophy). 4-player boosting The bulk of trophies only require 4 players but they are also very to do by yourself in real matches. Personally I did as much as I could on my own before boosting the ones I was having issues with, looking at you Hero Hunt. Typically speaking you will all meet on a dead server for whatever mode you are playing. To change servers go to settings, EA, then you can cycle servers- Asia or Australia are usually the deadest. Then pick the game mode, if doing the dlc when hovering on the icon for say Bespin, click square and it will bring up the modes specific to that DLC. I am not going into each trophy individually but more what to do for the corresponding modes when boosting. Hero Hunt - whoever needs the win should get the most kills (game ends when 50 kills by one person is reached or when time expires and the current hero is finally killed). The game randomly picks the first hero so they should get the number of kills they need for either the win or hutt contract/ trophy, after that the next person who needs to grind hero kills will kill them to become the next hero. Note heros cannot be picked back to back so it can't go Luke and then Luke again and remember to stay under the kill total for whoever needs the win, each round changes between heroes and villains. Pod Capture - The 10 kills when an enemy is capturing a pod is tricky. The kill has to be made while the other player is holding the square button - this can work on neutral as well as claimed pods. Heroes vs Villains- not much to say here. Blast - let one player get the most kills and others go for kills afterwards for whatever they need. Also, make sure you let time run out, there have been numerous reports that reaching 100 kills will lead to the trophy not popping for whoever has the most kills. *HuntingFever has kindly informed this has been patched.* Fighter Squadron - fly up to the top of the map and you basically go into idle, whoever needs 10 kills will shoot you down, repeat. Do the same with the Slave I and Millennium Falcon. XP Boosting Method 1 - Droid Run 4-6 players Two players to a droid, follow the droid and hold square the whole time (or wrap a rubber band around the button). You can kill farm with others if someone doesn't want to xp boost as well. Method 2 (Preferred method IMO) - Pod Capture 4 players Capture the first 2 pods so the score is 1-1, you do this because when time expires the game will continue infinitely until the next pod is captured. When pod 3 lands you just stand next to it and hold square frankly you can walk away and just let it go. A fourth pod will land for the other 2 players after a time or they can just farm kills. A random can mess up either mode easily but it is recommended to wait for them to decide what to do. Some will just kill in which case back out and look for another server, some will leave, and rarest some will want to join. I'll post more later my thumbs hurt Extraction - of the DLC's, this one is easiest to boost as you only need 4 players to get it going. It is also the best mode to get 5,000 objective score as a hero, the first token will spawn 30 seconds or so after the game starts. Grab it then head to the cargo and just keep activating/ deactivating it until the trophy pops. I don't think the second hero token spawns until the first checkpoint is reached, same for villains token. For wins just do not activate the cargo and let the clock time out for an Imperial victory- farm kills I guess. 12-20 players The 3 other DLC modes all require 12 or more players to get a match going, this in itself is a big challenge but if you manage it basically just let the Imperial side win the first round so you don't have to do all 3 modes - well 2 for Sabotage. Walker Assault/ Turning Point/ Supremacy Only real reason to get a boost session in these modes would be to farm AT-ST trample kills and the tow cable kill if you can't get it legit. Fewest number needed is 16 to start a Turning Point on Bespin... Think that covers most of what I consider to be useful information, for those curious I have spent nearly 70 hours on the game and am rank 78 - I have xp boosted maybe 15 levels. Only need 25 trample kills, 2 more Battle Station wins, and rank 100 then I am done! Not sure if I will play SWBF2 as 1 was rather boring.
  21. When I did my stat maxing, Iused whichever character could earn AP quickest. Think it was Auron or Wakka, I had 3x AP weapon for one or the other. I'd use the Don Tonberry method until they hit 99 sphere levels and clear a path around the entire grid and fill in the empty ones as I gathered enough to max the corresponding stat. The only thing I used clear spheres on were luck nodes that were sub +4 - the grind for fortune spheres is to arduous for anything less than +4. The trophy guide for FFX on PStrophies.org has some really good Gamefaqs guides suggested - one I used extensively tells how to beat the monster creations in the arena, of particular importance the monsters that drop the stat spheres and the optimal order in which to do it. A note on time, I believe it was under 200 hours but the grind took its toll. It took me over 3 years to finish as I had to stop from boredom. The last hurdle came when I was bedridden for near a week from the flu and had nothing better to do than level and stat max. Then kill all the dark Aeons and Penance. Given my condition I chose to forgo crafting Penance armor and Zanmato'd him and Nemesis.
  22. Living Legend for Dragon Quest XI. I loved being able to play a DQ on a console again, it brought back a ton of memories of playing DQVIII on the PS2. The end game was absurdly easy as I power leveled on Metal King Slimes to level 99 but by that time I was ready to move on anyways. I'm tempted to get a Switch to play it in 16-bit mode on the go.
  23. Specific to series... Hmm Metal Gear Solid 4 out of my MGS plats - I gave up on 2 else it would have been the one I picked. Uncharted 4 - doing Crushing for my first playthrough almost ruined the game for me. It was nearly equal to the hell I went through for the Brutal difficulty for 100% the Uncharted collection. Crushing on 1-3 was a breeze in comparison.
  24. Trying to get Star Wars Battlefront 1's platinum. Only need 25 trample kills in an AT-ST and the platinum is mine as well as trophy rank 27. But getting those 25 tramples is proving quite challenging... And you need at least 16 people to boost it which is another challenge in itself...
  25. This is one of my all time favorite games, I have 100% on PS3 and 4 despite the mp grind. I strongly urge you to at least play on an alt account- maybe one of your kids if they have one - I do that with my brother's account if I am not sure about a game.