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  1. Event though you got an answer. I think it's all about the language used for a description of a game. Season Passes can only be distributed via digital codes, so look at any retail/Amazon's page and see what it says: Included in Extinction Deluxe Edition is the Days of Dolorum Season Pass with which you'll get access to all future Extinction DLC. Deluxe editions that have all DLCs on disc usually say something like "Includes all Content".
  2. Hmmmm, would you by any chance know how many events do they you usually add?
  3. I wish someone would gift a premium to me *wink wink*
  4. So my understanding is that starting the game now is too late ? Seems like Community Events are quite rare. A question to anyone who is experienced with the game: would it be wise to start it now and hope that more events will be added in the future? 😁
  5. DS2 was the first Souls games I've played - for me it'll always be something "magical", unique, and...well...the best Souls game.
  6. No, it's neither French nor English...and what difference it makes? My bad sir, I got confused "Cross Play" with "Cross Buy" (which is pretty clear from the context). You know...sometimes people forget terminology and it has nothing to do with languages 🤔
  7. How is that fair towards people who have played the game when it was active and got everything legit? 🤔 Everything seems pretty fair to me. Not to mention everything that other people already pointed out (like the fact that development stop years ago because this game has been out for more than a goddamn decade)
  8. ...and it's probably wrong...again. I do hope that it's true though, always wanted to play Bulletstorm and having Yakuza Kiwami might finally make me get into the series. Fingers crossed
  9. Yeah, I don't really care about cross play, in fact I prefer having a single trophy set on my list . Unfortunately all discord links seem to be expired/invalid.
  10. Glad to hear that. I guess I'll have to get the game and jump on it ASAP; only going for the Vita version so hopefully will be able to tackle it in a few days. Thanks for the answer!
  11. From what I understand Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale has some fairly easy online trophies. How long would it take to tackle them (on PS Vita if that makes a difference)? 🤔 Doing it legit or boosting. All answers and comments are appreciated!
  12. Motion sickness is very common regardless of the headset. It does get better over time; I remember I couldn't play longer than 15min on my first session but later had no problems playing for 3 hours straight. There are also some medications that might help to reduce motion sickness. I'm surprised that you had more troubles with Skyrim than Rigs though. Skyrim has some pretty useful setting options for locomotion. I'd definitely keep it for at least 30 days - try some lighter titles (like Moss, Accounting+, Job Simulator, etc.) to get used to it.
  13. Getting flashbacks of "King" attempts...
  14. Really? Doesn't seem to work for me anymore 🤔 Also, why did the trophy pop on the loading screen?
  15. Agreed, 80% of my Vita collection consists of PS+ games. Vita games rarely go on sale and picking them up for a full price is just...too much. Nonetheless, this might be a great month for a lot of people.