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  1. my only 'ech' for it is the 'beat the game on normal without changing to easy' trophy. since i like playing yakuza games on hard, its a bit annoying to gimp myself just for a trophy.
  2. So i assume blue quests count? Cuz thats good, 20 quests doesn't seem that bad, it was more so because so many different people said so many different things, it got confusing. Cheers for the answer.
  3. Hello! i've looked this up online and i can't seem to get a solid answer, so i gotta ask..do message boards count for the island hopper trophy? if so, cool. but do the blue quests also count? i think they might have been put in via an update/dlc, so i dunno if they'd count. anyone know? cheers.
  4. Cheers, just woulda found it really annoying if i had to re-play sections of the game for trophies.
  5. So here in australia, Yakuza 4 remastered came out at midnight last night, cept..the game doesn;t have trophies, so i assume they'll be added later. question is would those who have completeled things for trophies instantly get them when the trophies update, or do they have to re-do things?
  6. As a lil check, i missed a few magazines that i can recollect, i had to collect them all on one. Though it didn't take long, about 7 hours or so. (Though thats with breaks for dinner and stuff)
  7. thats not so bad, thankfully FF8 is kinda short.
  8. So, i decided to plat this game, but i missed the timber magazine on the white seed ship. Question is on a fresh new game, using the speed up and limit break things, how long would it take to get back to that point? my current playthrough sits at 25 hours with just about everything cept some side quests for trophies done. So i assume i could run through quick.
  9. My only two rules is to have fun, and i will only stop playing a game if it's a 50% or above. (So B/A ranks) plats are just a bonus if i get'em.
  10. they're fun when you just wanna beat things up, and tbh they seem to add some persona mechanics into the game, so it's interesting.
  11. they can take Futaba cannon to a whole new level.
  12. You need to start the hardest difficulty fresh. You also don't get a defense boost item. (Doni't know what it's called. bullet proof vest or something.) the NG+ normally is only for the difficulty you are on. (normal, easy, pro)
  13. I just named mine Vlad, same as my username. doesn't hugely fit with the dq11 world, but hey.
  14. considering that one of the downsides of changing Psn ID's is losing dlcs/purchased things, it doesn't really seem worth it for anything, and i have a feeling FF14 might have a bit of trouble keeping up with it.
  15. it does suck mostly for those who made an ID when they where like..12, and they have something stupid with a bunch of X's and numbers.