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  1. My only two rules is to have fun, and i will only stop playing a game if it's a 50% or above. (So B/A ranks) plats are just a bonus if i get'em.
  2. they're fun when you just wanna beat things up, and tbh they seem to add some persona mechanics into the game, so it's interesting.
  3. they can take Futaba cannon to a whole new level.
  4. You need to start the hardest difficulty fresh. You also don't get a defense boost item. (Doni't know what it's called. bullet proof vest or something.) the NG+ normally is only for the difficulty you are on. (normal, easy, pro)
  5. I just named mine Vlad, same as my username. doesn't hugely fit with the dq11 world, but hey.
  6. considering that one of the downsides of changing Psn ID's is losing dlcs/purchased things, it doesn't really seem worth it for anything, and i have a feeling FF14 might have a bit of trouble keeping up with it.
  7. it does suck mostly for those who made an ID when they where like..12, and they have something stupid with a bunch of X's and numbers.
  8. I was going to try and remove the dash from "Vladicarus-" but a simple dash is not worth getting rid of if i lose stuff, australia dlcs/games are expensive as hell.
  9. G'day, recently i've been playing through Toukiden kiwami, and one of the trophies (Slay fair) i can't find much info on (Even the guide doesn't say) but does anyone know how many Oni types there in this game? i'd take a guess theres around 60. (i'm at chapter 11 as of now and have hit 57 so far)
  10. True, though it would still be nice to get the new chapter atleast. But it's a PC game first, and it might eventually appear on ps4. they did flop back on the switch version after all.
  11. Sadly it seems the devs have no plans in releasing the DLC for consoles. Though not so bad if you have a pc and the version of the game. Which i don't. but eh
  12. Another good place is yensid's tower, simply final form, gullwing, exp boost, get into low HP and simply move your way up the tower. does work better with final form leveled though,
  13. i know this is old, but if anyone pops in to maybe find a solution: always keep in mind. if you don't kill the final orphan on the first stagger, try again.
  14. :C
  15. i don't think i really mentioned the last of us at all though..i personally haven't played tlou so.. tho i didn't say i diusliked the game. "overhyped" was really the only term i could think of, because it's basically become a game that if you comment anything bad about you're basically slated as the guy who went "Reee it's not like the old games reee!"