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  1. NBA 2K12 Far Cry 2 NBA 2K11 NBA 2K13 GR Future Soldier Sports Champion Gran Turismo Homefront Crysis 2 Bulletstorm Medal of Honor Warfighter Medal of Honor Frontline Battlefield 3 Madden NFL 12
  2. No they're gone. I'm sure there's a reason for it that Sly will inform us of.
  3. Trailer Full Episode 1
  4. Nice start to the checklist. Good luck with your wip.
  5. Checklist Updated Dead Nation
  6. I was trying to get Skyrim before the New Year after starting to play it again 6 days before the 31st. Came up short but got it on Jan 1st.
  7. #33 NBA 2K13
  8. Checklist Updated NBA 2K13
  9. Checklist Updated Modern Warfare 3
  10. #31 Borderlands 2
  11. Checklist Updated Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  12. # 28 FAR CRY 3 Amazing game. Only took 6 days. Trophies were reasonably easy and gameplay was fun and addicting.
  13. Checklist Updated... Far Cry 3
  14. Ok so before you go into rage mode it's the good kind of glitch. This was found by myself last night/today. My quick match record was 2-3. I played a game and won. Making my record 3-3. I wasn't on any type of streak but i received the Back to Back to Back trophy. Then it hit me. Although I wasn't on any streak, my player on the blacktop was 3-0. So i figured that had something to do with me getting the trophy so i tested it out. I played myplayer blacktop then i was 5-0 overall. I went to quick lost a few matches but eventually got to 5 wins and ding.... Lincoln and You're Officially Hot So conclusion, If you win 5 games in a row in MyPlayer Blacktop, all you have to do is win 5 matches in quick game for You're Officially Hot. All credit goes to myself for this one