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  1. Got my 5 wins in a row today. It was really lucky. Dont know what else to say... I honestly didn't do anything different except not take any "RISK" paths... It seemed like everything was in my favor. But i guess it is possible.... but again.. its EXTREMELY luck based. I did it solo with no party. Don't know if that makes a difference.
  2. Sorry for the extremely late reply man. I just noticed your message. Make sure you put defense and speed as much as possible. That's really the only tip i can give man... I just got really lucky that i was landing all the shots and they weren't blocking / getting up in time. As far as extra mode goes... Its repetitive fights, i just memorized where i had to be as the levels progressed. The key is to end the level as soon as possible. If its taking you more than 10 seconds to finish a level... then you are taking too long / missing. Good luck man.... i really got lucky with this plat.
  3. Not an easy platinum. Final shadow boss' and Extra mode is torture. Finally got it today.
  4. Yup. Got everyone. Thanks!
  5. 1.06 Fix this?
  6. alberto135 Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe It states that the "Reason: Supreme champion pop alone without a combo character trophy, not possible."<br /> <br /> Its obviously an error because all my character combo trophies are pop'd prior to getting this. Please confirm by looking at my profile.