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  1. yeah let's hope so would love to play them all again.!!!!
  2. Hey, djippps. Thanks for the info, you maybe willing to help me with the trophy, if it's possible.
  3. hey everyone Any 3 strong players willing to help me with the Dastardly Duo Mission please. Let me now please
  4. hey everyone. Just want to know does the Renaissance Man trophy unlock if you play private matches
  5. awesome thanks @SkyesUnholy so what my title so far as an Assassin!
  6. @SkyesUnholy awesome Idea. Sign Me Up Please. Assassins Creed 2 [PS4] 100% Assassins Creed Brotherhood [PS4] 100% Assassins Cree Revelations [PS4] 86% Assassins Creed Rogue [PS4] 100% Assassins Creed Unity [PS4] 100% Assassins Creed Origins [PS4] 100% Am going to work on the rest. Just need people to help me with Assassins Creed Black Flag Multiplayer Wise (Not Sure if servers still going) Thanks Wooden_Ninja17
  7. Hey all after long struggle finally got all the trophies for Journey. Thanks to all that help me with some info etc. Really cool for you guys. Let me know if there is anything i can help you with in the future.
  8. Okay i understand, must i wait at the beginning of the last chapter, or end.
  9. @HusKyCode thanks for the mgs will look her up and chat to her.
  10. @Cynicgods Sounds epic, yes am on the PS4.
  11. @Krove-34 yeah okay will go for that, but there is one that you need to be with a companion for most of your journey. Will see what happens thanks for the reply and Info
  12. @MidnightDragon thanks for the info. Can't wait for that.
  13. Hey @IntroPhenom that will be awesome thanks. Just send PM and then we can set it up. Thanks
  14. Hey there, Anyone still on for playing Journey. I need someone to play with me from start to end to get the 2 trophies that nee companions with you. Let me know thanks
  15. Hey all just want to make sure. Will AC 3 and Liberation become avaible if i don't buy the season pass or will we need to see and wait for that info. Cost alot more for the season pass included with the game.