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  1. Sword and Shield baby. But I do love me some Hammer. I played this game quite a bit on Switch and happy that it's finally on PS
  2. I haven't had any issues loading up the game. It seems to work and play fine, and trophies still pop up. I wonder why it's crashing for you.
  3. My first thought was that the computer flicker was B-12 and he took over the infrastructure and system. Possibly a hint for a sequel which would be nice. It was a short and enjoyable experience! I doubt there will be DLC for a game like this so a sequel is more likely.
  4. This was definitely the hardest trophy in this game. That tight alley was the absolute worst and I feel like sometimes they had a weird rubber band effect where they do a super stretch jump to grab you. I still got the plat but this one took a little while lol
  5. Thankfully I haven’t had any crashing issues. The only issue I’ve had is the game soft locking on the main menu when I tried to click that Epic Login
  6. I never knew they blocked the trophy pop up when you're streaming through the console. Sony most likely did that on purpose but I'm not sure why unfortunately. Could a fix possibly be an option in the settings? If not, you'll most likely have to stream through somewhere like Twitch or YouTube directly instead of through the console
  7. I am definitely going to attempt this 100% platinum but am a little intimidated at the low percentages and the speedruns lol I'm pretty good with platformers and I have done some speedruns before but I can tell this one is going to take a while. Currently enjoying other games and then will go to Bound to give it a shot.
  8. I'm currently going through this game now. I'm very familiar with it because I played the mobile version many, many years ago when it released. It's nice replaying it and it's definitely a fun idle game. It's very satisfying to watch my money grow and I probably won't be using the system clock skip. It will take a long time but you also only have to play a few minutes to get a lot of value from it.
  9. Yeah it's definitely a grind. I actually enjoy the game a lot but I know I won't get this trophy for a really long time. It's more of a "What shooter am I in the mood for? Oh Splitgate!" sort of thing. Even with some exploits or boosting which is probably tough to do in this game, probably still at least 1000+ hours
  10. Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 are my go-to replay games for sure. Mainly because of love and nostalgia. Borderlands 2 is another one I seem to come back to once or twice a year.
  11. Just wondering if anyone has played this recently to see if the trophies are still obtainable or if the online servers are down. Doesn't look like a popular game in the slightest so I'm going to assume the servers were shut down long ago. Haven't booted it up yet but I had it in my library of games and wanted to check.
  12. Thank you for this! I have been on and off playing this game trying to beat all of the challenges. I still have not succeeded and I still have to unlock the last few by levelling up my Ninjutsu lol I see that you still haven't got the Challenge trophy either but man it's almost impossible for some of these challenges I feel.
  13. I think everyone would want a platinum but I definitely wouldn't avoid playing a game because it doesn't have one. I'm not the biggest fan or Battle Royales but this one has been one of my favorites so far! The trophies aren't too bad and very doable.
  14. If I can get more Wolf Among Us, I am absolutely down with this! That is by far the best story and plot of any TellTale game and I was so disappointed the sequel was never finished.
  15. This is so awesome man! Congrats and I'm really happy you got it right on the dot. That six seconds means nothing lol this was a wholesome post.