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  1. So as I gather, someone else cheated trophies on your account. Regardless of circumstances, illegitimately earned trophies can't be on the leaderboards. You can hide the trophy list for this game and you'll be able to appear on the leaderboards again.
  2. It released on Steam April last year.
  3. If you still have the drive and never changed the formatting, you can re-insert it and sync the old timestamps.
  4. 17 relics in 21 minutes? I'd like to see your times for these 17 easy levels.
  5. Japanese is also added. It's not currently available in any asian region as far as I can tell.
  6. Only if you have the online stats already checked off.
  7. Unfortunately I cannot pre-order this game yet, but it's definitely a day one buy for me. I'm really looking forward to it. I've watched a lot of let's plays on this game recently and I'm loving it.
  8. Well if he did do it and the trophies deleted locally, loading up the game again would pop the trophies again. He just mustn't have synced in the first place. His post was made 20 mins after his 100% trophy popped. That's when he would have checked his list because it shouldn't have popped again. Second trophy was 15 minutes after his post as he re-earned the rest with his own save.
  9. I looked at what's available. I even used Waybackmachine and found a completely different PSN name linked to it. I can't view his posts as I'm not a member, but seeing as you can see them, does that mean you're illigitimate for having one? Unless there's any evidence about the game in question on one of those posts, you have nothing. I would like to see some sort of real evidence here because this sure isn't the work of cheating to me. I expect the other 2 games are flagged for the same reason, so to me it seems all 3 of his flags are potentially false. None of the reasons in any of them provided any insight. It even says it looks legit in MGS4.
  10. I'm sorry, but having an NGU profile (if it's even his) doesn't prove anything in this dispute. Using a save file would autopop the weapon and level trophies. He has proof he played with other people and there's nothing suspicious about the list itself.
  11. I can see you all did Short Fuse together which requires 3-4 players. I see many trophies in common with FUSAOS, so I can't see any reason to believe you didn't play this game legitimately.
  12. I've helped many people through these games, I know what's feasible. I had a close look at everything here and I don't see anything wrong here. Most of the game is made up of misc trophies which can be quickly picked up in minutes. This definitely isn't any kind of downloaded save as anything that would auto-pop didn't, especially having earned level 100 last. I see no reason for this to be reported in the first place.
  13. "Get The Ball Rolling" is not the issue. "Totally Baked" happens 43 minutes into that video. If there were a way to skip it, I'm sure he would have demonstrated it to save time from dragging along the caged soldier.
  14. I'm aware of all these tricks. They cannot be used to skip "Totally Baked" however. If you can show a working sacrifice skip, I'm sure the speedrunning community would be grateful.
  15. There is currently no known method.