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  1. This game has some actual effort put into it. Don't you dare compare it to jumping games.
  2. I am currently playing this digitally from a NA account. SHAAAAA
  3. yes
  4. depends
  5. I help people because I'm lonely
  6. I think people are exaggerating. If you're decent at platformers, you'll likely win most games or at least half of them. The biggest issue is the team-based game modes and the servers not holding a game together. I've done the 5 in a row and I haven't won 20 yet.
  7. After a few days, my save corrupted
  8. Honestly looks kinda fun. I hope Volume 20 comes out soon too.
  9. FYI, people can still send messages via friend requests. It's supposedly a Unicode bug.
  10. Generally, these cables should be backwards compatible since the old connectors still have the same locations. I know cat7 works with my PS4 Pro, which would have the same port as the PS4 Slim. I know someone who used a cat6 to transfer data between the regular PS4 and the PS4 pro, so generally support is all there. It's most likely the length. A quick Google search shows people with the same problem all using pretty lengthy network cables. I don't know why that would be though since you should be able to go up to 100 meters before signal degradation.
  11. I would assume since the 45min speedrun counts loading screens that even pausing wouldn't stop the timer, though I've never tested it out so I could be wrong. The way I went about my runs is slowly go through each section trying to see what the fastest way to do each puzzle would be, then replay it all again until I get a fast enough time. Lucky for everyone else, there's videos on every level now so they don't need to experiment as much.
  12. How does the bonus levels speedrun work? Can you just keep replaying each one so long as it's in a single session or do you have to do them all in one go? Edit: nevermind, it seems it all needs to be in one go and lighthouse time counts.
  13. Here's chapters 4-7. They're all quite easy compared to earlier levels.
  14. There's clearly some time to be saved in co-op, but more room for human error. You would definitely need to change the settings so both of you need to hold L2 to hold each others line. I originally played in coop and there was an issue with one of us holding L2 too early and pulling the other down from their jump. Everything is easily doable solo, you just need to figure out the quickest way to go about the puzzles and get a decent run. There's room for error, I've had multiple errors in the runs I've finished. Edit: I died in chapter 5 and got backtracked quite a bit and I still beat the time by more than 30 seconds. I need the no deaths trophy so I'll try for a faster time before I upload a video.
  15. I would say sub 12:30 is possible for chapter 2 solo. I finished with 12:59 and I screwed up in some parts. You just need a run where you get everything mostly right.