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  1. Does this still work?
  2. Thx for the answers everyone ! 😊
  3. So I read there are missable online trophies in Shadow of Mordor, but some people said also in this game... Should I be worried and quickly get this online trophy out of the way or? I cant find anything about servers shutting down Jan 1 2021 for this game tho..
  4. So any tips on what I should do now? Delete my save file and start over?
  5. I did ... I dont understand it haha. On the PS3 version I had no problems at all
  6. So basically you need to replay the career around 16 times....
  7. I earned 2 trophies and synced. After 1 it didnt do anything 🙃
  8. From level 27 (29 %) To level 400 (94%) Idk what I need to think about it. its just weird how everything has changed on like 1 day
  9. Ill try that today
  10. I 've played 6 Breakout events and still no trophy. What am I doing wrong? I dont have all 3 objectives done in the events. Is that the solution?