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  1. I see no difference between this kind of “whitelist” and flag, it is still regarded cheat, this whitelist is no help, I would choose to wait or get the trophy and never log on this website. It's interesting RDR will be ignored, I know some premium judge use the bodies to level up. HaHa.
  2. PSN won't ban you PSNP MAY BAN YOU
  3. Hey man, well said.
  4. And I can't believe you said yes. Let's just put how to mode lesson into the guide. Everyone is a modder and no one is cheating, cause it's widespread. Good idea bro. I don't know. So what? No one knows that except the hackers themselves. Maybe I can tell u they are in the public lobbies. Like unique monsters in diablo 3.They don't show up every time.Like deadbodies in RDR, they don't show up every time, you need to change free roams to find the deadbodies.
  5. This is funny. We don't define legit by whether everyone can get it. I am not lucky and can't meet a unique monster in diablo3, others who is lucky to meet one. So their trophies are unlegit? That's funny Agreed.
  6. You misunderstand my meaning. I think all is accepted including RDR. I will shoot the deadbodies too when I meet them. Though I think get a bounty from a hacker is cleaner than shooting deadbodies. Haha you make this much clear.
  7. Hackers didn't affect other trophies. All trophies of RDR are as normal as it used to be. The server itself is bad. One can obtain all mp trophies except the level50 in one day by boosting when Internet is not crowded. I think shoot the dead body is allowed too. But in your logic, in Gta5 a hacker give me a bounty is regarded cheat, so RDR is cheat too, because you use something hackers left. It's not a shortcut, it is involving hack. This is based on your logic, I think both are accepted.
  8. To me it's the same as in Gta5, you say Gta5 is cheat then RDR is cheat too. In RDR, players can choose not to shoot. I may say RDR is definitely cheat and GTA5 bad luck , player are forced to level 100.
  9. There's no before or after some decision, cheat is cheat. After the decision, so what, not cheat? I didn't start witch hunt someone else dig this out. He is a judge, nobody can doubt a judge? How do you know dead body is not involving hackers and CFW. As I read, Not all the roams have deadbodies , R star left this randomly? I think R star would choose to sell Shark cards. 100 dollars to level 50.
  10. Your replies is really funny haha, RDR NOT CHEATing? Developer left it? You just make me laugh. Maybe You are a R star employee. I guess you shoot the dead body too.
  11. Maybe we just add the hacker thing into GTA5' guide, then no one will be flagged like RDR.
  12. You didn't answer the question, whether you shot the dead bodies. You are lying because the dead body is not in every public roam, not all the roams are hacked with dead bodies in it. Besides, people could choose not to shoot them.
  13. That's ridiculous, people in RDR skipped a lot of effort.you think that's OK. In GTA5, we are talking about trophy "run like the wind", not the rank trophies, people don't gain an advantage in earning this trophy. you think this trophy should be flagged?
  14. @mekktor I am not trying to say RDR trophy should be flagged either, but to me it is almost the same as the GTA5 rank 25 50 100trophies. "Run like the wind" is much cleaner than RDR GTA5 rank trophies. There's even no need to whitelist this trophy. And No one want to be judged by a judge who benifit from hackers himself. Some judge should come out to explain his RDR trophies.
  15. You are right. I take back my words first, that's just my guess and no proof. But as you said that's just weird.