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  1. Sorry if this has been asked before but I was wondering if there was anything you could do about the series lists? I hate how they're laid out currently with no option to filter by release date, chronologically or alphabetically. Its a relatively new feature so am unsure if you'd have the ability to alter it, but if you do is this something you could change or add?
  2. Yeah the play together option is used as a last resort if you and that particular person youre boosting with cant join another way. You could just find another partner to boost with who you can connect to without the play together feature. Please someone close this pointless thread.
  3. it's a pinball game, it's likely that they'll release more tables as paid DLC and you'll be stuck playing this for the foreseeable future if you think this is gonna be a quick, easy and cheap 100%.
  4. Thanks Mango!
  5. Sorry if this is off-topic but I wasn't sure where to post this, plus I didn't want to start a new thread just for one question. @BlindMango I was wondering if there was any chance that these trophy lists could have their name changed to "Saints Row: The Third Remastered" as to differentiate them from the originals. I think it makes sense as that's what they're listed as on every store front and also what it says on the trophy set image. If this isn't in your power to do so then I understand.
  6. don't think that's a glitch, you can only have one of each part. you might've bought a downgrade
  7. Many devs have confirmed via twitter that they'll patch their games and it doesn't happen. I'm not saying it won't happen this time. all I said was that I'm glad I did it on an alt as it prevented me from having an unobtainable plat on my main account. I don't see what the problem is to be honest.
  8. A lot of developers promise patches, its not all too common we actually see them. Besides, who's to say the patch actually fixes the trophies. I'd rather be safe and play on an alt than sorry.
  9. Did a fresh save, used the same code as you all 3 times. I unlocked bozzie with no issue, did the invitational races as they were unlocked the first 2 times and then did them all at the end the third time. Didn't lose a single lap, let alone any races. The trophies are just fucked is all, unlock for some but not for others. Just glad I had the foresight to play it on an alt first.
  10. No, they haven't. The glitch just luckily hasn't happened to them I guess. I just did my third run through and still havent gotten it. I started from a fresh save too.
  11. I've had that before, people not uploading their times then suddenly you're like 10th when you were first before. Games like this you actually have a chance which is why I thought I'd try and go for it but was stopped by glitches lol
  12. Yeah you got lucky @shadowTECnology, like i said i did two runs and each as a separate character just in case. Nice work getting the plat though! Was kinda hoping I'd be the first one lol
  13. Yeah, I went through the game again on mirror mode last night right after my first run. I wanted to see if you needed to also finish that as well, but unfortunately had no luck. It's like you said it's just glitched at the moment. Also that's a far more detailed explanation of the payment system, good job @Hanamaru Kunikida You should maybe write the guide instead
  14. You can change the controls using the PS4's accessibility options @westersburg https://youtu.be/V6nrZu9jnmk?t=20
  15. Yeah it does but I'm just answering his questions, nothing wrong with playing with or without cheats