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  1. Confirmed. Replayed Norah, finished the game, and got the trophy. Thank goodness!
  2. I was following the walkthrough and the first step is complete a playthrough saving everyone .I missed the level transition to Norah and forgot to read ahead and accidentally killed her. Will I have to replay the game from Homeless to save everyone again, or will it work if I do a chapter select now and restart from Norah? I'm not entirely sure how the autosave/chapter select system works together on this one.
  3. The game isn't too hard once you've mastered the mechanics. But as a casual, there are lots of frustrating bosses and I'm not sure I could earn this plat without co-op. Thankfully I'm on the last chalice dungeon now, then just need to beat the game. My advice would be play now while the community is still active and you'll have a much easier time.
  4. So I did some more searching and saw a lot of different people saying they got it in Eclise. I went to Eclise and it was in the third 3 TP chest that I opened. I don't know if its a guaranteed drop there or a very high percentage or just an extremely good coincidence but thought I would follow up in case it helps someone else in the future!
  5. Basically the only trophy I have left besides getting the golden baku is spending the rest of my policy points. I have been grinding delivery quests for HOURS, probably days worth, getting every normal chest, shiny object, and TP chest I see. Somehow I still haven't gotten that thing. I have opened well over 1000 chests. How many chests did you all have to open before it appeared for you? Is there a better method to grind it than running delivery quests? I'm hoping that IS a legitimate way to obtain it. I tried doing travel quests a bit, since I had seen a lot of people found on in those, but its a lot more tedious since you have to complete battles to get TP to open the chests. Anybody have any advice?