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  1. You can speed things up by upgrading engine on your lawn mower.
  2. You can buy digital code from some "CD key" vendors.
  3. RE7 has only PS4 version available RE8 has PS4 and PS5 versions available (2 separate lists)
  4. No problem. I might add this, for now you might find the rarity breakdown in the panel on the right side useful. Yes, this is a well-known (by me ) caveat of this feature. I thought about your proposal but decided against it a while ago. You can't do sorting efficiently client side because the script needs to have access to every row. Try to do this in ikemenzi's profile and it might lag out your browser for couple minutes. Also, the script will never "Load All Games" automatically because it can trigger dozens of subsequent HTTP requests (worst case). If you have suggestions how to improve this, feel free to PM me.
  5. Finally an update from me, still on Tier 1 3rd game done - Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified on PS Vita. This game has been in my backlog for over 2 years now so it's pretty nice to finally get it done.
  6. My guess is, this will be the same type of "magic" patch like Days Gone and other PS4 games that run better on PS5.
  7. Right, but it will definitely be a separate list. PS5 games cannot share lists with PS4 afaik.
  8. I shouldn't have engaged in this discussion. I find that both systems have their strengths and weaknesses but most importantly, this discussion isn't going to change anything so I'm out. Peace ✌️
  9. I used to think this would be the best way, but I did some quick math couple months back and I'm not so sure about it. If calculated this way, it would shift rarities down drastically. Many of the paid DLCs would turn into full UR sets. It would open another can of worms and I'm not sure it's worth it at this point.
  10. Alright, will be available in the next update. Yes, I don't think this is available anywhere.
  11. What's the source of this leak?
  12. Currently not. But this has been requested multiple times so I will think about how this could be implemented.
  13. The PS4 version was patched. Once running on PS5, some extra features will automatically kick in. No separate PS5 version exists. Just make sure to have latest PS4 patch installed.
  14. I would recommend re-rolling the location south of Braithwaite Manor as shown in the video linked by the script. I found my panthers there and only there. Try to combine it with the "camp reload" method as shown here:
  15. Some people in this thread don't seem to realize it's 1000 individual files, not 1000 save files (which presumably equals 1000 games). The 1000 files limit can be reached pretty easily with far less games depending on how these games manage data. Some games create a whole bunch of files in a single "save file", e.g. 1 file per active character, world, settings etc. Personally, I find the ability to have backups of all my save files invaluable. Just recently I retrieved a 2 year old save file for A Hat in Time which suddenly received 2 new DLCs.