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  1. I would like to submit 2 more games: Orange Pink
  2. I have added a note to the first post.
  3. I know nothing about this. (Also posting here to get a chance at the random pick.)
  4. Just bought the DLC from an online shop and will most likely start the game pretty soon.
  5. That's a good point. I will keep the poll open this week until Sunday but I think the results are clear already. But you should know that numbers lead to (sort of) unexpected results when using alphabetical sort:
  6. I can't comment on whether the DLCs work, I was only talking about a hardcoded limitation by Sony which I believe is 1000 trophies total, 49 DLCs total for PS5. Seems like 1938 Tube did receive trophies on PS5 though? And here's a post about the limits from DTG:
  7. First PSNP+ poll added: Would you like the "list of lists" to be sorted alphabetically? You can vote now. Originally suggested by @Rebourne07 For those who need a visual hint, I'm talking about this:
  8. ??? They did not break anything, they just reached the upper limit set by Sony. That's all.
  9. @Smashero Is this still broken in PSNP+? I believe this has been fixed and you can close this thread.
  10. Been using it on my phone for couple days now and it seems to be working flawlessly. I would not recommend this version as the primary version for managing lists but the improvements in the guides are already proving to be useful. Because making a clone of PSNP makes no sense (at least to me). While the code is perhaps written by a single person, the community and user generated content is equally or perhaps even more important. That's why I decided to build this script on top of PSNP. Must have been some other browser extension or script. PSNP+ doesn't include any sort of dark/night mode.
  11. Do we need to claim something from the store or was the DLC just patched in?
  12. Alright, just making sure the list inside PSNP+ is up-to-date. 👍
  13. That's 20 but you mentioned 21 in the post above. Was that a typo or is 1 region in your list missing?
  14. I would like to hop in as well: ORANGE 100%: 12th Oct 2021