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  1. Seems pretty accurate for me. I have been only following my currently active games and the hours seem to be adding up correctly.
  2. This doesn't apply to actual stores. It only applies to services that run on that particular device, e.g. Spotify, Netflix etc.
  3. It's capped at 100GB or 1000 files, whichever you reach sooner. It's pretty ridiculous.
  4. This sounds really good! Let's see if more people can test it out.
  5. In the end I only used it on The Crate Escape - the last section was much easier in N.Verted mode. Food Run was fairly easy for me and I got it rather quickly in standard mode. Rush Hour is by far my least favourite level in the game and I couldn't stand playing it in 1.5x slo-mo speed so I did it in standard as well.
  6. Hey guys, sorry for hijacking this thread. I would like to go for this game at some point. How hard is it? Any trophy glitches? Any tips?
  7. Your whole profile is private. You have most likely switched that back on during PS5 setup.
  8. Would anyone recommend to do NPRs in [email protected] dimension in N.Verted mode? Seems like they could be possibly easier, e.g. Crate escape.
  9. You must have misunderstood then. The m2 bay for SSD is disabled and cannot be used right now. However, they actually *recommend* to store PS4 games on an external HDD to save space for PS5 games that require it.
  10. Though it's weird that the PSN percentages are at 0. Something is wrong for sure.
  11. What's wrong with the PS5 list though?
  12. Onslaught is exclusive to PlayStation for 1 year and then it becomes available on other platforms (XBOX, PC, ...).
  13. You go to user dropdown -> PSNP+ Settings -> Export. The JSON file should be readable in a sense that it contains plain text data, however, it's not meant for other programs. This file contains everything, including your settings. CSV export, which can be opened in MS Excel and other spreadsheet programs might happen in the future.
  14. I have done my fair share of tinkering with animal tracking and have not heard about this particular issue. If it says it's skinned, it should be skinned. You can also double check using web compendium.
  15. Is there any point in buying SM:MM PS5 version?