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  1. The issues that are still present have been in the game since the beginning pretty much. The game can be finished but you have to be careful about certain things.
  2. The issue in the first post has been fixed. However, there are other problems still persisting in the game, e.g. buggy scavenging locations.
  3. You can see all sessions here: https://psnprofiles.com/sessions?all If the game is not in your game list, you can at least leave a comment. I have joined several sessions this way.
  4. [Firewatch] I heard good things about this small game. Would you guys recommend? It's 5.99€ with the dynamic theme right now.

    1. skateak


      I'd say go for it, as long as you know the type of game it is. I thought it was pretty cool. Really liked the art style. Looked damn good.

    2. Deluziion90


      Thanks for the heads up just bought it thanks to your message :P 

  5. Fortunately, seems like no new trophies have been added.
  6. I'm talking about the bottom 2 which have been disabled for several months now. This means lots of stats around this site are inaccurate.
  7. @BlindMango @Sly Ripper What about profile auto-updates? Are those coming anytime soon?
  8. I wasn't worried about any difficulty considering I knew I was going to play it with you.
  9. I received mine 2-3 days after getting platinum.
  10. This looks like exactly what I was looking for. Thanks! @NL_Sion I think this might be a solid addition to guide considering it uses replays instead of "normal" playthroughs. A link would in my opinion suffice.
  11. Are there specifically videos for those who use replay to get the medals?
  12. I have spend a fair amount of time on the websites digging through its internals and I'm pretty sure the time was not there before. They have also changed the top navbar style. That's interesting, my 103 hours includes every single player trophy considering "Best in the West" was my last SP trophy. I remember using fast travel a lot at the end.
  13. Seems like R* website has been updated to include information about the time it took you to complete 100% completion. I'm assuming this time is recorded once the user reaches 100% trophy. It certainly does not include online time. You can find yours here: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/rdr2/overview Here's mine: (103 hours and 45 minutes) I guess the data could be averaged and added to the guide.
  14. You're right. You will need 26 gold (or platinum) relics for one of the trophies. If you are going for 100%, you can skip The High Road relic (or any other base game relic).
  15. [Spider-Man] What's the best way to go for 100%? I guess base game, DLC 1-3, NG+?

    1. Cobby


      Each DLC is in it's own phase, so just do base game, then whatever ya want.

      but DLC story does continue from each other it seems, so do the DLCs in order.

    2. Deluziion90


      I would go for maingame platinum and immediatly go for the NG+ after so everything is still fresh in your mind. I think you can speedrun it in like 5-8 hours if you go crazy fast.