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  1. Yes, this is actually how I implemented it but then I talked with @Arcesius and the order looked often completely off, e.g. Overcooked 2 was "ultra rare" and very high in the list when in fact it's an easy game with Platinum rate at 22%. I will just add a second order option which will support this ordering style.
  2. Season pass was replaced with "Definitive Edition Extra Content"
  3. Currently only backlog but I suppose it could be back-ported to games list if I add ability to load complete games lists in profiles.
  4. Those are just tags. First you define tags in PSNP+ settings and then you can assign them to your backlog items. See this post:
  5. Hey everyone, it's update time. refresh button is located in top right corner W2 now shows its region (GER) guide info with clickable link available completion rates available
  6. I played the game on Hard and afterwards on Crushing and I was only missing 3 bounties: Bounty: Arcana - took me around 50 minutes of farming the same location (see video). After I killed all enemies, I simply restarted checkpoint. Bounty: Spanish Gold - this took me about 10 minutes, I used the location where you play with Sully's gun on a boat and you use grenade launcher to kill enemies standing on both sides of a river. Bounty: Cádiz - again, around 10 minutes to finish. I used turret location in the video. Most importantly, play the correct chapter for each of the bounties. Use the guide here or PST and also check some YouTube videos. The grind is really not that bad.
  7. You can use Remote Play to brute force this challenge:
  8. Just fyi, review embargo will be lifted on Friday midnight EST time.
  9. Seems like the review copies went out on Friday, 1 week ahead. After playing Titanfall 2, I'm really interested to see what Respawn prepared for us.
  10. When can we expect reviews? Seems like the embargo will be lifted on release date?
  11. Mine said "Think different HusKyCode" with accented characters all over the place. It wasn't the usual spam bot stuff that is trying to lure you to visit some website. Weird bot indeed, I guess someone was bored.
  12. I'm not sure what's Tampermonkey's update check schedule to be honest, but you can also force it to check for updates manually. "Check for userscript updates" will update the script right away:
  13. As per my post: "Just a little preview of what's coming (probably) next week." @Arcesius is testing it right now.
  14. You get a 🍪 Integration with other services is possible and I would like to do something like that in the future. I'm glad you guys like it
  15. Thank you for yet another confirmation. I will definitely buy physical in the future.