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  1. You're right. You will need 26 gold (or platinum) relics for one of the trophies. If you are going for 100%, you can skip The High Road relic (or any other base game relic).
  2. [Spider-Man] What's the best way to go for 100%? I guess base game, DLC 1-3, NG+?

    1. Cobby


      Each DLC is in it's own phase, so just do base game, then whatever ya want.

      but DLC story does continue from each other it seems, so do the DLCs in order.

    2. Deluziion90


      I would go for maingame platinum and immediatly go for the NG+ after so everything is still fresh in your mind. I think you can speedrun it in like 5-8 hours if you go crazy fast.


  3. Also, as a side note for anyone who is wondering, Surf 'n' Turf (DLC 1) is not included in Season Pass.
  4. My guess (and as someone suggested in this thread already), the SSD is going to be some sort of hybrid. It's been available in laptops for a while now and if used correctly, it could provide a good balance between performance/price.
  5. https://www.wired.com/story/exclusive-sony-next-gen-console/ Some stuff confirmed from the article regarding Sony's Next-Gen console: Not coming in 2019 (I guess most likely 2nd half of 2020) CPU is based on AMD Ryzen 7nm GPU is AMD Navi and will feature ray tracing Will include high performance SSD Will support physical games Dedicated 3D audio chip PS4 + PSVR back compatibility confirmed Interesting read for sure.
  6. Are auto-updates for non-premium members coming back any time soon?
  7. He is referencing my Remote Play guide for RDR2. In the guide I describe how you can use Remote Play as a free replacement for turbo controller.
  8. Anyone looking for online trophy partner? Thanks @The Blakk Vulture and @IBadDriverI for the guides
  9. The feature you are talking about was working several months ago. All profiles tracked by this website were updated at least once a week. It's just broken and Sly does not provide any info whatsoever about it being fixed ever again.
  10. Is the admin panel in Conan Exiles still available?
  11. Seems like at least 2 people have been already taken off the 100% list.
  12. Here are the videos for the 2 added relics: Dawnvessel (unlocks Glass Piano ariframe): Sunchamber (unlocks Hopper airframe): There is no extra relic in Duskprism. If you have 3/4 after finishing this region, the game glitched for you (or you missed one of the 2 non-story relics).
  13. This forum would benefit from having more mods. 👌
  14. The first Battle Pass did not bring any new trophies. It's unlikely that they will add more in the future so I guess the list is final.
  15. The stats have turned into a complete mess over the last few months. Some info from Sly about what's going on with the website would be great tbh.