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  1. Not sure where to post this so gonna throw this in here for those who use Stylus. This CSS rule removes forced uppercasing from titles: @-moz-document url-prefix("") { div.title-bar h3 { text-transform: none; } }
  2. These people are smart!
  3. That's not it. Does the guide show your progress? Are trophies marked as earned? For example, you are playing RE2 PS5, but both (main game) guides are written (and attached to) PS4 list. In order to make this work, you need to load your progress first, and only then you can toggle earned trophies. Same applies to NMS and Skyrim, you are playing PS5 versions but only PS4/PS3 guides are available. Example - PS4 guide, but I can load my PS5 progress in there:
  4. Don't forget to finish Days Gone before starting GoT!
  5. I described my save file strategy in this post:
  6. Updated. Duplicate check: OK. Contains 1014 trophy lists. src/list.json5 valid
  7. This is the reason why I initially added TA link in trophy lists. However, it's really tricky to pair trophy lists/trophies across 2 separate systems. For now the TA link inside trophy lists will have to do. Not possible right now, might add in the future. What would be the purpose? Is the trophy list only available on Exophase? Trying to understand the use case here.
  8. That's the GI team manually tagging all these games. And right now the script, or users in general, can't identify which list is flagged with shovelware flag.
  9. https:// dex dot exe . com/playstation-bans-shovelware-and-easy-platinum-games-on-the-playstation-store/
  10. I have heard this argument before and definitely disagree. This isn't some life-threatening medical condition, these people are just buying trophies. Simple as that.
  11. I'd say it will have impact on the store itself but not so much on this website in terms of current ranks, leaderboards and points. --------- Gonna throw this in here since we are at it: This chart illustrates how insane the last few months were. Alright, replace the word "buying" with "playing".
  12. That's an odd thing to say after buying thousands of these non-games, isn't it?
  13. No need for 2 tabs. Go to your profile and click "Load all games" -- PSNP+ will now know about everything you played You only need to do this once. Everytime you visit your profile, all new games are added automatically (assuming it's less than 100 new games). Go to your friends profile and click "Load all games" Once that's done, click "Remove my games" That's it. Now you will see only games you do not have on your profile. 👍 I'm planning to add automatic backups to GDrive, Dropbox at some point... hopefully soon... should be available before Half Life 3 is released.