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  1. Looks good to me: Try to update your PSNP profile now and it should show your trophies.
  2. I'd say starting from the easiest: 3, 2, 1, <big gap here> 4
  3. Hands down the best Crash game on PS4. Don't get scared by your first playthrough, you will die a lot. The game will get progressively easier as you go for NPRs and Platinum Relics. Personally, I found NPRs harder than Time Trials. This isn't mentioned all that much but the movement in CB4 is far more precise than N. Sane Trilogy. The weird pill/egg shaped hit box on Crash is gone so you will no longer slip from platforms which you have already landed on. Also another nice thing, the timing on contraptions, bridges etc is always identical every time you restart level which also removes frustration from deaths caused by RNG.
  4. Trophy sync seems to be working for me on Vita 50% of time I try.
  5. Looks like Sony is having large scale issues with many different parts of their online infrastructure. People are also reporting Share Play and Remote Play issues. My trophy sync on PS Vita stopped working as well even though I had no issues in the morning. There's not much left to do, just be patient.
  6. I just checked and my trophies are syncing without an error.
  7. At first glance, it looks super easy. Not sure what's needed to unlock all the cars but it probably won't be a problem.
  8. If I want to follow discounts in 2 regions, do I need to add each regional game into my wishlist manually or is there a better way?
  9. It's back in the EU store for PS4.
  10. You don't need air breaking to beat Oxide but you will certainly need to train your muscle memory to perform perfect boosts. Focus on that and you will start improving quickly. And I switched from analog stick to D-Pad and it was easier for me personally.
  11. It's pretty simple. The script just adds extra CSS rules that override the rules provided by website. That's it.
  12. What a mess. edit. There we go, ziggy. You were too slow for once.
  13. I ripped the icons from Android APK a while ago: