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  1. As far as I know, every challenge, including Dojo, consists of limited number of sections which can be learned.
  2. Link is literally 2 posts above yours.
  3. You can have custom order in lists but if we are talking about the main list of games in your profile, then no. This would have to be done by Sly.
  4. Not possible/feasible with the script since the series info is stashed away in series pages.
  5. It works with some games but also looks weird with other games, e.g. I'm hesitant to add more CSS rules into the script as they fit custom stylesheet much better. For what it's worth, if you have Stylus browser extension installed, you can do this easily. Click the Stylus icon in the top navbar: Write style for: (<--- click this) Paste this in the text box and save:,, > img { background: none; } The result looks like this, with PSNP+ installed:
  6. I'm expanding this feature gradually to other pages but these pages usually require specific rules to resize the icons. It will get there eventually.
  7. @Carttagos @BigBossImBeamer @F1rstinFlight Ok, I think I just figured it out. On my first IADI run, I will create save points 4-13 and if necessary, I will make save points 1-3 on another save slot. That should be enough.
  8. Hey guys, is there a recommended list of manual saves to make during IADI run for practicing purposes? I counted ~13 spots which I would like to have manual save at, but as far as I know the limit is 10: right when you get in control of the wheel chair when you get your power armor and the german lady opens the door Sektion F Manhattan Sektion F Revisit Rosswell Mesquite Courthouse Manhattan revisit New Orleans New Orleans 2 - after you meet the group (includes Panzerhund ride) Venus Ausmerzer Any tips and help are appreciated.
  9. The script doesn't handle image loading in any specific way and the images are hosted by PSNP. Hopefully it's just a temporary issue.
  10. Keep in mind he makes it look really easy. Realistically, it takes 10-15 hours with these videos. I used these strats just a week ago so in case you have any questions, I can maybe provide some tips from "noobs perspective".
  11. Borislav247 is multiple WR holder in Days Gone challenges and recently he made new video guides specifically for trophy hunters. These video guides are in my opinion the easiest way to tackle all 12 challenges in Days Gone. He goes through the challenges in specific order, always tells you which rings to use and finally shows you which path to take. Some of the challenges are rather long so use 1.5x-2x video speed as needed. Part 1 Part 2
  12. You can use uBlock Origin or similar adblocking extension to achieve this permanently.
  13. Very early into the game, you will find a workbench which is almost impossible to miss. You can upgrade your weapon there to unlock "Tinkerer". This trophy also has the lowest rarity.
  14. Just curious, which OS and browser are you using? I'm assuming Android with Kiwi? This is interesting, I will look into it. Preferably, this would work as automatic fallback. Most people don't know what's "fuzzy matching" and also, the current implementation is pretty "fuzzy" already. In this case a custom list is the way to go. I do understand it would be nice to have the icon everywhere but it's already covered with lists and I'm hesitant to add similar functionality like this that is already available (although perhaps in a less convenient way). Lists can be sorted in multiple ways but date of last time you played is not available. The script cannot reliably determine this for your games.
  15. The script is running twice for some reason. Do you have the script installed twice by any chance?