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  1. The save files are probably not compatible. For example, my U4 disc save file is not compatible with U4 digital (from PS+). Same applies to HZD and HZD Complete Edition and probably many other games.
  2. Yep, it's normal.
  3. Does the patch also fix things like this? (2 vs. 1 actual 100%)
  4. I found this over in WWII subreddit: Sounds good to me.
  5. It's been enabled at least since Sunday. I couldn't find any info about when it ends so it's probably best to jump in as soon as possible.
  6. Just fyi, double XP is still going on right now. If you are considering to go for it, now is a pretty good time.
  7. You will need at least 3 players, so ideally 4 players total so you can be balanced. All online trophies are rather easy to do except for Centurion of course which takes some time. You can do them in about 1-2 hours depending on how efficient you are. 100 matches will take several hours but with botzone, you can just rubberband your Vita and all you will have to do is start a match every 7-10 minutes. This will take several hours. All in all, the online portion took me around 10 hours but most of it was just botzone farming.
  8. Thanks for the giveaway. I guess that's because this giveaway is closing in 2 months long after TLoU2 release. I also voted Ghost because I have already preordered TLoU and I will play it as soon as it arrives.
  9. Pro tip: Always double check with guide over at PST (if available).
  10. The most problematic facilities are the little preppers in the mountains. These guys require emails to be read and the orders that go to their place are rather scarce. I managed to level them up by bringing lots of lost cargo to their place which I was collecting in my private locker in the Mountain Knot City. Large facilities that need many likes have some insanely large orders going to them which yield ton of likes, e.g. 2900kg order to South Knot City. You can do Growth of the Legend easily before Best Beloved. GotL requires 80 premium deliveries but you will do way more than that for BB. At the end I had 175 unique Premium Standard Orders done (with 197 total, some I have done multiple times).
  11. I got Platinum trophy only couple months back. For me, the MP servers worked maybe 50% of time when I tried, so just keep trying. I'm pretty sure they did not shut them down. Either way, if you need to finish up online trophies, do it as soon as possible.
  12. Finished the Hungry Horde DLC last night and I'm glad it's all done now. Big thanks to @Mori for joining me for a coop session. The last Horde level was no joke to be honest. I don't know how you did this win non-gamer coop partners but good for you guys and gals.
  13. I got it all done in 77 hours with full zipline and road network. To be honest, there's not much to explain regarding the zipline network: use other people's ziplines as often as possible upgrade zipline structure to level 2 if it makes sense (adds 50m extra range - 300m -> 350m) also, do not upgrade to level 3 since it adds no extra range destroy unnecessary structures that you have previously built during the story (you can do this remotely via the map, no need to travel there) always carry 2 or 3 PCCs while building the zipline network for the last couple preppers like Veteran and First Prepper, bringing lost cargo with high amount of likes helps a lot too read emails For the premium deliveries, make sure you do as many as you can in the East Region. Focus mainly on Misc and Time-based deliveries. You can get 10-12 of each in this region alone. This list of all Standard Orders can be useful towards the end:
  14. Any easy to use solution would require CFW which leads to permaban here if detected.
  15. Cool, I have updated the first post.