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  1. 177 hours for me. Optimal 2XP Point Extraction mission can speed up this grind greatly.
  2. Hands down 5/5/2022 11:00 GMT is my favourite mission from everything I have played this season. Fungus Bogs 10 aqua 25 hollomite 203% bonus on Haz5 Call escape pod as soon as you can, even if you don't have 25 hollo. You will have 2 minutes to collect it and that's always a plenty of time. Our fastest time to call escape pod was 2min 30sec. (It had nice cave layout.) 25 hollo can be collected by a single player, which is great and it always grows on the ground. The soil in this mission breaks with 2 strikes, instead of 3. Many people play missions with 100 Dystrum which always grows on the walls and ceilings and takes way longer to collect.
  3. Finally another game done for this event and it's Deep Rock Galactic. When the platinum popped, it was a bittersweet moment. The repetitive grind made me question my sanity and I think this will be my last super grindy game for a very long time. Tier 1 progress:
  4. The website should try to mimic what you as player see in the console's trophy system. If Syphon Filter has "PS5" platform attached, PSNP should show the same information. On the other hand, this could be solved with a separate tagging/labeling system unrelated to platform info. This would also solve issues with PSVR being the only peripheral with "platform" tag for some odd reason. Anyway...
  5. Small game should pose no issue. I downgraded a game which is 750MB with no problems.
  6. No problem for me logged out in incognito.
  7. Alright, since you asked so nicely.魔物獵人frontier-g孫悟空の未来冒険 Just a few gems with <1% plat.
  8. You are saying it doesn't work on macOS either? Try different browsers. (Safari, Chrome, Firefox,...) On iOS, all browsers are basically Safari with different UI because of their restrictions so that's probably why other iOS browsers don't work either.
  9. Right, but leaderboard does not have to be bound to a platform, so this wouldn't be an issue. I guess what I was pointing at was the fact that it's the only peripheral that acts as a platform, which is a peculiar design choice. (I know that PSVR is far more popular than any other peripheral, but still.) This would have been better solved with a more flexible labeling system or similar.
  10. Right, but a VR2 game might not support VR1 headset and vice versa.
  11. Perhaps classifying a peripheral as a platform wasn't the best choice. Placing VR2 only games under common VR tag will only cause more confusion in the long run.
  12. Well, you as a user can create a list and start adding those games in there. Otherwise, this would be a task for Game Information Team on this website.
  13. To be honest, I'm not planning to add any features for flagged users. (But, you can hide any element on any website with some ad blockers, such as uBlock.)
  14. @ars If there are unobtainable trophies in NFS:MW, your best bet is to create a thread here: This thread only serves for reports and peer reviews.
  15. Works fine for me on iOS in Safari. Try in incognito tab or maybe clear your browser data and try again.