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  1. Have you guys figured out the issues with season pass and this last DLC?
  2. v1.5 is now available for download. As mentioned earlier, I have added "direction" (asc/desc) toggle in backlog table. Feature wise, this is a small release but I went ahead and removed the only third party library (jQuery) along with debugging info (sourcemaps) from the script. The final bundle is now ~12x smaller compared to previous version. - added direction (asc/desc) switch to backlog table - fixed issue where sometimes "trophies earned" stats would not show up on trophies page - removed jquery and reduced bundle size - other small fixes Update instructions can be found in the first post. edit. I managed to break page detection in v1.5, so v1.6 fixes that.
  3. Yep, indeed. Same with Borderlands 2 and now this game has another set of really nice trophy icons. šŸ‘Œ
  4. Yep pretty much. I remember trying U2 with patch and it did not work. I removed the patch and it worked afterwards. I'm not sure with U3 but I think I removed the patch there as well.
  5. To be honest, Iā€™m glad there are no new RDO trophies. šŸ˜
  6. Alright, I will add direction in the next update. Should be done some time this week. @mackenzie129 I was thinking about this before the first version but I don't like couple things: there's no info about 100% completion rate on the trophies page there's no info about platinum or completion page on the games search page This would make individual backlog items incomplete and I want to avoid that for now. I will keep it in mind though. @dj_helyx I think with userscript this would be possible only if the whole games list is loaded first and then reordered on the page. Haven't touched games table yet so this would have to go on backburner for now.
  7. Hey everyone, as mentioned in my previous posts, update with filtering and ordering is here. The backlog table is very similar in terms of functionality compared to standard games table. 1.4 - 08/09/2019 - Added ordering and platform filter options to backlog table - Removed "Clear" button from backlog table - The script no longer runs in iframes Script will update automatically but you can also force Tampermonkey to check for updates, see first post for instructions.
  8. I have already replied to all of his feedback. I'm also allowed to disagree with some of it.
  9. Can't make screenshots now but this list should be sufficient (floating menu is always located in top left corner): profile - refresh button guide - hide earned trophies game leaderboard - country highlight About custom reordering: For now, this is not planned. The backlog table should work pretty much the same like your games table. I will keep it in mind though.
  10. Okay then. Fix will be available in next update later today.
  11. I would move this debugging discussion to PM. Can you send me a screenshot? There is no line 12225 in the script so I'm unable to tell what's wrong.
  12. Use Tampermonkey as the first post suggests.
  13. Yep, that's my plan. As long as you don't uninstall the script, it should stay as it is. I would like to add some sort of data export later. I provided only weak explanation, sorry. You can add 1 or more country names (must match flag name) separated by comma and these rows will be highlighted. (image) Let me know if you need more help. I would like to do that later. For now I can give access to anyone with GH account who is interested in contributing. Well, the backlog is only really meant for your unplayed games. If you add a game which you already have in your games list it will count it as if you have never played it before. For now, you will need to remove a game manually after it appears in your games list as well. I think so. It's Chromium based so as long as you can install Tampermonkey from Chrome store, you are good to go. HTTP reqs? 0. Already said that before.
  14. Can you guys please stop discussing site issues in this thread and move your discussion to Thanks
  15. Should work just fine. Install Tampermonkey for Opera and then follow instructions from the first post. Platform icons are available in the backlog. Did you mean filtering by platform? This will be added soon. This would be a nice addition. Currently, I only scrape the page itself for the info and this would required multiple HTTP requests to be done. I will keep this in backlog for later.