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  1. Seems like the rate for this trophy dropped in the last few days: Maybe this one is glitched indeed? It was 5-10 people every day before the patch, now it's barely 1 person.
  2. Leave convoys for last. You can use them to farm many challenges including vehicle ones. Same for races, you can use them to farm challenges.
  3. I have static IP address. I can restart my modem 100 times and it won't change a thing. Also, I'm banned for no reason, I know how to bypass it but I shouldn't have to. Maybe @Sly Ripper will do something about it.
  4. [ PSNP+ ] One of the most requested features for PSNP on this forum was "backlog" - ability for the user to create their custom list of games which they have bought, but haven't started yet and thus these games are not visible in their games list. PSNP+ is a browser script which adds this functionality (and some other small improvements) directly into Features: Game Lists Create custom lists of games - backlog, wishlists, community challenges etc. Add and remove any game to your lists, move games between them Search, order and filter your lists Tag your games with custom tags Private and stored in your computer; only you can see your backlog Exportable (This feature replaces older Backlog feature) Profile Refresh button (top left corner) Extra sorting options for games Load all games with a single click Trophy List See number of trophies/points earned in the sidebar Rarity breakdown Extra search links Automatically hide trophy guide banner Guide Added toggle button which allows you to hide already earned trophies on the page (top left corner) Added button to load your progress in case the guide does not match your trophy list Game Leaderboard Highlight people (rows) from specific countries Useful if you are from a smaller country and want to (for example) see more easily how many people have platinum Gaming Sessions Added platform filter and search bar to sessions Ability to display info about latest sessions in your games list / backlog PSNP+ Settings Panel Change settings of PSNP+ Export and import data Screenshots: #1 - My custom game list with all of my backlog games #2 - Enhanced sidebar How to install: I have tested this in both Chrome and Firefox. Seems to work in Firefox for Android as well. Install Tampermonkey extension: Chrome: Firefox: Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera Next - (I don't use these browser, but it should hopefully work as well.) Click: Tampermonkey install prompt will appear. Click install. Visit / refresh PSNP tab. You are good to go. You can see the currently installed version info in top-right user dropdown -> "PSNP+ Settings". How to update the script: Tampermonkey will check for updates in regular intervals. You can also force it by clicking "Check for userscript updates". (image) How to uninstall the script: Open Tampermonkey dashboard. (image) Click delete (trash bin icon). (image) What's next? Feel free to leave your suggestion in the comments below. There's always something useful that can be added. Changelog:
  5. So apparently, there's a workaround for this missable trophy and multiple people confirmed this including PowerPyx himself. This was originally posted yesterday in /r/Trophies and now added to PowerPyx' guide. This workaround is only available in Epilogue. The text contains a super minor spoiler (mission name). Full credit goes to JOEdrinksBEER @ reddit: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If the above did not work for you, check this thread for alternative workaround:
  6. Alright ladies and gentlemen, let's go! Sometimes it looks like I don't listen to your feedback because I don't always add what other people suggest. Needless to say, today I added something cool and I think no one asked for it. (I wanted it, though ) Ever been to a guide for PS3 version, but you are playing PS4 version so the progress is not tracked properly? Perhaps the region was different? Well... say no more. v2.8 now offers to load your progress! New load progress button in the top left corner: PS3 guide before: PS3 guide after: In this particular case, the progress was loaded from my PS4 list: List of caveats: only last 100 active games in your profile are supported trophy list names must match, kinda matching remasters and definitive editions can be a pain but it should work most of the time DLC guides are still WIP
  7. For anyone wondering about the "clip":
  8. There are other known glitches, for example: or This game is a minefield. Considering the servers are going down in ~6 weeks, I would avoid it unless you're a huge fan or something.
  9. Patch v1.06 has been released and it fixes the broken races. This guide is no longer necessary for obtaining platinum. Original guide below. ------------------------------------------------------------------- TL;DR Patch v1.05 broke the game and makes the Platinum unobtainable. However, it's possible to "downgrade" your game to v1.04 and get the trophies with your current save file and without replaying major part of the game. The save file created by v1.05 is still compatible with v1.04. This is not a game hack or anything like that, you will still need to do those races just like everyone else, except they will load now. Before you start Read this guide from start to finish at least once before attempting it. The procedure is fairly technical and might not be easy to do for everyone. It takes about 30 minutes to do. More if you are doing this with digital download. I used physical disc. Digital can also be downgraded. I have done only partial testing - see my post below. Further confirmation and full digital downgrade done by CoffeePS. Instructions for digital version by /r/sdrawkcaBdaeRnaCuoY from reddit. These instructions follow the steps in this guide. The basic idea is to block v1.05 update and instead make the PS4 download v1.04. Once it finishes the download (it's only 406MB, not crazy 13GB!), disconnect from network, start the game and get those last 2 races done. Steps For spoofing the request, I used Charles Proxy which acts as a MITM and allows overriding URLs in HTTP requests. Go ahead and install it, it's free for 30 days. Start Charles on your computer. Write down your computers local IP address. It will be something like "" or similar. Go to Proxy settings (little cog wheel) and enable transparent proxy: Go to your PS4 network settings and setup network. Either Wi-Fi or Wired works. Choose "Custom", set everything to default until you reach "Proxy" settings. Set the IP from step 2 and in the port field, type "8888" (default port for Charles unless you changed it). Test your connection in PS4, it should work and also the requests should start appearing in Charles app window. Insert Mad Max physical disc, it should start downloading v1.05 patch right away. Watch closely requests in Charles window, one of them will be to: "EP1018-CUSA00054_00-MADMAXTHEGAME001-A0105-V0100.json" This is "CUSA00054" - EU version ... or ... "UP1018-CUSA00103_00-MADMAXTHEGAME001-A0105-V0100.json" This is "CUSA00103" - US version This JSON file contains description of the update and tells PS4 where the actual patch files are. You will need to map this request from v1.05 JSON to v1.04 JSON. Right click on the request, choose "Map Remote..." Full URLs are: CUSA00054: 1.05: 1.04: CUSA00103: 1.05: 1.04: The window looks like this: "Map From" will be prefilled with v1.05 (A0105) patch URL: You will need to fill "Map To" values with v1.04 (A0104) patch URL: Protocol: http Host: Port: 80 Path: /gs2/ppkgo/prod/CUSA00054_00/4/f_e10df9794afb8f99c4be4537f4be04167f1c88159890bec7517933880efb39b5/f/EP1018-CUSA00054_00-MADMAXTHEGAME001-A0104-V0100.json ... or ... /gs2/ppkgo/prod/CUSA00103_00/4/f_a90fdddaca54f73a9a20e513a3836513a40e70e6d1d2437a832ce9ea90ee0244/f/UP1018-CUSA00103_00-MADMAXTHEGAME001-A0104-V0100.json Go back to your PS4, stop the download, delete the game and reinsert your MM physical disc. It will once again start downloading patches but this time it will download v1.04 - it should be 406MB and should only take couple minutes to download. Your PS4 will be confused and say it just downloaded v1.05, this is OK. Once the download is done, it might start downloading actual v1.05. Make sure to block that patch. Personally, I closed Charles app as well as disconnected from internet via PS4 settings. Start the game, it should verify your PS4 save file just fine. Once you try to load your save file, it might be still installing from the disc so let that finish as well. Get your last couple races done and celebrate your new shiny platinum. Pro tips You can manage your remote mappings via Tools > Map Remote (Ctrl + Alt + M / Cmd + Alt + M) (thx @Sergen) It's possible to setup remote mapping before you insert the disc for the very first time and this will save you about 5 minutes. I'd only recommend this for advanced users who have done this before.
  10. It's 500, then you have to "withdraw" your scrap and then you can go offline again.
  11. Just fyi: There is no online trophy. Scrap crews are part of "challenges" (required for Up to the Task trophy) and this game contains a massive amount of them. If you get screwed by other bug, then you will have to restart the game from scratch and do these "online" challenges again. The point is, you are not safe if you only do scrap crews and leave the rest for later.
  12. They do spawn but they are rare. I think you will just have to drive around and pray to RNGeezus.
  13. You may find a lot of useful tips here:
  14. After months of being unbanned, I'm once again banned for no apparent reason. I wasn't updating any profiles that day and it's been about 2-3 days now and I'm still banned. What the hell?
  15. US prices are without tax, but the price jump is still pretty darn big. I'm also curious about Cyberpunk's PS5 price, since they already announced that they are going to keep current-gen prices.
  16. FWIW, their testing might have been 100% successful but since they had no chance to test every single game in every single scenario, they simply settled with "99%" which makes perfect sense too. Only time will tell but I'm not worried about this at all.
  17. Just FYI, the cap is 500 and it fills up roughly in 50 hours. I already posted this in this thread on page 2.
  18. But you won't be able to download these games to PS4 from the PS+ Collection. This will be only available for PS5.
  19. $70 is pre tax. However, US dollar being worth less, this is still a pretty bad joke.
  20. List of launch titles from SONY.
  21. Spider-Man Miles Morales coming to PS5 but also to PS4. That's unexpected to be honest.
  22. Is there any trophy that is harder than it was before? Seems like most requirements have been extended and actually made easier.
  23. Nah. You get access to scrap crews once you reach first Stronghold or something like that. Needless to say, you can easily get it done before the server shutdown. But if the infamous 190/191 bug appears, you are done. 1 scrap crew generates 500 scrap (it's also capped at 500) in roughly 50 hours of offline time.
  24. Assuming F2P is the base version of the game. Do I need to buy anything to achieve 100%?