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  1. This is mentioned here in the PSNP guide. This weapon along with many other ones is not required.
  2. All of this could be patched away with a firmware update, of course.
  3. With a bit of luck, you'll find it here:
  4. In that case you will need correct patch URL for your game and then follow:
  5. You should know that you will have plenty of $ before you reach level 50.
  6. Yep, that's pretty much explained in the first post. Enter key on your keyboard is bound to on your controller. AHK presses the key every second.
  7. How did you change the name? I'll add it to the first post.
  8. For locations, I used PowerPyx's maps. I also found it much easier to search for them at night - eagle eye "sparkle" is a lot more visible. Also, placing all of your markers at once and then just following them one after another might speed up your search.
  9. In that case you must have either missed one of the steps, e.g. AHK is not running or perhaps your remote play window is not called "PS4 Remote Play"?
  10. Boosting might be tricky with randoms but should be doable in small showdown series and horse races. I played with @Mori and there were only 2 other random people and it was extremely easy to win games and get the MVP.
  11. You can see your progress in Trophies section.
  12. Might have been patched in v1.03. Try it and post back if it still works.
  13. Some people have reported this issue as well. Unfortunately, in that case the script will provide inaccurate information and there's not much that can be done about it.
  14. It's an easy gold medal mission, that's the biggest loss. You will still be able to get 100% without it.
  15. My advice: play All Fives in Saint Denis against only 1 opponent. The math gets easier and the probabilities get better. Got it all done (win, quit, win, win) in about 30 minutes once I switched to a single opponent.