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  1. Yep, a guy from my squad found a fully kitted Peacekeeper and then dropped it for all of us to pop the trophy.
  2. Probably something like this.
  3. Happened with my alt twice in about 12 months. No idea why it happens though.
  4. I'll try to finish AC3 Liberation during this event. There's a bunch of trophies that I still need but most of them are just collectibles or some misc. stuff. Should be doable.
  5. Someone / something is causing high server load which automatically triggers this captcha. The problem should resolve itself in the next few hours / days.
  6. It supports local co-op as well.
  7. Damn, the guy even earns a trophy at the end of the 3rd video. Where is the footage from?
  8. What about trophies that are not listed in the roadmap? I guess those would have to stay down below. I think, this could be easily implemented as a browser script to test out the UX of this idea.
  9. Your completion is 37% with 133 games in your list. Why the hell would you even consider doing this? 😂 You've got plenty "finishable" games in your list.
  10. Remote Play should not disconnect you automatically after an hour. I have had session lasting several hours without a disconnect using RP.
  11. It's 2019 and I will just confirm that this is still very doable and the grind is not as bad as I expected. It takes about 3-3.5 hours (took me 3:34 but I wasted some time at the beginning) of repeating the same button sequence over and over again but you can confortably watch TV while doing it.
  12. F
  13. Guys, where did you get this info? You certainly don't need disc version to 100% this game. I believe the "Game of the Year Edition" available in the store (as a digital download) contains everything you need for 100%. @Mori can provide more info since he has 100% and bought the game from PSN store. edit. Piezilla57 was faster. 😅
  14. Hey @Crimson Idol, I'd like to add "Ratchet and Clank" to my list. The game is ready to pop.
  15. Well, my RDR2 save files is ~200MB. If you have hundreds of games, it should be (probably) easy to fill it up. Is Hitman TCFS everything you need for 100%?