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  1. SOLID_WOOD Street Fighter IV I don’t know what you mean by edited timestamps? That’s not even possible, at least as far as I know so I totally dispute this claim. This platinum was one of the most difficult I’ve achieved and worked on it over several years. That said, I’ve never earned my trophies to entertain others or compete on a leaderboard so you do what you have to do. I know that I accomplished it and that’s enough for me.
  2. After hundreds of attempts and many hours, I finally achieved gold. The 35 second air time always gave me the most trouble. I tried many different routes and then combined a few strategies from other vids to make it happen. Posting my run here in case anyone else who is struggling may find it helpful. I’m so glad to be finished with this challenge!
  3. I’m pretty sure it won’t lock you out of the platinum. I started Survival as my first playthrough and under the Trophies section in the game menu it states that I already have 3/45 skills unlocked for that trophy. Plus, the first time I died the “UNLOCK your first skill” trophy popped for me before I even earned a skill. Apparently it counted the 3 Survival skills that are unavailable.
  4. hey, Welcome to the site. u should check this thread out. let Me know what U think. :