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  1. I for my part will keep an eye open for Anthem this upcoming February. I am curious about how the game will end up.
  2. If the planet has water try searching for aquatic life. If most of the animals that you found are on the ground, try looking up to see if you can find flying animals.
  3. It would be nice to have but so far the Known Upcoming Server Shutdowns topic has done the job nicely. (At least i speak from experience).
  4. Hi everyone, just a heads up that "Lest Ye Be Judged" (the trophy for winning a game of trial of the nine) for Destiny 2 might/will be unobtainable for a couple of months once Forsaken launch on September 4 2018. Your last chance to get it before then is on the weekend of August 24.
  5. Hi everyone, just a heads up that Lest Ye Be Judged for Destiny 2 might/will be unobtainable for a couple of months once Forsaken launch on September 4 2018. Your last chance to get it before then is on the weekend of August 24.

    If you have a problem, if no one else can help, you probably are in that boat because you hired the the Arduousness-Team



  7. I do not require your services but i just wanted to say that this is very generous of yours to do that. Hats off to you good sir.
  8. The 5 Stages of Grief - Server Shutdown Edition. (Based on real posts)



    1. Sergen


      What about celebration because you got the goddamn game done? :D. Good to see I actually made it in the meme, now you need to pay me half of the money you make from the shirts we'll make from this meme :o

    2. vincdel123


      Celebration come after acceptance. And as for the money i think i do need to call my lawyer first haha. Yes Carl? He is onto us, i knew we should have censored his name.

  9. Here is what it should look like on a computer.
  10. "A game lives by being played". With that said, here is the game afterlife:




    1. Honor_Hand


      Lol I found that classification hilarious xD


      That being said, I think most of my games are either in Limbo or Purgatory. 🤔

    2. vincdel123


      @Honor_Hand As for me i have more games in hell than limbo because of the fact that i put every single free ps+ game in my library without playing most of them.

    3. Honor_Hand


      lol I know how that is. When I had PS+ I did the exact same thing. Not only that, I also had the habit of installing and updating games all the games I purchased in physical form. That's why I have such a great number of 0% games on my profile. xD


      I learned my lesson and I no longer boot up games unless I'm really really going to play them. :angel:


  11. I might not be the best to answer your questions since i have not played it in a while but as for the atlas stone, did you have enough inventory space when you talked to the big red bubble? If you have inventory space, be sure to check in each "pocket" of your inventory (your backpack has several inventory slot; squares that let you put more stuff in them when opened) just in case it is hidden in there. If it is nowhere to be found, talk to the big red ball again if your inventory was indeed full before. If it does not work my advice would be to just keep travelling to the next system until you come across another atlas interface or until you find a space anomaly to help you find one. And you are not dumb for asking. Also here is the answer for the V1 pass:
  12. Thanks for your message, and your help towards the end was greatly appreciated! I had already updated the OP before you had sent the message xD

    1. vincdel123


      You are welcome 🙂.

  13. And here i am, wondering if there was an actual interest in this game or if they just did it because of the meme.
  14. Short answer: Yes you will be able to get all the trophies in the game after you finish the entire story. Long answer:
  15. When looking back at the games in your backlog that you completely moved on from and seeing that the only trace of existence remaining that you played them are the trophies that you got from those games.

    1. MidnightDragon


      Nah, sometimes I feel like this is how long I've had my backlog.



    2. ShonenCat