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  1. This is nothing new I’m a onyx member at ebgames and I can bring back a game 10 days after and get full credit.pretty sure the lower tiers can do it also, they just don’t get so many days.
  2. Here’s a link to Powerpyx’s guide
  3. I wish they would add a tracking feature for trophy’s similar to the xbox one
  4. Doesn’t look to bad according to this guide
  5. Just started this is there a way to track it trophy progress in game ?
  6. Just wondering before I start this do I need to play online or well games with bots work ?
  7. Me and a buddy finished the game tonight he didn’t have a copy so I loaned him mine. But no trophies popped is there something he has to do or we’ll he have to play agian i had the game he was playing with the friend pass
  8. Anyone got tips for respek? Last trophy I need for the plat
  9. I don’t understand y I can’t get called up is there something I’m missing ?
  10. Still works thanks a lot man
  11. I’m hoping to reach 225 plats and get my completion percentage above 50% this year. So far on pace have gotten 12 plats since Jan.1st