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  1. Time for another one from Project Clean-Up, it's Blue with Fallout 4 and the Automatron DLC. Another one where the DLC image is the same as the base game. Now I've seen an expanded image of it next to both the Blue and Light Blue headers, I'm not sure if it would actually be better in the category below. Still, it's definitely unarguably blue and that's a hill I'm willing to die on for now. Once I get around to actually looking out for games to fill in blanks I might find a lighter blue to keep it where it is, or a darker blue to move it down. This whole thing is turning out to be a bit more complicated than I thought! Anyway, the DLC was reasonably fun, but its one of those if you haven't played it by now, or you're not a fan of the base game, which many aren't, then it's probably not worth it. Robots are always cool though.
  2. This week Marvel's Spider-Man 90% -> 100% FIFA 17 76% -> 77% Fallout 4 66% -> 72% A week slightly affected by middle of the night/early morning Australian Open tennis, with Sir Andrew cementing his status as perhaps the greatest Scotsman ever to live. Still a positive week of trophy progress despite that distraction overall. As expected the miscellaneous Spider-Man trophies didn't take too long to finish off. I read some horror stories about one of them in particular - a rooftop chase - but managed to get it ticked off at just the second attempt. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good I suppose. Good to see 100% next to the game in my profile now rather than the annoying 62% it was sitting at a couple of weeks ago. Moved onto FIFA very briefly to try and get some of the online trophies done before shutdown next month. Due to my reluctance to speak to real people I haven't bothered signing up for a boosting session yet and hoped to get lucky with matching without help - however turns out logging on close to midnight is not the best time for that strategy. Don't have enough coins to enter a draft and still don't have the time or inclination to learn how drafting or Ultimate Team in general works, so ended up just popping one miscellaneous trophy for sending a gift to a random on my friends list and moving on for now. I'll probably get myself organised for getting at least some of the easier trophies in the next couple of weeks, but I'm really not that bothered about getting all of them. We'll see how things pan out. Finally back to another platinumed but unfinished game with the Fallout 4 DLCs. Took a little while and a lot of googling "how to do x in Fallout 4" to remember how to play the game - took me almost an hour to get past the first room of DLC1. Once I managed to get the hang of it (and remembered about the cabinet of guns and armour I had stored in one of my settlements) progress was pretty swift through DLC1 and the guts of DLC2 is also done, needed a bit of levelling and item hunting to get DLC2 moving which added a bit more time than I'd have liked but considering now I get to have settler fights, totally worth it. Last trophy of DLC2 should only take a few minutes to get out of the way then it'll be onto the rest of them throughout the next week.
  3. Another week and some more layout tweaks. Still not settled on a final look yet and I realise this doesn't look great on mobile, but at the risk of sounding like my dad people spend too much time on phones anyway these days so I don't feel too bad about that. (although this actually looks much better than last week's tiny pic, so yay etc) This week Marvel's Spider-Man 62% -> 90% Continuing to tackle some of the unfinished and unplayed physical backlog by going back to Spiderman. New Game+ was completed on "Ultimate" difficulty, although the hardest part of the game was giving the side quests and optional content a miss this time - as much 'fun' as I had chasing those damned pigeons last time. Only took about 10 hours to get through the story, with the first two acts not giving me any trouble at all. Act 3 had some marginally trickier parts in places, but still managed to get through reasonably quickly with a slightly more strategic approach to fights than "Banzaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii". 2 of the 3 DLCs are also marked off, both also relatively simple - although some of the challenges took more than a couple of goes. My personal Spidey skills weren't particularly stealth focused, which made those ones in particular a bit more tricky than I'd like but got through them eventually - mainly thanks to the trophy requirements being slightly generous. The story part of DLC3 is also done, it was probably my favourite one as Silver Sable is awesome, but it was very much a "wait, is that it?" moment when I finished the last mission, seemed to take no time at all to get there. Enjoyable DLCs though, nothing earth-shatteringly different from the main game, but when the main game is that good that's not really an issue. So once the miscellaneous trophy cleanup of DLC3 is done - which should hopefully only take a couple of hours max - it'll probably be a return to FIFA17 to try and get the online trophies I stil need before the server shutdown next month. Not exactly one I'm looking forward to as my FIFA skills have always been somewhat lacking, so will probably be relying on the kindness of strangers to help get it done. The Fallout 4 DLCs are also on the horizon after that, after a glance at the trophy guide a couple of them look slightly meatier than the Spiderman ones so pushing them down the running order slightly.
  4. Time to get started on the 2023 card after getting a couple of non-eligible games out of the way. As part of an ongoing clean-up O1 is marked off with Marvel's Spider-Man - The Heist. Enjoyable enough DLC, if a little short. Nowhere near as short as the rather anticlimactic third one, but that's a grumble for somewhere else. Fun way to spend a handful of hours on a rainy afternoon though. I really should come up with a plan for some of these trickier boxes at some point, but let's just wing it for now - that's much more fun.
  5. Time for another one, it's Red with Marvel's Spider-Man (New Game+). Listed seperately as DLC Pack 1 on the site (despite being, y'know, New Game+) with the same base image as the main game, with Spidey resplendent in his regular attire. Of course we all know Dark Spidey looks way cooler, but you can't really argue with tradition, can you? Fun to revisit this over the past few days after a couple of years, forgotten how good it was. Even the stealth sections. Only minor complalnt is about it being a bit on the easy side, even Ultimate difficulty, but I suppose sometimes it's good to play a game without planning for stressful trophies.
  6. Aye, definitely planning to take on F1 2016 and Rocket League later on in the year. My unofficial aim is to move as many of my E-ranked games lurking at the bottom of the profile to at least something slightly more respectable as I can - not that many of them so it's very do-able, it's a good thing about arriving to the gaming party a bit later than most others! - and both those have the advantage of fitting nicely for Bingo checkoffs. Just need to make time for them! I tried the last mission skip in Wolfenstein but kept getting brutally slaughtered going into the big room at the start of the level and just gave up on it. 2018 me clearly wasn't as stubborn and determined to git gud as today me. Suppose it's well overdue for a revisit as well. Guess I was a little disappointed at only moving up 6 pages in the rankings with two plats in the week (not often that happens, that's for sure!) but the table is so close together there should be definite upward progress anyway. I'll see how the next few months go and might amend the target later. Guess I could always resort to playing some of those nonsense jumping food games for a quick boost!
  7. Cheers Doc, that's what I figured but good to have the clarification - I don't want to do any more image manipulation than I have to!
  8. Thanks to a long overdue clean-up run, marking off Black with Assassin's Creed: Revelations. I played the story mode well over three years ago and I honestly can't remember much about it, which I guess isn't a great thing. Still, as it's a 12 year old game I guess a short review here isn't going to persuade anyone to go and play it - I'm sure if people wanted to play it they already would have by now! Anyway, I have a question. I see DLCs are allowed - but what if the DLC badge has the same artwork as the base game? Would that be valid for an entry here if the base game platinum was won x years ago? No biggie either way this early in January tbh.
  9. I've tinkered with my stats presentation for the year ahead, not 100% sold on it just yet though so more minor alterations might come soon. Amended my country ranking goal - those column heading needs changed, but I can't be bothered to mess about with the spreadsheet now - slightly, ran some numbers and aiming for page 250 of the UK rankings might have been a little ambitious, so changed it to a target that is both more realistic and still challenging. Also decided to have an official target for reducing the unearned trophies on my profile, couldn't decide whether to go for 400 or 500 left unearned at year end so just took the middle option and got on with my life. Dragon Age: Inquisition 91% -> 100% Assassin's Creed: Revelations 72% -> 100% As expected, the Inquisition platinum came quite quickly on the 1st. Enjoyed the game immensely, but after approximately 200 hours sunk into it over the past couple of months it's a bit of a relief to be done with it now and moving on to something else. New Year, fresh start and all that. Something else was the first step of Operation Play Some of The Pile of Disc Games That The Kid Would Like (the guy who comes up with the names is on vacation) and first up was the semi-completed Revelations. There's been some games I started and gave up on in the past and returning to them over the past year made me wonder why I quit them in the first place. Revelations isn't one of them - that was purely down to the Lost Archive DLC. I suppose they deserve credit for trying something different, but it was dreadful and I hated it and the 3.5 year gap didn't do much to help my feelings about that. One of the main reasons for playing Assassin's Creed games is stabbing dudes in the throat and to replace that with a non-combat first person platformer didn't sit too well with me. Decided to return to it though and finished the main game miscellaneous trophies I didn't get first time around - already had the story, collectibles and full sync ones from first time around thankfully and despite being mildly triggered by the Desmond trophies being along Lost Archive lines, no real problems there once I remembered how to play the game. Eventually struggled through the Lost Archive as well, although I'll be having nightmares about crossing the Styx for quite a while - that last trophy must have take me at least four hours and several NSFW outbursts to master. A proper challenge though, I EARNED that bronze! Plan for the upcoming week is to take on the Spiderman NG+ and DLCs and, time permitting, the Fallout 4 DLCs. Both physical games and I'll have the added bonus of taking on two games that, despite the platinum netted for both, currently sit in the 60s on my profile which has irritated me for quite a while now - although not enough to actually do something about it before now. Solid start to the year here though, long may it continue.
  10. Another one knocked off today. 1. 2. 3. 4. Assassin's Creed: Revelations 6/1 5. 6. 7. 8. Dragon Age: Inquisition 1/1 9. 10. AC:R has been sitting at 72% on my profile for 3.5 years after I rage quit on it (and, looking at my historic trophy log, gaming altogether for a couple of months!) after attempting to take on the godawful nonsense of the Lost Archive 'DLC', which is required for the PS4 platinum. Clearly I've mellowed with age as I managed to both finish the main game cleanup and power through the DLC this time, although crossing the Styx unscathed took me a hell of a lot longer than I'm willing to admit publicly. The Lost Archive trophies were a lot tougher than 4/10 IMO - even though the toughest one can be glitched through, and I make no apologies for doing it! - although tbf I'm pretty sure the base game wasn't particularly challenging (or memorable, most of the story stuff was done quite a while ago!). Could use the 5/10 on playstationtrophies I suppose, but as I still haven't decided what to take on in the year ahead yet we'll keep it at 4 for now. I only skim-read the badge requirements when I signed up a few days ago and clearly misunderstood the process of badges to lists and games etc. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but I think so far the combination of these two will net me Above & Beyond and Award Winner for Inquisiton (100 hours) and Finally! for both. As I don't have a plan for the year ahead I don't know if I'll be aiming for more as yet, we'll see what the months ahead bring.
  11. Going to have another go at this. I haven't actually sat down and come up with a plan for the year ahead, but we do have one in the books already. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Dragon Age: Inquisition 1/1 9. 10. I planned this one as my 8 for the 2022 edition, however as it's a monster-sized game and I went the "two playthroughs" route it ended up taking me over two months to get from Day 1 to the final boss on the Nightmare run, which ended up happening last Wednesday. As I'd already rage quit on my planned 7 (Yakuza Kiwami) thanks to a blue screen of doom wiping out eight hours of progress and never getting round to taking on a 10 at all, it seemed logical to hold off a couple of days and give myself a sneaky head start for 2023. Not quite decided whether to shoot for badges or not, but if I get a coincidental one on the way (like Finally! for DA:I, platinum in 5 years 11 months) then that's a nice added bonus. We'll see how the next few months play out with that I think.
  12. Not gonna lie, I was a bit dubious about my abilities to get to grips with Photoshop (or whatever you technically-minded people use), so @pinkrobot_pb may just be my favourite human right now. Absolute diamond. First colour down is Light Green with Dragon Age: Inquisition. I've spent a good amount of the last 20 minutes looking at the zoomed-in image seriously overthinking this one and ended up semi-convincing myself that the dominant colour on show is actually white, but I've now decided there's enough of a light green tinge to the picture to count it. Of course, the clouds/wisps/whatever are definitely light green, so the whole issue is irrelevant really. As you were.
  13. Decided I'd be as well giving my final 2022 update now, since my trophy journey for the year is now at an end as I have work followed by pub tomorrow, with no doubt a dose of suffering, regret and pain for most of Sunday to look forward to. Just the usual then. Week 52 STARTING PERCENTAGE 80.11% Dragon Age: Inquisition 88% -> 91% Week 52 (and 2022) ENDING PERCENTAGE 80.16% (+0.05%) Again, bit of a recent recurring theme with not a huge numerical increase over the past week (or 5 days since my last update, whatevs) BUT all that's left plat-wise in Inquisition now is to beat the final boss. He went down reasonably quickly on Normal IIRC (it was a while ago now!) so I can't see him being too much trouble even on Nightmare. Famous last words etc etc. Trophy progress this week has been completing the bulk of the DLC3 "Trials". Successfully navigated the trickier ones, but ended up deciding to leave one until the very end. One of the Trials involves getting to a certain point of the game without going above level 5, which wasn't too tricky. It has meant that that character is a bit squishy compared to where they would be on a regular playthrough of the game though, which isn't too much of a problem under the circumstances really. However the last Trial involves conquering a late game castle and I reckon going in against Level 16ish enemies with my Level 6 character doesn't sound like fun times, even on Casual difficulty, so that trophy can wait until my Nightmare character has saved the world and can roam free. I've decided to think of it as a 100% completion victory lap and after what must be approaching 200 hours of work, I think I've earned it. Brilliant game though, enjoyed almost every minute. Damn those trebuchets though.... I could theoretically finish it off now, but holding off getting the plat for a couple of days so I can use it in a couple of shiny new 2023 challenges, it would be a waste having it as my 8/10 for the Difficulty 2022 when I didn't manage a 7 or a 10 either this year. I figure a head start will maybe inspire me to actually attempt a 10/10 at some point next year. But probably not. Overall for the year? My starting percentage was admittedly a bit skewed downwards by only just starting Assassins Creed Origins late last December (feels like a lifetime ago!) but even with that it's been a great year here. On January 1st I had completed 42.86% of the games I'd played, it's now up to 60.71% - and that's with bailing out on a couple of toughies through the year. It's also taken my unearned trophies from somewhere above the 1100 mark (never took a note of the exact number) down to 724 - to quickly become 720 on Sunday hopefully! That's a bit more rewarding to me than meeting that ridiculously soft target I set myself for the year. Might have to set myself an unearned trophy challenge target for next year as well, but that's something to ponder on the 2023 thread. This topic/event/thread has been superb to keep the focus and I've really enjoyed contributing to it, it's been quite cool having a blog-type account of what I've played this year and I totally would have given up on quite a few things (hello Chapter 2 of Akumu!) if I hadn't had the thought of having to admit I was a giant wimp in a weekly update running through the back of my mind! It's been fantastic following everyone's progress through the year and hopefully a massive chunk of you carry on updating us. Finally a massive shout-out to @Squirlruler for the monthly updates and @kingofbattle8174 for giving us all a home over the last 12 months, if I ever find myself Stateside I'll buy you a beer. Maybe even one each! Cheers guys, really appreciate your work. This has gone on long enough, so I'll see you on the 2023 thread!!
  14. Only speaking from personal experience, but from a trophy perspective it's easy to leave a game you're maybe getting a little tired of to play something new and shiny and leave it forgotten for years. I did it myself a few times for some of the more challenging games I took on over the last year and thought "Well, I'll finish it later" and just never got back to it. MTV generation and all that. Sticking to one game at a time means you're concentrating all your efforts on completing that before moving on. There's no right or wrong way though, it's whatever works best for you. Any progress is good progress.
  15. My strategy for the start of the year is to make a start on working through some of the pile of mostly unopened physical games picked up in sales I have gathering dust on my shelf. Planning to pull the pin on finally getting a PS5 at some point soon - since it seems to be a hell of a lot less effort to get one now, I'm not one for signing up for wait lists for the chance of maybe getting to place an order or refreshing dodgy online stores in the offchance of getting lucky. I'll most likely be passing on the PS4 to my kid if he's up for it, he's more of a PC gamer (NERRRRDDDDDD!) but I'm sure he won't say no. There's quite a few of those disc games he'd probably like - and I'm pretty sure there'd be WW3 if he didn't get God of War straight away (which to my shame I still haven't got around to playing yet, it's only been four years) so I'll be keeping that in mind when choosing what to take on over the first couple of months of the year. I've also been inspired by the Dutch boys to get my country rank up a bit, currently slumming it on page 473 of the UK listings. I reckon getting into at least the top 250 pages is do-able, so let's unofficially aim for that as well. Although hopefully by the end of the year UK listings are an irrelevance to me and we get to see how high in the Scottish ranks I am! A man can dream... Anyway, my closing percentage for 2022/opening for 2023 will be 80.16%, you can lock that in now. Holding off on platting Dragon Age Inquisition until the 1st to get a sneaky head start on various challenges for the year ahead (and of course there's drinking to be done in the meantime as well!)