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  1. I see 40+ players here obtained this, but I kinda stuck with it. Doomed area strategy doesn't work for me: I got teleported, but no trophy. Broken path strategy doesn't work as well: The Cop either does nothing, or start going to the gates. Any advice?
  2. Still reproducible on 1.004.000
  3. Did you report rich guy to Evrart?
  4. You have to mention church event. That's the only thing that could possibly bother them.
  5. Man, copypasting this for you: Balcony is above Cindy, yes. I'm going to do it today, will post results later.
  7. I got it. In the doomed area. I was trying to speak to Kim, but all I should have to do is try to move.
  8. No, just replicated this on 1.002.000
  9. Looking at I think the only real platinum breaker is inability to dig out the T-500 gauntlets.
  10. Chicken Cannon could be bought for 70 demon souls from GebaN after killng the last boss in Cauldron of Chaos.
  11. That's a lie. You could put your PS3 into DMZ and play with whoever you want. Put both of your PS3s into one LAN (same router/Wi-Fi), use 2 accounts.
  12. So, as of Feb 27 2021 online is still working, and there are no unobtainable trophies.
  13. I used Medal of Honor Airborne to avoid T&C freeze. Done the whole online yesterday via usual coop (not the LAN). Connection issues were solved via putting PS3 into DMZ on router.
  14. Regarding sniper assassin mode trophies: Source: IOI pre-launch post.
  15. For story trophies you need to beat 7-1 and the final battles.
  16. I suppose this happens when you try do achieve this after WONY boost.
  17. I'm pretty sure it won't work like you want to. The purpose of DA Keep is to import choices you made in DAO and DA2 into DAI.
  18. Here is the video:
  19. Deluxe edition includes only the first DLC (Rise of the Ghosts). For 100% you need to buy "Terrormania" for 500 coins (~5$).
  20. Bethesda said there would be only 2 story dlcs, and both are out now.
  21. True. And, most likely, you'll need these for Repentance 20,000,000,000% (or whatever it will be called).
  22. Just some dedication. ..and 1.5 hr of tryings 😂
  23. Tried it every day for a week – no result. I think it's broken.
  24. Can't download save from PS Vita. Left my PS4pro for 8 hours and there is still "Downloading". Cross-save works smoothly on PS Vita in the same network. Any thoughts about fixes or workarounds?
  25. I can confirm: digital version is fixed. Proof: