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  1. Might as well post one here... This is me, haven't shaved since before November (as I am a lazy bastard) and my hair is getting a bit long. This is: The Man, The Myth, The Legend.... Ianisonline Also, I am in my room where I stay for Uni, this is not my room at my actual house
  2. I am currently reading this: This is because I have watched the TV series and loved it, so I decided I'd start reading the book that came before it. Its been a good read so far
  3. At the moment I have an iPod Nano 3rd Gen in silver and an old iPhone (original) that I use as an iPod. I have in the past had a gen 2 iPod Nano and two 30 Gb iPod Videos, both of which broke.
  4. Hello again, I'd like to make an update for you all. As of yesterday (18/07/2011) my original account that I posted on here has been deleted, by me, accidentally. Therefore I am now using an alternate account that I created incase something bad happened to my original one. My new channel is: While I am greatly saddened by my loss of the original account, even though it was my fault, I hope to start afresh and provide some different "Let's Plays" than I did before. TL;DR Deleted previously posted YT account, sub to new one please.
  5. My youtube channel is I make Let's Plays and generally don't afraid of anything... except spiders, fucking hate them. There we go
  6. I think this'll go well, Pie. It has errything that people like nowadays, AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!! Including us taking 6 minutes to actually start the thing
  7. Oooh, that's a bit harsh, Lee. That hurt :'(
  8. It will be good It has both me and Pie in it, how can it not be good?
  9. Well, every GH game has its rapehard songs, GH2 has Jordan, GH3 has TTFaF and TDWDTG etc. I was with Pie when he finally five-starred Beats and pieces today, I helped
  10. Yeah, RockBand was one of the main reasons why I got properly into drums. I had always been interested in them as a kid and thought there was no better time than the present to actually start learning.
  11. @bmj I've been playing for a year or so now, my kit is a pretty crappy cheap set which I've put new heads on so it doesn't sound too bad.
  12. That's funny, they're all songs that are hard on Expert
  13. TTFaF, Raining Blood, Number of the Beast, One, Cliffs of Dover, Caught in a Mosh, Good Mourning/ Black Friday, Blackened, Ride the Lightning, ...And Justice For All, Peace Sells, We Three Kings (GH3 DLC), Top Gun Anthem, I Am Murloc, Ernten Was Wir Saen, Surfing With the Alien, For the Love of God, Avalancha, The Devil Went Down to Georgia, The Trooper, Bark at the Moon, Rock you like a Hurricane, In the belly of a Shark, YYZ, Jordan, Thunderhorse, Institutionalized, Misirlou. There's more, I could go on... and on... and on... and on...
  14. Well then, don't expect me to link you in any joint videos anymore, Pie >
  15. I would heartily recommend Scrubs to anybody, its an amazingly funny sitcom based in a hospital and has the likes of Zach Braff and John C. McGinley in it. Apart from that, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air still remains as funny as it always was back in the day.