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  1. So this has now ended, pleased to see a lot of you guys were able to get the trophy with this mode.
  2. Congrats man
  3. I did it on North American East servers
  4. Yes it counts. So if it is lost temple and your teammate gets the crown, you win.
  5. Congrats man. Lost Temple is just a bad gamemode. I almost never win that because it is all random.
  6. I just got my infallible trophy yesterday on the team gamemode. Only 16 players in a lobby, and 4 teams. Since it is team games from start to finish, this means that only 2 rounds need to be played to get to the final. It is far easier to get the trophy in this game mode than in others. Also looking at the infallible unlocks recently, it looks like other people also have been having an easier time with this. Hope this helps anyone that is still trying to get this trophy.
  7. I deleted and re-downloaded the game and then it worked. I just wish these trophies weren’t so glitchy. Hope you get it though.
  8. So I am going through the trophies and while I am getting the franchise trophies, I go for the Stud Finder trophy and for some reason it doesn’t pop even though I drafted a player with a hidden dev trait. I don’t know what I am doing wrong, if I am at all. If anyone has had this issue and solved it, it would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I probably should have took a manual count of the wins since I am doing it without boosting. I find the game a lot of fun to play, so it works out. Although a statistics menu would be nice.
  10. Is there any way to check how many times I have won online? Cause I feel like I am pretty close to the trophy, although I have no way of telling.
  11. I will still be playing the main show, much better for infallible
  12. Guys Jump Showdown in this season has become much easier. Unless people grab you, you can easily stay alive until the level ends and then you get a crown. Since it goes so slow, unless you suck massively, you probably won't fall off. This'll probably help with infallible as most people would hate if they got this on a win streak.
  13. If they made a mode simply removing team games, this would be amazing, but the problem with gauntlet is that only races can be played, which means only fall mountain as the final. The main show has become easier actually. Jump showdown is very easy now. All you have to do is survive until the level time runs out and everyone on the platform wins. Now this may sound difficult, but the speed is massively reduced. Since this is reduced, unless you get grabbed, which will probably happen less due to it being so easy, this is almost a guaranteed win. I'm still trying to go for infallible, so I will be playing more of the main show and less or none of the gauntlet. In terms of pure enjoyment, as you said, just make a mode with no team games. Keep everything else.
  14. I feel the main problem with this mode is the final, from what I have played, all the times in the final there are way too many people on fall mountain because of how the eliminations are calculated. Unless Slime Climb comes up, fall mountain will end up having 10+ people. This isn't good at all if someone wants infallible. What are you guys feeling about this?
  15. Yea, none are too difficult, just way too much RNG and many griefers all around. Griefing is horrible in Jump Showdown just as one example. Even Block Party is very problematic when it comes to griefers. So many people confirming that it isn't working for them either, again this is new news lol