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  1. Lol this game was like a 5/10
  2. worked today on ps4 for me
  3. Lol lemme look i used evangelo 1. run like hell 2. Fleet of foot 3. mad dash 4. Dash 5. mag carrier 6. cross trainers 7. speed demon 8. hellfire 9. superior cardio 10. Rhythmic breathing 11. marathon runner 12. energy drink 13. combat knife 14. scar tissue 15. silver bullets 13 and 14 can be whatever
  4. Lol add Me on pan so I don’t forget . I can message you it on there . Just to lazy to put the game in currently
  5. I have the dlc for ps5 and not ps4. It all autopopped minus the kills one
  6. I used a speedy deck and bots. Wasn’t to bad at all really. Just quit Before everyone dies and have infinite lives
  7. I got the plat on ps5 and when I transferred to ps4 it popped all the trophies but the kills one. I’m 5k short I guess
  8. I solo’d all 20. The spore class was necessary for the companion revives. The hardest part is the boss at the end. Was easy depending on boss rng
  9. Ummmm I wanna say yes. I don’t know if using items that increase luck or getting the perma luck upgrades from challenges count.
  10. I used the claws you get at the start of the game or well towards the start for her. I used a mimic too and if you get her to a wall you can kinda stun lock her. The second phase i got more lucky lol. Took me like 12 tries I think. I also used 2 damage negating talismans and erd tree plus 2.
  11. Fortunately I got him down on the 3rd attempt. I typically stayed close to him. Skeleton summons are also helpful
  12. I only killed the cat dog boss thing before the first main boss. The npc follower summon helped a ton
  13. I didn’t really care for it in the beginning, but got super invested by like chapter 9ish . Lol loved it!
  14. Lol my first play through all the guys died, except for Chris. All the girls lives 😂
  15. I just ran the healing boom instead of self are, so it took me awhile but got it eventually.