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  1. Id assume Palpatine is good lol. Phasma maxed is dope because u can basically shoot forever. Plus shes good at taking jedis down with her melee
  2. I love using captain plasma. Easy to keep all game aha
  3. Super meat boy lol. Congrats!
  4. Lol im worried its gonna have another miky like trophy. Kill all 4 survivors with final judgement. Id be soo sad lol.
  5. Lol this is my last trophy for the game and I cant be bothered currently
  6. Neverwinter! Congrats too!
  7. It did not. Just tried and no trophy
  8. id recommend using the doctor since his abilities interrupt things
  9. If you have the last sniper unlocked its a one shot. Makes it very easy .
  10. Ruin would be better if it wasn't a hex perk. For doctor idk. He maybe still good but i prefer him the old way lol
  11. Well rip ruin and doctor lol
  12. Lol i wish i saw this earlier. Just started playin after like a year. Well rip my paladin. Kinda hate it now lol. Smmmh idk if i wanna play with this major rework
  13. Was glitched for a long time, so you could only get it if you did it all in one match
  14. Sure lol. I'll be on at Some point this week
  15. Yes quite. Specialists class does great