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  1. Paco you are a LIFE SAVER!! That code worked for me too! Thank you so much!
  2. I dont have a solution, but I'm also running into this problem. I am hoping that they release more keys soon. There are some accounts on twitter that post shift codes as soon as they're available, so I've been keeping and eye on those. Over the last couple weeks they've only released Wonderlands keys, so hopefully BL3 gets some keys soon
  3. I'd recommend using the Paradox! He starts off with a random passive, so you end up with an extra item that wouldn't have had otherwise. It can help In my opinion, unlocking the gunslinger is more trouble than the trophy is worth. If you were able to get through Daisuke's trial without him, you should be able to beat the advanced dragun! You got this
  4. When I was going for the Advanced Slayer trophy, I did my tries with both the Blessed Gun and Rainbow Run modifiers active. This helped me a lot. Since my gun was frequently changing due to the blessed gun, I could always got for passive/active items from the Rainbow Chests at the beginning of each floor. Sometimes, I would roll the Weird Egg which meant I didn't have to go through the Rat's layer (if you drop it in fire, it will hatch - feed it 4 junk) You'd end up with runs where you pick up a lot of good passives and you're really strong. With this set up, I eventually had a run where I had really good items (especially clone) which helped me breeze through the game and comfortably beat the Advanced Dragun.