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  1. There is an option for the in-game text to be Japanese or English only. The current menu language options are English, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Spanish , Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.
  2. Just an FYI, the game also got a physical release in Korea, and there's an option to change menu settings to English.
  3. Hopefully it will come West. Still waiting on Sorcer Striker..
  4. Can confirm this. Press start + lp +mk + hk and you'll go straight to final battle against M Bison. Even if you lose, the trophy will unlock.
  5. I see you got the platinum, so the bug must have been fixed? How long did it take approximately? This looks like my kinda game.
  6. I have a few games I would like to get the online trophies. If you're in Asia and want to play these sometime, please add me as a friend and we can arrange a time (there's no hurry). I'm not a big trophy hunter, but enjoy completing games I like. Scott Pilgrim Hard Corps: Uprising Streets of Rage Marvel vs Capcom 2 Darkstalkers Guilty Gear Accent Core Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Thanks! (And I hope this is within the rules - I couldn't find anything to suggest otherwise)
  7. Anybody in Asia (I'm in Korea) who likes Beat 'em ups, shmups, run 'n' guns, fighters or other arcade style games, please add me and we can play online sometime. I have both a ps3 and ps4. psn: rabidabel33
  8. I wonder why this game hasn't appeared on the North American store as yet.
  9. Haven't played this game, but am delighted it's made its way to the ps4. I'm also happy to see it has a platinum!
  10. Big fan of run n guns such as Contra, Metal Slug, Hard Corps: Uprising etc. and this has been in my back catalogue for a while. How difficult is it to achieve the platinum? And approx how long does it take?
  11. Got the online trophy today June 9th. Possibly wouldn't have played the game only for the notice. Enjoying it.
  12. Yeah it's terrible. I adapted until the 3rd stage of MS1, where you're required to jump a lot. Nearly threw my controller through the screen. Real shame, as I like the trophy list and presented a decent challenge.
  13. This is a super under-appreciated game. Even by me, as I haven't played it enough since I bought it on launch. For those who've platinumed or attempted to platinum, how difficult is it to complete?
  14. Thanks. I'll finish MOM, and then if it doesn't pop, I guess it's better to start over. What a crappy thing to do in a patch.
  15. Hi, is this trophy cumulative, or do I need it all at once? There are conflicting reports on various sites.