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  1. Hi, I'm just wondering if I do the DLCs on PS4 version, will it unlock the trophies for the DLC on the PS5 version if I carry the save over? Any answers are much appreciated 😊
  2. Lost my ps4 save but it was ages ago anyway so I'll happily play it again. It wasn't too bad and as the game is enjoyable it makes it easier 😁
  3. This sounds silly but how do I save a replay? I don't see the option to do so and I need to do it for a trophy.
  4. Hi, so I've finally got round to playing again and got my ship completely upgraded but the trophy won't unlock at all. Anyone had this issue or know a way to fix this? I do have the disc version but don't know if this makes a difference or not.
  5. I've upgraded everything and it won't even pop at all. I'm so annoyed since I've spent months trying to get it as it is
  6. Hi all. So I have been playing the game and enjoying it but I'm getting really annoyed. The PS4 fan keeps going as loud as it possibly can go. I've had this issue with AC Odyssey being extremely loud but not as loud as this game. I'm always cleaning out the fan as much as I can do every now and then. Does anyone have any tips to make it at least quieter and has this happened to anyone else?
  7. This happens for me on games you wouldn't even expect to make noise. I've had problems trying to play AC Odyssey and Shadow Warrior 3. I just cannot play even with a headset on and I get headaches easily from loud noises too long so it just puts me off wanting to play anything 😕
  8. Glad to see that this game finally has no stupid collectable trophies or orbs one. That was a pain, especially as I got my ex to do it for me at the time 😂 now I'm on my own and definitely give it a go solo. Looks like a good game
  9. I'm only a few episodes in and after each episode I have to rest because it gives me such an intense migraine and I feel sick. Does this affect anyone else or is just me? I know I suffer with headaches from lighting in general but I've never suffered with a game like this. I really want to carry on getting the platinum but I'm too afraid of being ill from it again. Also, any tips would be much appreciated 😊
  10. It could be. It's worth a go.
  11. It's pretty fun for the most part. I enjoy treasure hunting so this game is perfect for that. My only issue right now is with the job "remains of old" on the bavarian map and can't find one more item. Not sure if it's glitched or not. I've scoured everywhere to get the metal detector to show that sign but there's nothing. Other than that I've had fun for the first hour playing 😊
  12. Yeah, I'm struggling to find a match. I've only had one match in half an hour of trying to find one to play. And the one match I had ended within a minute at 0-0. I hope they fix the matchmaking
  13. Hopefully the mode should arrive soon then we can all get this trophy
  14. Going to use this method from now! 😁
  15. Hi, so I remember yesterday the trophy unlocking for jumping 500 times. Today I got the one for jumping 1000 times but the trophy for 500 appears locked? Also, I have played more than 5 times on the space level and that isn't unlocking either. I have tried to sync the trophies but that hasn't done anything either. Anyone got any tips?