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  1. There are so many titles I didn't expirience yet but here's my top ten: 1. God of War (nothing can surpass this game honestly) 2. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End 3. Marvel's Spider-Man 4. Horizon: Zero Dawn 5. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 6. Detroit: Become Human 7. InFamous Second Son 8. Ratchet and Clank 9. Rise of the Tomb Raider 10. Far Cry 5
  2. Would like to join a lvl 50 crew PSN: Bitter_Dill
  3. God of War, amazing game
  4. About the map... You have to realize that this is not Assassin's creed or something like that where you just follow waypoint and it takes you where you wanna go. This style of open world should encourage you to explore on your own and REMEMBER the path you took to get somewhere. The map is in my opinion very well made and it can't be done much better because of the level design. It reminds me of Tomb Raider in that aspect. In my opinion GOW has some really epic boss fights and they encourage you to combine skills you have learned, especially in end-game fights. Another thing I wanted to mention is that studio had very limited resouces so they weren't able to create as much different bosses as they wanted so they recycled some of them... you probably know which ones. About MCU characters, I know they are very popular but how would you make a game based on Norse mythology without implementation of Thor and Odin? In my opinion studio presented Baldur extremely well and I have no fear that Thor will be good as well. Btw, why it is a problem if the same gods appear in both universes? I won't argue with what you said about armour and rpg elements because some people love that and some don't, they can't please everyone. I'm not a native speaker so pardon my poor english.
  5. Rebuilding database solved the problem thank you so much.
  6. I will try that thank you
  7. As the title says everytime I try to go to ps store it just puts me back to home screen where my games are. Anyone else expirienced that problem? I can access store on my phone through ps app, problem ocurrs only on my console
  8. In which Hitman 2 edition can you get Singapore expansion. I got the standard edition.
  9. Can you unlock Intercept dlc trophies by playing standalone version of the Intercept?
  10. RiME is not your typical game and you don't play it because of the game mechanics which could be better. The game has a really strong point and you should read a creative director's explanation of the story. Maybe then you will appreciate it more.
  11. Is there any point in searching for team to complete the Leviathan raid lol cause I don't have FIVE friends playing this game!!! I have never completed it and it seems very hard and mechanics based. Don't get me wrong I find creating online sessions very helpful for completing all kinds of stuff but this raid looks like hell...
  12. I can't find Forsaken on Ps Store I'm sure it was there lol. What am I missing?
  13. Does anybody know if Shadowkeep will have separate trophy list just like Forsaken does? It's not an important question I'm just curious because I think I won't be going back to Destiny 2. Thank you for reply.