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  1. That's what I was thinking also. Maybe that's all the trophies for this game now. *fingers crossed*
  2. Thank you this helped me enormously with my Mad Scientist trophy and platinum. As you asked for feedback, the ingredients list was very accurate but I did notice 2 minor things. Both "Bar of Chocolate" and "Coldstone" were listed twice on your ingredients and I think from what I observed both values added together were needed to complete the list for the Coldstones anyway. I'm not sure about the Bars of Chocolate as I was carrying a huge amount but that one may be a duplicate listing by mistake I feel? Like I said though that is very minor and I'm very grateful for the work you have done, just looking to help improve it slightly for anyone else that might want to take advantage of this excellent resource.
  3. Thank you! I will be using this video when I go for the trophies in this DLC.
  4. This is actually perfectly possible although unlikely. Dogs of War is for upgrading all of Gascon's buildings to maximum level, which upgrades certain units and gives you the ability to train them yourself. Whereas Dog Trainer is simply for training one of his units. Maybe you've already done that? You didn't say so in your post though, so maybe try training a Gascon unit at your Command Tent. I initially thought my Dogs of War trophy had bugged out to be honest. This is because when you are in your camp looking in your workshop at your upgrades like you said Gascon's buildings are on the lower left side of the tree when viewing the "Training Grounds". However there are also Gascon and Reynard upgrades in the "Workshop" section too, only this time the Reynard upgrades are on the left and Gascon's to the right! I don't know what made the devs do this lol, but I didn't look properly and got confused as to why my trophy wasn't popping. So I hope this helps somebody.
  5. You were never supposed to load your saves from 1.03/1.04 that wasn't the exploit. You are supposed to revert back to 1.00 and then start a new game in RH.
  6. I understood your first post the way you intended it, but thanks for further clarifying things. I've just been downloading the 8.5GB update for Bloodborne, now I'm going to give that a go. Out of interest do you know what would happen if I created the boosting session then deleted the game from my profile and re-synced it? Would it delete the boosting session as well or would it remain?
  7. Thank you for the advice, its good to know I don't need to actually get a trophy on Bloodborne for it to appear on the list. It looks like the server maintenance is over now so I can attempt to sort this out the way you recommended. Thanks again.
  8. Im kinda new to organising boosting sessions etc, but maybe you can help me? It was my understanding I could only make a boosting session for a game that was on my profile or is that not the case? I guess I could boot it up and sync it to this account anyway if I need to or do you know if theres a better solution? Thanks
  9. Might be wasting my time making this topic because the game has been out a while now but Im hoping to find a coop partner for the platinum and all the dlc trophies. I had an old PSN profile that I got the platinum on with the help of a friend but now Ive made a new account I don't know anyone else willing to help me. I love this game and would dearly love to plat it on my new profile as well, so if anyone is interested please do contact me. I am in the UK and am available weekdays from 5PM GMT sometimes earlier and usually all weekend, if that helps you know if your schedule will work well with mine.
  10. This game is great for coop trophies all players get the trophies when one player completes an objective. The only exceptions are that you can only get the total distance travelled, jumping, carrying, climbing, drowning and respawning trophies if you are host.
  11. I'm planning to start this soon and would like it all done in one play through, and your post was the only information I could find on what was missable. Thank you for posting this.