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  1. I just finished DOOM 1 in just under an hour last night and that includes getting lost in a couple of the more obnoxious levels, (spawning vats, unholy cathedral, etc..) so it's not really that bad. Just turn it down to I'm too young to die and ignore everything that isn't your objective. You only have to do the original three episodes so you can get it done quick. As for nightmare in co-op, the fact that you respawn when you die means it's tedious, but not hard. The 8/10 the other poster claimed was way off. That's like dark souls or Furi levels of difficulty and this doesn't even come close. Doom 3 on the other hand, has a super obnoxious trophy list. Running the game through on nightmare is a giant pain in the ass. Doable, but annoying and time consuming. I find the collectibles more annoying personally. 'Cuz that's just what I want to do in my doom game, root around in every corner for PDAs and audio logs. Ugh.
  2. I just tested it and yes, you can indeed do that. What's more you respawn on death in Co op even on nightmare. So anybody worried about that trophy or the speedrun trophy, local co op basically trivializes them both.
  3. Ooh I didn't even realize this came out tomorrow, my Google news feed actually came in handy for once. A couple of the trophies seems to be taking the piss out of SotN. Shows this guy knows his audience. Can't wait to pick it up.
  4. The game is what...30 years old now? Assuming it's a port of the PC remake you could have the list done in a few hours with a guide. I'm personally excited to see if my memory holds up from helping my ma get through the NES version when I was little.
  5. Took me all of 12 minutes for the plat, the gameplay is pretty solid but the story is pretty cringey, and this is coming from a guy that platted senran kagura. Pretty decent game though, and for four bucks.
  6. The new contingent 99 cursed relics that the curse guy sells in town makes the game an absolute blast. Everything does 99 damage, so you can take a super aggro lightning build and just destroy everything. Sure you die instantly if you mess up, but you can clear the whole game in 15 minutes pretty easily. As long as you can Dodge the first set of attacks from bosses, they usually don't get a chance for a second.
  7. I will say one thing, the strange time keeper makes getting danger is my middle name much less annoying. If I had a dollar for every time I've ended a run with three out of four cursed more! Bunch of quality of life changes, like being able to teleport back to the start at any path end before you find the boss, and tool tips for the items, oh my God, why don't more rogue likes do that? I don't want to keep the wiki handy every time I play just to not accidentally screw myself over. The new enemies are tricky to get used to, but not too bad. Shuu isn't as obnoxious as Atlas to deal with for me personally. So happy I picked up the EU version for a second platinum. Already a great game but now it's even better. The developers are awesome.
  8. Material collector is a huge pain, and there's basically zero information on this game on the internet, just a heads up.
  9. Judging from the fact that it has a ton of 0.0% trophies, I'm going more with "impossible" than "tough". It's a damn shame too because the game is an absolute riot, and it seems near criminal that the multiplayer is a ghost town.