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  1. Finally experience Lost Izalith. Definitely would not recommend

  2. My top 2 Jolteon and Giratnia
  3. Backlash had me questioning why I still watch this stuff when they clearly don't listen to the fans, which as easily been going on for about 3 years now. Thank god Miz and Rollins performed a great match for the only prestigious title imo
  4. Finally beat Ultra Hard after a hiatus from the Binding of Isaac 😀

    1. eigen-space


      Good job!

    2. bubba3m


      Thanks! Getting ever closer to the 1000000%

  5. Would have to say Fallout 3
  6. Raw is still pretty painful to watch but at least they did something right for once.
  7. Anybody remember this game lol
  8. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth 1001 % Collect all items and unlock all secrets. I can finally take a well deserved break from this game.
  9. You can add me, username is bubba3m. I mainly play rocket league when I'm not at work or class and I could use some good team mates.
  10. That was incredible!
  11. Dynasty Warriors 4 - Straight Ahead 1:58 - 2:23 - bubba3m
  12. Since the finale of season 6 was so good I decided to start reading the books.
  13. The latest patch finally fixes the DLC trophies, well at least for me. I went to secrets and the trophy for unlocking Lilith popped up, I also beat ??? with Lilith and got that trophy as well.