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  1. How is it even unrealistic? People upgraded from original to slim or from slim to pro and still keep their old one
  2. Trophy hunting and achievement hunting have become a bloody cult in general, not just this website
  3. Still, why they should be worried...? Or even ask for concrete answers? This paranoia as you said, needs to stop
  4. You can't argue anymore cause you are admitting you can't do it legit and that if you get it, it would had been hacked, you are just admitting the crime before it happens
  5. If you ever get in a dispute, chances are you will remain flagged with your statement
  6. The issue is If you plat it and don't sync it, then 5 years later you do and it appears out of nowhere in the top of the list WHICH.... shouldn't be an issue, but as people say, could mimic CFW
  7. Depends, if it's just 2 or 3 offline only games and you sync 10 years later why would that be suspicious?
  8. So you are just trying to dig further because you have some random grudge against OP? Then people wonder why others hate hiding trophies...
  9. Yeah I kinda fail to see what was cheated here exactly...
  10. simply limit it to 3 per year or something like that, people can't go overboard that way
  11. What I don't get is why Infinite didn't get "updated", just 1 and 2
  12. The ones on my PS4 changed to these, they just updated the picture and name for both
  13. Your entire MW2 list looks odd
  14. Everyone is getting free 5 million zeni because they celebrating 5 million sales, you are totally fine
  15. Most likely because OP unlocked 1 million zeni trophy and 5 million on the same second.