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  1. Millionaire (1 million) and Deep Pockets (5 million) is common since they usually give us free zeni once in a while, last time was 5 million so those 2 would make sense unlocking at the same time, but you unlocked Deep Pockets (5 million) and Set for Life (20 million) at the same time, that's actually not possible...
  2. well, its official, coming out as a free to play on September 28th, I am actually hyped Oh and it will be cross platform too
  3. I am tired of the rumors, just fucking tell us if it's Perfect Dark or not...
  4. so... was I the last person who got it before the update? Hope it does still work for you guys >.<
  5. You really gotta chill my dude...
  6. I'd say just take it easy, honestly things are in your favor right now, so just wait till CTR team can look into it more Pretty much...
  7. Well funny you mention that, cause Fall Guys unlocks trophies server sided, you can't modify game save files
  8. They would need to explain how beating the last boss is their first trophy...
  9. Definitely cheated, your first trophy is finishing the game...
  10. I think there could be a way for Erica but wont give OP the hint of how until they reply
  11. I really want to start it, this is the kind of idea I wish Nintendo did with Mario Party, such a wasted opportunity for them
  12. Irrelevant and can't report it cause i dont own it on PS4 but i am pretty sure your CTR Nitro Fueled is cheated
  13. They actually didn't, they did hide the cheated games tho Edit: oh wait actually not... but OP has the "soon" on the leaderboards
  14. OP pretty much admitted they cheated cause the trophies were not unlocking at first
  15. So in theory I could just delete the game and try with this method to get the 1st version? Bloodstained trophies are glitched at the moment with the latest update and 505games is really slow with their fixes so I would rather try this (considering my gamesave is still compatible with the 1st version)