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  1. And probably not a single soul buys that shit
  2. Why so sensitive? Can't take a joke nowadays? Wasn't even targeted to you and got offended
  3. Even with your tips is so RNG dependant its driving literally insane...
  4. Winning 1st place with each character is driving me insane, the game is unfair and unbalanced
  5. Sigh....
  6. yeah, everything from xbox unlocked minus the ones you mentioned
  7. My main platform for playing Overwatch was in Xbox, I originally unlocked 152 achievements out of the 154 available in Overwatch 1 (Missed 2 of the Mei Christmas event ones which don't exist in the Playstation version) Xbox achievements After hours trying to login into the PC version all my achievements were synced perfectly to the PC version PC achievements As for the PSN version, the only trophies that anyone has managed to unlock via cross-progression are "Decked Out" and "Decorated" autopop. So we are indeed experiencing another saga similar to the Fall Guys trophies on PS5. No idea if Blizzard will ever address this
  8. I am updating OW in PC, I will let you know if it does unlock the achivements there, if it does then yeah, we are experiencing another "Fall Guys" situation where PSN is the only platform that doesn't autopop everything Edit: All Xbox achievements did merge to the PC without issues
  9. Coming from Xbox having all achievements The only ones that unlocked in the PS5 version were Decorated and Decked Out
  10. how do I disable the PSNP+ Update notifications? Every time I open a link within the site or refresh, it keeps popping up
  11. Had no trouble finding lobbies the last week
  12. Trophy hunting shouldn't be treated as a religion and many of you do, it's kinda funny
  13. ironic since people seem to be trying to help here, guess you ignored that part
  14. No