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  1. which sucks... autopopping all the trophies in the superior version or playing the whole game twice to get both lists
  2. What about transfering PS5 to PS4? guess not... I'd rather play it first in PS5 to be honest
  3. Yup, entire list will pop
  4. Can confirm that your method worked for someone in Reddit having the same issue, kuddos to you for finding out how to fix it
  5. Happy we got more trophies Not happy that I autopop everything, now to wait for 1.6 (hopefully they start adding trophy lists each update from now on)
  6. it should autopop in the version you didn't unlock it first, as soon as you login As for region changes, I wouldn't play around with that, so if you unlocked it on America server on PS5, you should also choose America server on PS4
  7. so... Unknown (22724) is my PS5 genshin impact trophy list lol and can confirm both ps4 and ps5 autopopped 100% of the trophies
  8. I reached chapter 4, I do have the building unlocked but it doesn't do anything and I can't figure out how to do it, any heads up for those who already used it?
  9. Thanks guys, that worked for me, appreciate it
  10. Nope https://www.play-asia.com/utawarerumono-mask-of-truth/13/70avw1
  11. There is hope that every new big region will introduce trophies, maybe not... since it's Mihoyo's first rodeo into the console world
  12. They are not too bad with the compass they added I did get the trophy before that but it wasn't really too hard
  13. So... you didn't watch the video at all, what is suspicious about it?
  14. man i had a blast, and people dare to say platformer games are meh, it was so fun
  15. https://www.ign.com/articles/ps5-does-not-have-themes
  16. https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/992/401/e37.png
  17. They ruined my Persona 5 avatar...
  18. i am big fairy tail fan but damn, that was a grindy repetitive game, side quests weren't original at all, made it a bit tedious
  19. You are specifically posting in a trophy hunting website... this is laughable.
  20. if Sony removed trophies, it would be a non issue for many people but not for you. Same thing applies here, there is people who do care about it.
  21. Overwatch endorsements lul
  22. The accolade thing is exactly as Overwatch's endorsement system, doesn't mean shit but the idea is cool
  23. so themes are no more?
  24. They basically told us exactly what we will have...
  25. Ready your wallets for your husbandos