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  1. Seems i have the same issues as everyone else here, even on latest patch the trophy unlocks are a mess
  2. What is the black one?
  3. Pretty bold to assume cheating will happen in PS5 anytime soon
  4. so how exactly does this work now? I just got to 1st dan but the trophy didn't pop for me... Edit: nvm, I unlocked it but didn't realize
  5. Themes were pretty much "leaked" yesterday https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2020/10/ps5_themes_all_but_confirmed_via_dead_by_daylight_listing
  6. well, considering the max potential of the char is with duplicates i think you were really lucky
  7. Yeah, did like 3 dungeons, I do have currency for pulls but not sure how i got it haha
  8. ok i been playing a while but have no idea how do you get currency for pulls
  9. well, its official, coming out as a free to play on September 28th, I am actually hyped Oh and it will be cross platform too
  10. I am tired of the rumors, just fucking tell us if it's Perfect Dark or not...
  11. so... was I the last person who got it before the update? Hope it does still work for you guys >.<
  12. You really gotta chill my dude...
  13. I really want to start it, this is the kind of idea I wish Nintendo did with Mario Party, such a wasted opportunity for them
  14. So in theory I could just delete the game and try with this method to get the 1st version? Bloodstained trophies are glitched at the moment with the latest update and 505games is really slow with their fixes so I would rather try this (considering my gamesave is still compatible with the 1st version)
  15. i dig it...
  16. Remedy has always owned the franchise... not just now...
  17. Danganronpa (hope they do a new game for the anniversary) Bloodrayne Senran Kagura (Guess 7even is cancelled completely, thanks Sony!)
  18. I just started and i think it's really gonna be an enjoyable experience
  19. Mr. Massagy: Mayo Edition Achievements Wondering if these 2 gems combined will actually make it to PS4 aswell...
  20. 2 step verification exists for a reason
  21. Take away plats from those crappy 10 min games already...
  22. It sounds too good to be true... I won't even try risking it, dunno how Sony deals with these but in Xbox there was a ban wave for stolen codes from G2A or CDkeys if i recall correctly
  23. didnt you make this post like 3 days ago?
  24. I know its not necessary but i would love to see Resident Evil 1 with RE Engine
  25. Gee, Sorry I didn't read every single post in the thread, nowhere to be seen in the post I quoted you, says anything about online PS4 trophies specifically but hey... keep being so hostile buddy.