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  1. Not sure about second profiles with PSN accounts attached, but I can confirm this with guests, etc. I have a profile not linked to a PSN account and once I was also logged into that one my trophies stopped popping.
  2. Yikes, shame on me. 😁 In terms of physical copies, the first Assassin's Creed and Oblivion. They've always been on the 'I really want to fully commit and dedicate my focus and appreciation to this game' list and that's kept me putting them off for a better time... for a very long time. I also have some discs (Catherine and Yakuza: Dead Souls off the top of my head) that I only tried after drinking a bit too much, unsurprisingly didn't pick up the controls for them at that time and never got back to.
  3. Love that this thread happens when I'm finally playing the FFXII:ZA remaster, because the original Final Fantasy 12 on PS2 is what set me on my trophy hunting ways (casual as they are). By the end of my first playthrough I cared more about filling the Sky Pirate's Den than pretty much anything else in the game. The PS3 ping was and still is incredibly satisfying to hear pop and I can't wait to get me a new dualshock 3 so I can get back to that. I also don't have a lot of extra money to spend on games, especially not new releases, so 'Helps me save money by purchasing less games but enjoying the ones I have for a longer period of time' is a huge thing for me. Otherwise, there's just something really satisfying to me about completing tasks.