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  1. I've been dreading the notification for this showing up. 😅 I had such a pathetic month.
  2. Nope Kingdoms of Amalur: The Reckoning
  3. At least two of my Black Widow's dead spouses were also women, so I don't think that's the reason your first attempt didn't work out. Unless it was just the fact that the widow was male, but that doesn't seem probable when the trophy description is so broadly worded. I might have to toy around with this on my alt because now I'm curious.
  4. Big nope on that one. Mad Max
  5. I enjoy sim games and Skylines looks like something I'll have fun with, so I don't mind this month at all in that aspect, but from a trophy-hunting perspective any game where the base game is only like 35% of the trophies is a little rough.
  6. #26: Persona 5 This should have been finished months ago, but Golden Finger got the better of me and I pretty much gave up hope. Finally decided to give it another attempt and after 3-4 hours of raging over Power Intuition, I finally pulled it off. I love the game though and I'm looking forward to playing again when I can get my hands on Royal. Not to mention Royal looks like it'll be a breezy plat in comparison.
  7. Everything looks right for me, thanks! I've hit a bit of a rut and I'm having trouble getting into most of the games I should be working on, but I'm at a place where my goal is starting to look too easy, so I guess it's all good.
  8. I think it's just one of those games that someone has to be in the right mood to enjoy. I tried playing it in 2018, couldn't get into it and didn't touch it again for over a year, then tried again and still couldn't get into it, but last month I picked it up a third time and played 3 full playthroughs in less than a week, loving every second of it. I imagine there are a lot of people who don't give a game that many chances though and that's bound to hurt the general opinion of it.
  9. Queueing up a bunch right now, would appreciate the same:
  10. @Squirlruler As much as I'd love to believe I can make up that big of a gap, my goal is 68% not 80%. ^^ Thanks for adding me!
  11. Nope. Dragon Age: Origins
  12. Hopefully this is still open to join? If so: Starting - 53.64% Goal - 68%
  13. Oooh, this looks fun. Count me in.
  14. Not that it's a big deal, but is there a way to change a vote on the poll? I misread the option I chose. But no, I don't think violence in video games makes people more violent. If there's any correlation, I think it would be that people with violent dispositions to begin with are drawn to video games to indulge in said violence and that creates the misconception that video games are the cause.
  15. I don't technically hate XV, but any game where getting the platinum only constitutes 45% of the story/content is absolutely ridiculous so I can see why people would put it on this list. It was, at very least, flawed enough to make me genuinely worry for the future of the franchise that I love.
  16. Finally fought through the glitches and constant game freezing to get what would otherwise have been an easy Plat. Dragon Age: Inquisition (PS3)
  17. Had a little too much free time on my hands, so I did some browsing and found this one:
  18. Not sure about second profiles with PSN accounts attached, but I can confirm this with guests, etc. I have a profile not linked to a PSN account and once I was also logged into that one my trophies stopped popping.
  19. Yikes, shame on me. 😁 In terms of physical copies, the first Assassin's Creed and Oblivion. They've always been on the 'I really want to fully commit and dedicate my focus and appreciation to this game' list and that's kept me putting them off for a better time... for a very long time. I also have some discs (Catherine and Yakuza: Dead Souls off the top of my head) that I only tried after drinking a bit too much, unsurprisingly didn't pick up the controls for them at that time and never got back to.
  20. Love that this thread happens when I'm finally playing the FFXII:ZA remaster, because the original Final Fantasy 12 on PS2 is what set me on my trophy hunting ways (casual as they are). By the end of my first playthrough I cared more about filling the Sky Pirate's Den than pretty much anything else in the game. The PS3 ping was and still is incredibly satisfying to hear pop and I can't wait to get me a new dualshock 3 so I can get back to that. I also don't have a lot of extra money to spend on games, especially not new releases, so 'Helps me save money by purchasing less games but enjoying the ones I have for a longer period of time' is a huge thing for me. Otherwise, there's just something really satisfying to me about completing tasks.