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  1. Well, number 69 came quickly Let me start by saying I am not a Call of Duty player. I haven't played a Call of Duty since the first Modern Warfare and while I enjoyed it, i wasn't as awed by the story as most people were. I am going to say the same thing for the 2019 reboot of Modern Warfare........ the story was somewhat enjoyable but not the masterclass that some people have been making it out to be. I have read "it’s hard to think of an FPS from the last five or ten years that could hold a candle to it" and "this is best Call of Duty campaign to ever grace our eyes". In my opinion, these statements are a little far fetched and over exaggerate the truth. The story for these games are still very much for 'the boyz'. In saying that there were some great missions and set pieces that I enjoyed. The mission clean house was and will continue to be my favourite COD mission to date. The watch tower falling over in the first mission was particularly enjoyable to have unfold, the initial 30 seconds of clean house and countless other instances are what made this game enjoyable. Not the story, but the happenings in each mission. Gun play is where it's at tho. COD know how to make guns feel fun and like they pack a punch. Shooting down a helicopter with a cluster strike, hitting a group of enemies with a well throw grenade and the punch of an m4 feel as brilliant as they did when I first played Modern Warfare all those years ago. It's a great game to zone out to and play with your mates with a beer. Solid 7/10
  2. It's like saying who would go for the gems in Crash, all the eggs in Spyro, all the tags in GTA:SA or an endless list of ps1 and ps2 games with collectables or challenges? I did, sure trophies give you a good sense of achievement when you do, but I also beat earned all the platinum relics in Crash Bandicoot 3 on PS1 well before I did it on ps4. Trophies are a way to focus in on a challenge...... not the sole reason some of us accept the challenge. In saying that, the trophy art sucks (you can't argue that - The Fallen Order is not much better IMO), but I don't spend every waking hour staring at trophy art for the games I have played... If the game is good who really cares about the trophy art?
  3. Update - I have earned Platinum number 68! I have taken peoples advice and decided not to try and bang out the remaining trophies before New Years and enjoy the ride of earning 100 platinum's from games that I will enjoy. Last week I earned the platinum trophy for Megaquarium. It is a fun management sim that puts you in the shoes of an aquarium owner. I enjoyed the challenge of making sure that your fish were compatible with one another. I would find that some fish needed to be in schools of 6 or more and I often didn't have the space to fit that many fish. Or I would build a new tank and plug the filter and heater on, only to figure out that I was trying to place a cold water fish. Along with keeping the water pristine, feeding the fish the right food and at the right temperature - you also need to juggle the needs of the visitors. This was an aspect that is largely over looked by the day to day upkeep of the fish. The one big glaring problem with the game is evident in the final level. You need to begin from scratch and build up to prestige 12 so you can get the biggest animal an aquarium could hold - A Whale Shark! However in order to get this you need to build everything in the game and then some. I would find that this overloaded the game (playing in fast forward was impossible) and caused frequent crashes. At first it was maybe every 15 minutes, then every 3-5 minutes. I have 300GB of free room on my ps4, so I don't think it was a storage issue. This really soured the whole feel of the game for me as the final level took a little over 4 hours..... game time. This doesn't include the crashed that happened (one afternoon, I would guess the game crashed 30-40 times!) Overall this game is pretty fun - it just needs an update to solve the crashing issue. 6/10
  4. No difficulty related trophies? Sign me up!
  5. You mean the 40 wouldn't be quality? 😆 I have realigned my goal to games that I have played to enjoy rather than quick bangers. I know I wont get it done before December 31st but I will enjoy getting there.
  6. I have finally settled into a new job 1800km away from where I was living. I had a week to uplift my life and move... I also have spent the last two weeks learning a new role. This has left very little time for anything but sleeping and the occasional hour here and there to play PlayStation. Honestly it has been a whirlwind but a great experience. Anyway, I did earn a new platinum trophy today - Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. This was the most painful platinum experience that I have had to date (I have the platinum for No Man's Sky!) I played this on the ps3 and this game should never have been made for this system. It is laggy, glitchy and buggy as hell. I had fight the same Warchief 4 times because he kept falling through the map. Plus the odd freeze here and there and not to mention the framerate drop in the last 3 story missions because there are so many people on the screen. I can hate this game all night but take all of these issues out - just play on the ps4 - and this game would of been great. Story was original, gameplay ideas were fun and the nemesis system is fantastic. Unfortunately this game will forever be hot garbage in my opinion. 3/10 - don't bother on ps3
  7. https://youtu.be/6w1TMxhm48o Tool - Fear Inoculum
  8. Been a while since I last posted an update. Life has gotten in the way of trophy hunting properly. I have been travelling around Queensland (Australia) for work. It's been a great experience but it's hard to find time to game (or a t.v with HDMI/wifi) I have finished Far Cry New Dawn. It was OKish. Nothing new/ground breaking and the gameplay wasn't the best I have experienced. I will say this tho - if you want a first person shooter with little more than go here, kill these guys and come back - this is the game for you. I really enjoyed just relaxing on the couch after work with a beer and zoning out and shooting things. I seem down on this game but there were moments were this game was really enjoyable and interesting, some of the end game missions were the best (there was a forced stealth level - but it was fun. I don't normally like these types of missions but in this game I did, the final boss fights were bullet sponges but had some interesting ideas). It would have been better if this was spread out across the whole game - not just the last 4 or 5 missions. I didn't mind the expeditions, they can be finished in under 5 mins if you are rushing through them, and these areas had some of the better scenery in the game. Graphics were what you would expect from Far Cry and Ubisoft at this stage - beautiful and big but empty..... not dissimilar to Assassin's Creed. The sounds track was pretty good and the voice acting so/so. 6/10 I have started Far Cry 4 and this will probably be my next plat. I have Detroit staring me in the face as well........
  9. Haha probably said already but have you played Rocket League? It is worse than League of Legends for sure. As is GtaV....
  10. PS4 Far Cry: New Dawn Detroit: Become Human PS3 Shadow of Mordor
  11. It's nothing like the originals. If you own a ps4, playing this game is a no brainer. Best of luck with your backlog, it seems we all have this issue too many good games to play is the problem! I have the Primal plat - it's a pretty good game - not game changing but not terrible. Just fun to run around and kill stuff with spear!
  12. For me it's gotta be Crash or Spyro. I was pretty young when I first played these two games. While Crash really has no character traits (he never speaks and runs from the beginning of a level to the end), I really resonate with him. Spyro was the first game I ever finished completely. I really enjoyed the aspect of a 'kid' saving the day for the adults when I was a child. Spyro was sarcastic but was willing to help out. The remasters over the last few years have really awoken the small child in me again. I wasn't really enjoying gaming as much as wanted too and The Crash Trilogy really brought me back to what I loved about gaming when I was kid. CTR will forever be in my top 3 games of all time.
  13. I am rewatching Bones for the 4th or 5th time. Currently sitting in season 5 with 7 to go. I really love the way they continue to tell a story and build on characters even tho you could come in anywhere and watch from there. I always enjoy the last 5 mins where the case is solved and the main character's get to know each other and interact - watching Bones and Both's relationship grow is one of the best parts of the show.
  14. Looking at the replies, I can summaries that: Penta: 4 Crash: 2 CoCo: 2 Fake Crash: 1 Ami: 1 N.Gin: 1 If I had of unlocked Zem by the time I played hard I would of used him. He was fantastic for beating Oxide's Ghost.
  15. GTA: 5 (4) Space Marine (1) Rocket League (4) Dark Cloud 2 (10) Need for Speed: Shift (6) Batman: Arkham Origins (1) Assassin's Creed: Odyssey (1) No Man's Sky (3) Driver: San Francisco (1) Gran Turismo 5 (6) Need for Speed: Rivals (1) FIFA street (1) Ni No Kuni (3) Borderlands 2 (2) Red Dead Redemption (1) Warframe (1) Crash 2: Cortex Strikes Back (2) Overcooked 2 (1) Skylanders: Swap Force (1) A real mixed bag for me. 19 games in total - a lot of similar games to other people's lists. Dark cloud 2 gives a stack of rare trophies - I really should finish it.