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  1. Nah, I got it doing the bonus daily on Spain I think. I did it before going away for the weekend. Only logged on for the first time in about 3 days yesterday.
  2. I bloody got it!!!! Heck yes! The plat is now just a clean up and grind!!!
  3. One of the group A cars is given to you for free if you have the season pass. This is what happened to me. I sold it and bought it again and it popped. Exterior cameras are turned off? I needed to do this before it would pop for me.
  4. Update from me. I cannot remember when I last did an update so here goes. AC Valhalla I have finished DLC number 1 and will begin working on the next this month. I have heard the challenges are a bit extreme so will probably give them a miss. Red Dead Redemption 1 I have finished it as much as I am will to. I was happy to get it up from 10% completion. I have played it before on Xbox360 and love the game. I am not sure why I put it off for so long. It was just one of those game I never got to. After playing RDR2, playing it again added that extra bit of depth. AC Black Flag Deleted the save and forgot to back up my save to the cloud. I have finally moved further on than I was originally. Great game, just need to find the time. Dirt Rally 2.0 I was looking for another racing game to play. This popped up on sale and I though why not. Its all I've played for the last week and half. The last Colin Mcrae I played was 3 on the PS2. I loved it then and I am hooked now. Going for plat but not 100%. I will be happy with 80%+ completion. I'm really just plying it because I am enjoying it. Anything is a bonus. Metro 2033 Need to get back to this game. This month?
  5. Cheers for the responses everyone! Happy to just play and enjoy the ride. This my first rally game since Colin McCrae 3. I normally play arcade racers but have been wanting something more realistic.
  6. I have just purchased this game and having a blast playing it. I have been chasing a solid racing game for the last 12 months and thank god I have found it. I am not stressed about 100% completion but would like the plat. Just wondering if Delta's are still running so I can get the Fire Up That Car....Again trophy easily.
  7. Mid month update. Not a great deal to report. Metro 2033 I started this game finally. I mean......sitting on my ps4 downloaded for 4 years finally. I don't know why I slept on this game. It's pretty great. I listened to the audio books while driving across Australia for work and loved them. I love the idea that, when the surface is destroyed by nuclear fallout, we migrate underground and live our lives in the subway stations (Australia would not fare well). AC Valhalla Finished Asgard started in Jotenheim. I am a little miffed there are 30 collectables in each location as these are my last two areas. The last 60 collectables have been really dull considering the area is recommended at 130ish and I am 30 levels into mastery points. (level 436)
  8. Mine have all probably been said already 1. Dark Cloud 2. This game was my first JRPG and Level-5 have made some of my favourite games of all time. Level-5 are like Naughty Dog. When you see the logo you know the game will be tight 2. Burnout 3: Takedown. Crazy stupid fun. The crash junctions are amazing. 3. Black. This game was one of my favourite FPS games. Just a shame it was so short. 4. Need For Speed Underground - yes number 1 not number 2 5. A toss up between the Godfather Game and God of War. I really enjoyed the Godfather game. And no need to say more. Gow of War is an amazing franchise and the first game needs some love. Honourable mentions: Red Faction 2 (multitap seller), Buzz the big quiz (some great family nights when I was a kid), SOCOM, any Need for Speed really, NHL 2K8, Tony Hawks Underground, Shadows of the Colossus.
  9. I am finding the same thing with AC Valhalla. From memory AC Odyssey is much like Valhalla where there is big gaps in trophy progress.
  10. Ni No Kuni Familiarologist - spent way too long farming exp to 'evolve' familiars Overwatch The Floor is Lava - I have played Lucio for 150 hours..... I had to farm this trophy Need for Speed - Shift Epic Master - Race every track line perfectly and win endurance races
  11. It's luck of the draw some nights. I have tried 4 times and found 2 games that we could could boost (they were both last weekend in the same session). It can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 3 hours to find a game. Patience is key lol. The other thing that people don't really talk about is that you need to keep moving and shoot often - otherwise you are booted and you need to search for a session again. We had two people go afk and it really sucked.
  12. Big week this week for gumby Overwatch To put it frankly - how good are boosting groups? I have almost platted the game thanks to a late night with 12 people found on the Overwatch boosting server on discord. There were a few Damage character trophies that I was never going to get on my own as a healer main - Hanzo, Reaper and Mcree were all ticked off my list. I still am proud to say I earnt rapid discord legit.... Assassins Creed: Valhalla Finished the story and all areas but Asgard and Jotunheim. This will come this week. I must admit - the two big reveals were pretty easy to spot and I guessed them before they happened. Regardless - if you haven't played it yet, I could not recommend it more. looking forward to next month and finishing a few more games off my backlog.
  13. I am playing on the old PS4 and I have had two "you have to anonymous" glitches but I saved and reloaded and that is fixed - Maybe a 5 minute time loss and have 90 hours played. I would say that it is mostly fixed. Just save often and you will be sweet.
  14. I feel like the snake will be a legendary creature. The Kill all legendary creatures trophy now says base game only.
  15. Mid month update - not bad progress this month. Assassin Creed Valhalla Still plugging away at the story and collectables. I did earn a few miscellaneous trophies which was great - I have caught all the fish (thank god it wasn't so bad because I caught a fish or two at every river or port I was at). I am going to try over design 2 this week - I have read its a bit of a poop to get. I will also continue the story as well. Lego Harry Potter - Year 1-4 Finally I have finished this game. I had to replay the game after encountering the clock tower glitch 5 years ago.... I hate that game more than I should but happy to have all Lego games I have played at 100% Tomb Raider I encountered yet another game breaking glitch - The elevator gears at the end of the game did work properly and I deleted my save out of frustration (I believe it is now fixed but deleted my save) So I am going to work on that for the rest of this month as well. Happy trophy hunting crew!