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  1. Mate, Lego games are life....... I never pick them up when the first come out and I always say this one is the last one........ but i always come back for more. I have Marvel Avengers 2 and Lego HP waiting to be finished. And Fallen Order has been the best game I have played this year by far.... I am going to start Nier: Automata next month so i will see if my tune changes.
  2. I am 100% going for the plat. I just need to finish the last two planets and earn the explosives trophy and the plat is mine. hopefully I'll earn that after work tonight.
  3. This month needs to be about 2 weeks longer..... I am 0.32% lower than last month.... Work has smashed me this month - meaning late finishes and early starts. Plus, I began a saltwater aquarium at the beginning of this month and it has taken up the limited time that I have for me time. I whinge but I love it. It's nice to have a slice of nature next to your T.V. when you need to relax after a long day. Anyway, back to the reason we are all here..... I have almost finished Jedi Fallen Order. If you have not played it yet, I cannot recommend it more. It does nothing new and borrows heavily from a plethora of games but the fan service is there and really hope they continue to make the single player Star Wars experiences like this one. Having the force pull ability unlocked later in the game makes up for the finiky platforming in the earlier sections. Ice sliding to a rope is very annoying.
  4. It’s mid month update time guys and gals! How are we all travelling? I started this month by beginning Moving Out! and Jedi Fallen Order. Both games are amazing but I have been focusing on playing r6 Siege. I have earned a few of the more difficult trophies but fear I will forever be humiliated by Meat Wall. It will stop me from earning the plat I am sure. No matter how hard I try, I cannot seem to get it. Kill stealing or being killed before I can detonate is the real issue. I will play till level 50 an then let it haunt me 85+% (I’m not unhappy with this as I was at 60ish%) Will continue to play backlog games as well. I am going to set the PS3 up and tick some of the games off when I feel like it as well as RDR 2 online. If anyone is playing vanilla MHW give me an invite. I can be persuaded to play again.
  5. As stated above it is very luck based, to the point where I earned the trophy not even trying for it. I have about 20 hours on Moira and have only really seen the opportunity 3/4 times. My mate plays Zyra and often has 3 or 4 people in a flux. That is your best bet, or an Orisa pull.
  6. If its any help (I'm not really a fan of people telling me what to do, so ignore me if you want 😄), but you have a plethora of amazing games sitting in your backlog! plus a few that are easy plats to get. Having a quick skim you would complete these games to 100% in few months easy enough. Jak and Daxter South Park: SoT Life is Strange 1 & 2 Rime Far Cry Primal Grim Fandango God of War 3 Crash Bandicoot's (plat is hard but you could clean up 70% of each game no worries) As for me, I started Jedi: Fallen Order this month (enjoying the combat and story - traversal is not quite as polished as Uncharted) and Everybody's Gone to the Rapture mid month. These two games have given my % a bit of a hit but I have been earning trophies for Overwatch and R6: Seige and really enjoying them both.
  7. Well, I have smashed out two overnight. I played One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 with my wife. If you like Musou Games and the word of One Piece this game is a no brainer. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates are front and centre as always, following their adventures from the East Blue all the way to the New World. This this time around the compacted the story into 6 main arcs, concluding with a new, game only continuation of the story on the Land of Wano. This is the most disappointing aspect of the game for me. I love the One Piece universe and the story and they cut out some major plot points. The new story was good and I really enjoyed the Whole Cake Arc. I have played PW1, PW3 and now PW4 and out of all three games, I must admit I found this one the weakest. If you are in it for the story, play One Piece Pirate Warriors 3. It has a long end game grind (up to 60 hours) but it by far the most comprehensive in terms of story coverage. Overall it's One Piece, I'm Bias 8/10 Annnnd now we have Plat Number 75! Crash Team Racing ...... it's perfect. This game was my childhood and the sole reason I had a multitap. The remake was well handled and the addition of Nitro Kart tracks was a great decision. I wish the had of added in Nitro Kart's story mode as well but I can't complain. Seasonal events keep you coming back for more.... I cannot sing this games praises enough. 10/10
  8. I would not be upset in the slightest. I had a great time playing both. I went back and played 10 hours of ac black flag...... It has not aged well - it's still a great game but the combat is not as fun I remembered. I played the original 3 on xbox and I can safely say it was ac that got me back into gaming but still prefer the newer format
  9. Congratulations! That an amazing achievement. What are you thinking for number 125? You have beaten me by a country mile! I have been playing a lot of Overwatch of late. It has really hindered my progress. I have a few games there to finish but I cannot muster the enthusiasm.
  10. What server are you playing on. I am in Australia and I'm struggling to find DLC matches.
  11. I have been doing some math. I started the challenge on 76.24% and I am aiming to finish the year at 85%. If I want to achieve that goal, I will need to improve my percentage by 0.73% each month. I have not been able to hit that percentage each month. In January, I improved by a measly 0.27% (RDR2) whereas in February I improved by 1.15%. I still need to earn 0.38% this month to be on track for 0.73% every month since the start of the year. I would be interested to know if anyone else lagging behind where they should be and by how much.
  12. This has been a strange month for me. Last month I earned 80 trophies and improved by 0.45%. This month I have earned 29 trophies and improved by the same amount. Starting a new game really does affect your completion percentage. That is the only difference so far. I am playing Red Dead redemption 2 – no way I’ll earn the plat but I will aim for around 70% total completion. I am almost finished story wise and have enjoyed that game immensely. Keep up the great work everyone!
  13. Had a huge percentage rise already this month. Almost finished Pirate Warriors 4. It's a very easy/little grind misou plat. (In comparison PW3 took me roughly 120 hours) I have played for 20ish. If anyone wants an easy fun plat I recommend it.
  14. level 5
  15. PW3 was an absolute nightmare. I have been playing story only so far and have 5 or 6 to max level. I think it is one of those things that will come naturally.