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  1. 9 days and 136 trophies 😱........ you are not wrong! Do you even sleep @Kittykat-san
  2. Monster Hunter World...... Just cannot find a lot that is positive about this game (for me anyway). Plus expect to spend more that 100 hours grinding the same 7 monsters.
  3. Step 1: I look at my psnprofiles list Step 2: Place a disk in my PS3 Step 3: Cry Step 4: Turn off my console Step 5: Begin new game on PS4 Step 6: Repeat But seriously. Through sheer will power. I have found attack on completion has helped this year. Realising that a new game increase my completion percentage by 0.12% whereas completing a backlog game can improve it by as much as .50% has really helped. Its a matter of playing an old game alongside a new game or setting goals. I will begin a new game when I have finished 3 backlog games.
  4. @Cassylvania updated. @Herr Hieb I have LEGO HP 1-4 unplayed for years. Would I be able to count that as giant insects as you fight aragog? To add more info - I would be playing from the beginning as I encountered the Clock Tower Golden Brick Glitch.
  5. Clan Belmont the crossed out monsters are covered. (Sorry I'm visual) Biblical Monsters o Heavenly Creature (Angel, Astral, Celestial, Lovecraftian) § Control - SpaceCoresDad o Infernal Creature (Demon, Hellspawn, Imp, Hellhound) § Doom, Devil May Cry o Gods (Cthulu, Zeus, Osiris, Ganesha, Thor) § Blasphemous - SpaceCoresDad · Created Monsters o Human-like (Scarecrow. Frankenstein’s Monster, Possessed Doll) § Layers of Fear - AmarisSkye o Object-like (Mimics, Flying Books, Food) § Prey - AmarisSkye o Abomination (Everything else) · Sci-fi Monsters o Extraterrestrial (Xenomorph, gray man,) § Another World - Cassylvania o Robot /Android § LEGO Ninjago – Kevvik or Iconoclasts - Cassyvania o Giant Insects § Earth Defense Force, The Deadly Tower of Monsters, Borderlands o Mutant § Metro – Gumby114 · Undead Monsters o Zombie § The Last of Us - AmarisSkye o Skeleton § Dark Souls, Undertale, Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom o Vampire § Castlevania - SpaceCoresDad o Mummy § Strange Brigade, The Mummy Demastered, Chasm, AC Origins · Incorporeal Monsters o Specter (Ghost, Banshee, Wraith, Poltergeist) § Yomawari – SpaceCoresDad o Elementals (Wind, Water, Earth, Fire) § Atelier Lydie & Suelle - Cassylvania · Mythological Monsters o Goblinoids (Goblin, Orc, Ogre, Trolls) § LEGO Lord of The Rings - Kevvik o Hybrid Animals (Dragon, Manticore, Hippogriff, Chimera) § The Witcher 3,Dragon's Dogma o Hybrid Humans (Minotaur, Werewolf, Mermaid, Centaur) § The Order 1886, AC Odyssey, Thronebreaker o Cryptid and Folklore (Sasquatch, Yeti, Moth Man, Wendigo) § The Wolf Among Us - Kevvik · Beasts o Aquatic (Kraken, Sea Serpent, Shark) § Subnautica, Maneater, Yooka Laylee o Giant Animals (King Kong, Dinosaur, Mammoth) § Shadow of War – Gumby114 o Swarms (Bees, Rats, Ants, Beetles, Bats) § A Plague Tale: Innocence, Resident Evil 7, Cuphead, Hollow Knight · Evil Humans o Magic User (Witch, Warlock, Wizard, Genie) § LEGO Harry Potter 5-7 - Kevvik o Psycho (Insane Person, Cult Member, Serial Killer) § Borderlands 3 - AmarisSkye Can fit different categories Dark Cloud – Gumby114 Baldur’s Gate – Kevvik Asdivine Hearts 2 – Kevvik MediEvil – SpaceCoresDad Castlevania: HoD – Cassylvania To be assigned Bound by Flame Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Last of Us Remastered Layers of Fear Prey
  6. Just started Ghost of Tsushima........ whoops. 5 days before update too 😱😂 So much for only playing backlog.
  7. It's a late mid month check in. How are we doing folks? Any big numbers, frustrations or observations. I currently need to earn 1% each month to hit my target of 85%. I have just increased it to 80% neat by playing The Witcher 3 every day for the past month and a half. I have also been plugging away at Overwatch (playing comp with a few mates has been the best way to counteract the monster that is The Witcher 3). I have also played a little bit of Bioshock infinite and AC: Black flag. I lost my saves on my ps3, so starting AC: Black flag from scratch is killing me. After playing the two newer AC games, the older games feel rather jankey. Hold r1 to run and jump..... no thanks. Because I need such large numbers each month, I am pretty much limited to playing backlog games..... there is a reason you stop playing a game and it is really hard to find enjoyment in a game when you are so focused on earning the trophies in a game you stopped playing because it wasn't for you. As such I'm feeling a little burnt out and loosing enjoyment in playing my PlayStation in general. Working 12+ hour days, juggling exercise and family plus other hobbies really make it hard. Anyway, enough about me. How are you all going?
  8. As someone who has platted it, it is ok..... not great, not bad. The game and collectibles are fairly easy and take little skill to get (save them until the end as you will need all powers), story is not anything new but the worst part of the plat is the arena. Be prepared to be frustrated. I see you have NFS: Heat as a plat as well. You did more grindy things in that game than First Light. (nothing frustrated me as much as Fort Callahan and River Fever speed traps in First Light)
  9. Makes sense. Sorry for the silly question. Throw me into Clan Belmont if that suits its current members.
  10. I am looking to join have a question. If I say join clan Belmont - possible monsters would be vampires, but I wouldn't need to play Castlevania would I? We are locked to a certain game just to a certain group of monsters?
  11. Enjoy the DLC tho. It is fantastic! I put of playing the Witcher because I though it was too big. Im glad I have played Origins and Odyssey - it really sparked an interest in large open world games for me. I was a bit overwhelmed to begin with.
  12. This month was the Witcher 3..... it was 7% at the beginning of the month and I am now passed 50%. I will be happy with 80%+ completion. Then I will play Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider.
  13. Would much prefer an online trophy (if the game is online or can have a competitive type mode. Games that have online for online sake suck- looking at you Assassins Creed, Batman, Uncharted and Tomb Raider) than difficulty trophies. Difficuly trophies are the worst. If you want to make the game hard - make it hard. Don't lock trophies behind mega difficulty setting. I don't enjoy playing games 2 or 3 times. Anthem has this.... just another reason I disliked it. Haven't finished it for that reason.....
  14. Or Warframe.................
  15. I feel that GoW did this the best. The Valks, Trials and Mist Echos. Extra, end game stuff that was a challenge but no play this game on hard that you unlock by playing on normal, which is unlocked by playing on easy........ I play games once and have little time for complete this game on x difficulty trophies. If you wanna play a game on hard hard game - just play a hard game or change the setting.