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  1. Amazing mate - thank you so much. Great work as always!
  2. @Squirlruler I noticed that I was not in the data dump for the end of January. Just wondering if I was missed or if I am not a part of the challenge officially? Cheers.
  3. Hey everyone. End of month update. Hot Wheels Unleashed Smashed out a heap of the campaign - finished it this morning. Only the grind and multilayer to go. GoW: Ragnaok Plugged away with a bit more story. Really enjoying the game but only getting 20-30 minutes to play every few days. Started at 82.34% January end 82.54% No new games started - I will get Hogwarts Legacy on release- need to finish Hot Wheels and maybe Elden Ring before Feb 10th. Happy gaming
  4. Hey guys. Happy to have another crack at this and maybe out of my 4 attempts hit my goal %. With a newborn, new house and job - this may be my most challenging year to complete my goal. As of 15/1/23 my % is 82.34%. I'm aiming for 88%. Looking forward to once again keeping up with how everyone is going. Short term goals for me are: Hot Wheels Unleashed Elden Ring GoW Ragnarok
  5. I have just purchased this game and having a blast playing it. I have been chasing a solid racing game for the last 12 months and thank god I have found it. I am not stressed about 100% completion but would like the plat. Just wondering if Delta's are still running so I can get the Fire Up That Car....Again trophy easily.
  6. I have hidden games from when I lived in a share house. I hid them as they are games that I did not own/will never play.
  7. I think the 25% stems to the fact that it is relatively difficult and stage specific. You also play a fair bit before you earn your first trophy if I remember correctly. Most of the trophies I earned early on were by accident - spin 3 times and win comes to mind. Rallycross and the standard rally really play different as well. This was one of the Plat trophies that I was genuinely elated to get. I play a lot of arcade racers and found this game to be a big learning curve.
  8. Just an update mate. We got to a part in the story where he is further than I am and we cannot do that area together. There is a work around but it's painful and the workaround is at the beginning of the area. I'm not sure if this would effect you as you are both doing the areas at the same time.
  9. Another Update. Elden Ring Beat Radahn second go. Bird farm has been so good for over levelling and making sure the bosses are relatively easy. Just cruising through the capital ATM. Horizon Forbidden West Finished the last story mission a couple of days ago. I planned it so I achieved the Story, Level and last machine trophy at the same time - earning 4 trophies in the space of 5 mins. Didn't enjoy the story enough to go for the New Game + trophies.
  10. I am playing with a friend as well. We have found a few of the places stated above where there is a "white" wall similar to a boss wall. We have been able to work around in most areas (more that 90% of these walls) - if you both walk past where the "white" wall is in single player - you can place your summon sign on the other side and summon that way. Sometime you need to watch a cutscene or talk to an NPC. If you need some locations that I have found I can tell you but I read that you wanted it spoiler free.
  11. My Sporadic Updates Continue.... Elden Ring This is my first Soulsbourne game and I gotta say I'm loving the ride so far. Trophies are few and far between and have been plugging away. I was following the Platinum Walkthrough, but am easily distracted by shining object and stray off the walkthrough path - if i was following the guide to a T i would be roughly level 44 - I'm sitting at a measly level 109. I have died too many times to my own self confidence and stupidity. Crash 4 Anyone who knows me knows I'm a sucker for Crash. I have waited on this but could pass it up due to it being free. I downloaded it, wanted to start it in my holidays in 6 weeks but the temptation was too great. Feel different but very familiar. I'm dreading the platinum relics but will have a crack. Horizon 2 It has grown on me and I have really enjoyed playing while I was in ISO from COVID. I think I'm having a second bout and will pick this up again and finish it if I test positive. My big learning is that I need to stop starting games at months end.....
  12. This is my last Crash game to Platinum (and purchase) as I have been waiting to snag a PS5. I have been lucky enough to grab one and I am going to buy this in December when I have 6 weeks holidays. I have the plat for all of the Crash games and will finally get the DLC TT trophy for Crash Bandicoot in the next month (lent to a friend who has finally returned it). I suppose my question is how does this compare in difficulty to the other crash games. How does it compare to CTR:NK that was rated at an 8? I know it's not platforming but there was still the TT element. Which one did you find the hardest? How much harder was Crash 4 than the others or why do you think the earlier Crash games were harder?
  13. Whaaatt? Another update from Gumby? No way! Have to brag. Hit a milestone I have been trying to get to for 2 year. The last 10 plats have come slowly but I can happily say I hit the 100 plats club. Finished Spongebob this week - really had some fun. It's pretty easy but still enjoyable. And also entered the cheat code in MediEvil for plat number 100. My favourite childhood game had to be number 100!
  14. Update time. My Name Is Mayo 3 Did it. I hate to admit that I enjoyed seeing the "story's" progress. Spongebob Battle For Bikini Bottom Old school collectathon vibes with some platforming. Not hard but challenging enough. Having fun with Horizon Zero Dawn 2 I cannot express how disappointed in this game I am. Long dialogue dumps with multiple choices to hear even longer dialogue dumps. Was Horizon 1 this dialogue heavy? I find myself getting bored of looking at the same expressionless faces speak so I skip the dialogue - miss story elements - lose track of story and then have no idea why I am where I am. look up the story guide. Read where I'm up to and then play. Say next time will be different and I'll listen to the dialogue this time, only to rinse repeat. Combat is good, setting is awesome, robots are different and creative but you don't play a single player game to not know what the story is about. If I wanted good combat against large creatures, I'd finally finish MHW.
  15. Well we are 5 months in and have made very little progress towards my 89% completion goal. Is anyone else having a hard time finding time to game? Bugsnax Played this game last month and really enjoyed it. It was quirky and different. Easy to play and Plat but I really enjoyed it. Horizon Forbidden West What to say about this game.... I loved Horizon 1. I played it non stop until I earned the plat and then bought the DLC straight away and finished it. Horizon 2 feels more of the same with too much dialogue. I am finding it hard to focus on the story like I did with one and I think it is because it's dialogue heavy. I find myself on my phone and loose track of what they are saying. COmbat is great again and it was easy to pick up and remember exactly how to play but I just cannot get into it. I'll try again. To play in May Horizon Forbidden West AC Valhalla DLC Spider-man MM Metro 2033
  16. Affecting a lot of people. I'm on PS5 and cannot connect. Says I need ps+ to access feature. Looks like a ps+ error. My mate has the same problem.
  17. Not a great deal happening this month for me. Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart: I earned the plat early this month. Was a fun little shooter platformer. Not really sure it was a good as it looked in the trailer tho. The "seamless shifting between rifts" gimmick was really just cutscenes with a small boss battle section in-between. Dirt 5: Started this this week. Played the game on PS4 on a friends console and while I enjoyed the game, it didn't really light me up enough to buy it. As it is the PS+ game this month, I thought I would give it a go on PS5. I'm glad it's an easy plat because after the first 10 tracks, it is very repetitive. Same tracks, same 5/6 cars (once you get to 500k, you have enough money to buy the best cars and its a breeze). Rubber banding is insane as well. I can be winning by 5 seconds, make no mistakes and in 3 corners have 2 AI cars behind me. Like wise you make a mistake and the AI pretty much stops so you are only over 3 seconds behind max. And the graphics and frame rate are atrocious. I don't normally care about graphics as gameplay and interesting ideas will always trump flawless graphics, but as a PS5 game it is terrible. I will begrudgingly buy the DLC so I can finish it 100% and then delete and forget I ever played this pile of trash. 2022 plans: Broken record time (pretty sure this has been my list since I tried and failed at the backlog challenge 4 years ago) Dishonoured (70-80%) AC: Black Flag (70-80%) Bioshock Infinite (DLC) War in the North (70-80%) Metro 2033 (Plat) Metro: Last Light (Start and Plat) Metro Exodus (Start and 100%) Tomb Raider (70-80%) Other Goals: 100 plats 89% profile completion less than 1000 unearned trophies (Also shameless plug - I have started paining Pokemon Skateboards - if you like this sort of thing, give me a follow on Instagram @Poke.boards)
  18. I'm in yet again. I will hit my this year! Currently at 83.22%. I will aim for 89% this year.
  19. And we enter the last month. Not sure if you guys feel that November was 15 days shorter that last year but I had 0 time to play in the middle half of this month. I have 3 weeks of December off. Hoping I can smash some games in that time. It was still my highest improvement month to date. Metro 2033 Finished playthrough number 1. I really like this game... You feel heavy and some aspects are a bit outdated, but overall it was the best story driven FPS that have played in a long time. I like the atmosphere and the setting. I will hopefully plat this in the next 2 days. Only small stuff left to do. I really thought I would have time for some of these games this month but it just never happened. December non negotiable games (to feel I have had some success this year) Everybody's Gone to the Rapture - 0.21% Dishonoured - 0.50% Assassin's Creed: Black Flag - 0.30% Bioshock Infinite DLC - 0.40%
  20. Update time boys and girls!! Metro 2033 Played some more of this last night. I am about half way through my first playthrough and stressing about not having 1000 rounds saved by the end of the game. I have roughly 500 and have passed the two levels have 250 round stashes. Will see how I go this playthrough and then follow a guide on my second playthrough if I need to. I will need to go back and get some of the thophies through chapter select as I doubt I'll get all of the weapon related trophies. Ghost of Tsushima: Tales of Iki Finished the DLC. I enjoyed it a lot. I did earn some of the online trophies as well. Thinking about giving the 100% a red hot go. I earned the only online trophy I was worried about first match of rivals (summon 5 shades). I was carried by my teammate as forget most of the controls and item combos. Overall I have increase by 0.46% this month. My goal is 87% and I am sitting at 83.01%. I am hoping to gain an additional 1% in the next 6 days and go for 3% while I am on holidays. It will be tight but I can't not get my goal 2 years running. Games that I will focus on for November and then December: Metro 2033 - 0.44% One Piece: World Seeker - 0.14% Everybody's Gone to the Rapture - 0.21% Dishonoured - 0.50% Assassin's Creed: Black Flag - 0.30% Bioshock Infinite DLC - 0.40% Total - 1.99% Just need to find an extra 2%
  21. I'm currently playing Metro 2033 and I have the exact same feelings as you. Stopping use a guide is particularly painful. Ok this is promising. I earned the plat for most of the levels on the N-Sane trilogy anyway. This is not something I'm stressed about. Maybe I'll just play this for the experience as opposed to platting it.
  22. It is time for one of my sporadic updates!! Aren't you all a luck bunch? Lego Ninjao: The Movie Done and dusted this game while I was on a few days off sick. I liked that TT tried something a bit different and had the levels as hub worlds instead of a hub world with levels separate. I'm not sure they could do this with many other games but I do really think it made the game feel more open world and succinct. I'm not really of the Ninjago generation (I grew up with the throw bots, Lego Systems and the initial release of Star Wars Lego) so did really feel invested in the story. The humour was not great but I am 30 year old playing a kids game. (added 0.20%) Metro 2033 Played some more of this game this week. I really do enjoy the gritty setting and story. I am a long-time fan of the books. Not really sure why I am finding this game so difficult to finish. I enjoy playing it and have had a ball with it so far. It is my by the end of this month non negotiable. (Will add 0.50%) Ghost of Tsushima: Tales of Iki This game is great and the DLC is no exception. PS just keep proving to me that they can make wonderful exclusives with great DLC (Spider-man is the exception - great game/not the best DLC). Not much else to say really. I will keep plugging away the exploration trophies, I have 2 main story missions to go and then clean up the remaining story missions. (Will add 0.15%) I have 4% to increase by the end of the year to hit my target. I have 2 weeks holidays around Christmas (how good is working in education in Australia) 2% per month is my current goal. These 3 games should net me around the 0.85% increase. 1.15% to find in the next 14 days? or 3.15% in December. Ps any ideas when Attack on Completion Year 5 will up to join and not complete for the third year running?
  23. Wanna work on mine now? lol Had a good month - highest I have improved all year but I am aiming for 88% and sitting on 82.5% - probably wont get there for a second year in a row.... Finished Maneater, Asto's and knocked a big chunk of of LEGO Ninjago. Will aim for Metro, Everybody's gone to the Rapture and AC Black flag and the DLC for Ghost's and Valhalla and see how I go. That's a big month for someone who is pretty time poor and starting a new job in 6 days lol. See how I go. 3% increase per month seems unachievable.
  24. Still focusing on: October Goals Metro 2033 - get the plat Lego Ninjago - get the plat AC Valhalla - finish France DLC Ghosts of Tsushima - Finish Iki DLC So I have skipped my October goals and started Maneater. Fun and ridiculous game but glad I got it for free on PS+. Purchased the DLC to finish this week.
  25. They have been really good at updating as it goes on. I do feel for new players because base vanilla trophies were very easy compared to what they are now. My only hope is that they include all seals in the "Seal the Deal" trophy". I am close to the Gambit seal but mate.... I am over Gambit. I can back with season of the Splicer and have only just gotten raid ready - Last Wish this weekend I hope.