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  1. Ohh I've been wanting to see this. Good to know that he did a good job, that was the part that worried me the most!
  2. Okami
  3. Hard to pick just one from Umineko, since all of its ost are really good. I love how this one sounds at 0:40 tho
  4. I try to only play one at a time, but sometimes I get bored lol. Max 3-4
  5. Just Cause
  6. Hey don't say that!! as long as your hand-eye coordination is decent, you'll get the hang of it Thanks! I came up with the username years ago and it just kinda stuck. I'm actually still in high school, and my teachers have been crazyy about exams and preparing this entire year. I'm hoping that I'll have more time in college for hunting! ^^ ^^^ Thanks all! I've heard of it, but never seen any gameplay footage. It does look pretty fun. I'll have to check it out! ^^
  7. Hi everyone! I joined this website a while ago while hunting trophies in my free time (which is pretty rare, being a student), and absolutely love it! I've been thinking about hunting trophies more seriously as of late, so I'll be more active on here While I mainly play rhythm games, I like a variety of genres, so feel free to add me on psn. Nice to meet all of you!