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  1. Started watching Mindhunter recently. It's actually better than I thought, and a lot of the actors look scarily similar to the killers they're playing...
  2. Life is Strange has a lot of participation trophies that are gold. The one you get for completing the prologue is just that.
  3. Just found out about this yesterday. I already preordered a while ago but this makes me even more excited ^^
  4. I assume it should, they said all mission progress will carry over and I assume mastery will as well
  5. That skinny popcorn is to die for
  6. The project diva games are fun if you're into rhythm games. Easy plat too but a little time consuming
  7. THIS omg. The tons of tiny DLC was annoying, the way H2 had H1 maps and made you complete them before getting 100%, and even more disappointing was the fact that there's not a plat.. I almost gave up on 100%ing because of that lol. It just feels so much more satisfying. I really hope that'll change with this new release... They need to handle that stuff better. Understandable- I love stealth games but they can become super stale after awhile.. Hitman does a great job with the variety of kills, it's so interesting to play Hitman 2 is amazing. The maps definitely feel bigger with much more to do and they improved some mechanics too while also preserving everything 2016 had
  8. I haven't seen a thread here about it yet.. anyone else as hyped as me? EDIT: official launch trailer below!
  9. I enjoy doing so! Although I only really do it when comparing with my friends.. but it's also interesting to look at how far others have gotten/how many have acquired a certain trophy, etc..
  10. Ohh I've been wanting to see this. Good to know that he did a good job, that was the part that worried me the most!