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  1. It's been while since I played it but I think this is how it worked for me (I did it solo btw so we're in the same boat so to speak); You can use Tac-Rig, at least I did and still got the Decoration. The main decoration you want ("Immortal Fame") only requires you to beat each level on Vet without restarting from a checkpoint - Tac-Rig doesn't count as restarting from checkpoints. You won't see the Immortal Fame Accolade pop up until you've completed every mission without restarting from a checkpoint. So when you complete a mission you won't know for sure whether you actually completed that mission for Immortal Fame, you just have to hope. Just write down the ones you know you 100% did. When you complete the final mission it will pop up with the Accolade. Side Note: You can regain your Tac-Rig Self-Revive by using the crates that allow you to choose a class mid-level. Good luck
  2. For anyone else still needing to do the grind I'd recommend doing what dj_lalle said except with a twist. I split the stats, 10 to pixie and 10 to Jack at the start of each loop. Eventually I got a random Persona fusion that resulted in a level 99 Lilith or smth like that. Long story short it only cost about 60,000 yen to summon each time, but I would receive about 670,000pp everytime I deleted it from my persona stack. Which made the remaining 3 million pps I needed easy to get. Anyone still going for it I'd recommend saving some points during the loop, and if you get a random persona fusion try and see if you were lucky enough to get the same money-pps ratio that I got. If not then reload and continue the loop.
  3. My problem was similar except if I left the level and went back in the door was still open, but no challenge pop. Just had to bite the bullet and reset my progress as the recent patch didn't do anything to help.
  4. Is that the one at the Elevator Shaft at the lab, out of interest? The same one glitched for me and the most recent patch hasn't fixed the trophy for me either.
  5. Apparently this isn't based around the stuff you can level up personas with at the start of the game. Don't think this is spoilery but just in case:
  6. I've only put a few hours into Strikers so far so it may change, but I'd say you don't need to play P5, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't. You really should play P5 or P5R (P5R is P5 but with more content, but this game follows on from P5 rather than P5R, so it's up to you). So far, other than the main cast being there, the game plays pretty differently from P5R, and other than some small references to bosses and minor events, there haven't been any major spoilers of the main game. So pick it up if you really want to, but I would recommend playing the main game first.
  7. Finally someone else. Out of interest, were your steps any similar to the ones in the comment of the video linked at the bottom? I found this bug and was only able to activate it by following those very specific steps. I ran the map again after that, doing it differently and was able to kill Agent Rhodes during Evac. Maybe you can't kill him due to some weird steps? I know it sounds crazy that that'd impact it but doing this run the same way multiple times, on three different nights, resulted in crashes. Again, it could be completely random but my couple run throughs of the map showed this to be the case. Video:
  8. Agreed, although I would say to OP to be careful about saving. It can screw you over if you reload mid-mission. Guess it depends on your luck. Eg. Saved during Mendoza while doing the Sniper mission, after reloading no matter how many times I completed the mission it kept saying I failed. Doing it without saving and reloading allowed me to progress. Of course, this is a minor problem, but a more serious one is the shortcuts. In one mission, I saved, unlocked a shortcut, then had to reload that save right after. For some reason this made the challenge not pop but the door was still opened. Even though I now have 16/17 Shortcut challenges complete I don't have the trophy. So, to OP, TLDR: Brilliant game, but be careful with saving and reloading. Would still recommend you pick up the gane.
  9. Its alright I guess. I never played Watch Dogs 1 but played WD2 and absolutely loved it, so maybe considering how different it is for us you'll love this game. Personally I didn't. Just a reminder though that this is my opinion, so it doesn't mean that you'll feel the same op, nor does it mean I'm disregarding the opinions of anyone who loved or hated this game. Gameplay wise there isn't much to rave about, there are quite a few improvements here and there from WD2, and the concept of being able to control any character you want up to a specific number) is a really cool idea. But I found myself only sticking to one or two characters throughout the entire game, rather than the ideal approach of using specific characters for specific areas/missions. Maybe depending on your playstyle you'll enjoy this feature more but I didn't. Story wise again, nothing really great here. There is only one antagonist that I genuinely kind of liked, for the sole reason that they have a decent amount of screentime and, unlike a lot of other characters (antags and protags alike) their actor was actually pretty good. (Then again, I've never been good at judging acting so maybe I'm completely wrong in this regard.). I think the major problem with the game is there are too many villains, where I can barely remember their name, motives and what they actually did to be a villain. Again, this is my opinion and maybe some people really like having multiple antagonists but I don't. I don't really remember the game's soundtrack all too well so I can't really comment on that but for the radio, it's got some variety. A lot of classical music, a Gorillaz song which is always a win, and I recognised a couple other songs here and there. Also I really liked the podcasts on the radio, they felt really realistic and were quite interesting. I've probably made these elements of the game sound a lot worse than they actually are, I didn't hate the game, nor is it bad per se, but I think the reason I don't love this game is it feels fairly generic. In a game where you can control any character you want in a country that I kind of recognise quite well, where some parts of the game feel almost apocolyptic, the game just feels like every other open-world game. It really shouldn't. Of course, however, it isn't a Ubisoft game without glitches. If you want a good idea of some glitches then I would recommend Quite Shallow's video. Personally, I haven't ran into too many glitches but the ones I have ran into are fairly annoying. One made my screen became barely visible, which was caused by switching cameras at the exact same time the game forced my out of it. This one I could fix by dying. The other glitch was an airwalk kind of glitch. I only got it to work by doing borough missions, and when you have to do the final one for each borough sometimes the game glitches on you and doesn't let you continue unless you quit out first. Instead of quitting out I found that by jumping on a vehicle at the same moment it started going forward would make you fall off but instead of falling you'd be stuck in mid-air, and by holding the hack button you could move around. The only way to fix this is by quitting out. So, for me, there was nothing major or game breaking exactly, just some annoyances. But as other people have stated in other forums, the trophies are pretty glitched. I have drank at all the pubs and won all dart games and still not received either trophy, so be prepared to be screwed over by that. Overall, I'd probably recommend this game but only if it's on sale at a really good price. Otherwise, you can probably pass on it. Holy shit this was way longer than it should've been ahaha sorry. Edit: The Titan made me realise how good this games radio could have, no, should have been. As a pretty big fan of some Prog Rock Bands it's disappointing to not hear any of them in this game. At least from my playtime, I haven't heard a single song from Yes, King Crimson, Pink Floyd or Genesis, all of whom are English bands and the first three all originate from London. Obviously it can be really difficult to buy the license for songs but come on, they could've got a couple of popular English Band's songs. The Heavy is another great English band whose songs could've been great in this game. Oh well.
  10. With regards to invisible proning around stalkers, they both see you and technically don't at the same time (at least not in a way that truly matters). If you invis prone around stalkers and get behind them, you can stealth kill them. However, if you stealth prone and crawl towards them where you are in front of them then, in my experience, they are more likely to run away from you, as they do see you, however sometimes they don't. Despite this, they still cannot attack you when you are prone, the only way they can is by accidentally running into you, which makes them spot you and then they can attack you. It's really interesting how they can see you but not actually spot you, if that makes sense. In my playthrough this has only happened one other time, during the school chapter. If you stealth prone your way through the entire school, when you get to the roof and have to go through the door, for some reason enemies can see you and aim their guns at you, but they won't shoot you as they technically haven't spotted you yet. What's interesting about this is that, for me at least, they could still fight Dina, and she fought back. No idea what causes any of this. Regarding the dogs, if you go prone when you first see the dogs then they can't smell you. I'm not exactly sure what happens if they smell you and then you go prone, but I'd imagine it'd be similar to the stalker situation. Hopefully this helps somewhat. P.S. It's 4 am where I am so if this is an incoherent mess I apologise
  11. I don't know if this will help anyone but here's hoping. There seems to be a problem with saving and quitting, and later continuing. After finishing Takedown, I let the game load into Wolverines and then I saved and quit. Later on I pressed "Continue game" and it loaded me into Wolverines, cut scenes and all. After not earning the trophy, I tried a few different levels and then Wolverines. After completing Wolverines the trophy popped. I don't know if this is a problem, but definitely always use chapter select after saving and quitting.
  12. There's another version of the glitch where you don't have a time limit: Just start the game in editions and then after doing the glitch convert the world into bedrock.
  13. I don't know if you're still attempting the extra lives mode, but if you are, hopefully this well help. Playing on the easiest mode i finished with about 38 extra lives, having died twice in the game, once fairly early on and the other time against the Icon of Sin, there should be around 40 extra lives therefore, as I collected as much as I could find. The Khan Maykr can be easily defeated if you save BFG ammo and your Crucible sword. On my first playthrough i died at least 10-15 times, but on extra life i beat her first time. Basically, use the BFG ammo, if you get a direct hit it should insta-knock her out, if it doesn't use your lock on rocket launcher to knock her out. There is one other BFG ammo in this arena so you do this to her 3 times. After having run out of BFG ammo, use your crucible sword on her, one hit and she is immediately knocked out, so you do this 3 times and you'll beat her. i used the boost pads to get close to her but thinking about it, you may be able to use the super-shotgun grapple to get near her and then switch to your crucible. Doing this you probably won't even have to kill any of her minions. Hope this helps.
  14. You can never beat some Billy Joel
  15. It depends on how much you're willing to put into grinding the game. If you don't want to play much of the online, then go for it (though I'm not sure If it is actually worth it.) But one of the recent updates made the online a fair bit easier to rank up - the collector role is a godsend for grinding the online, so I'd say don't go for boost and just collect stuff.