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  1. I would have thought IGN would be given a higher score than 8.7, considering Insomniac Games apparently removed some water from the puddles...
  2. Especially the people who haven't played the game/have played barely any of it.
  3. For a 48 year old game it seems really good
  4. If anyone needs help with the map trophy I have it finished so you can just take one off and replace with. Feel free to message me whenever (psn id: TerminatarMnA)
  5. Well, a lot of people have theories that the game will be released on mother's day next year. Although Mother's day is May 12 in the US, it is actually March 31in the UK, which is super close to that release date. So it could be accurate.
  6. https://youtu.be/v5CZQpqF_74 You should watch this uncharted fan film starring Nathan Fillion that came out yesterday (if you haven't already). I can honestly say it's the best film adaptation of a game ever.
  7. It's been a while since I played the game. But I believe you get gold coins by eating gold fish. So yeah, it's probably a long grind.
  8. I do believe it would still pop the trophy, as you are still saving everyone from homeless onward. However you need to decide what is less time consuming. In the order of the normal game, homeless is chapter 11 and the epilogue is chapter 25 (if you count the prologue and epilogue as separate chapters) In the chronological version, homeless is chapter 17 and the epilogue is chapter 26. So obviously, there are less chapters when doing it chronologically. However, chronologically, all the chapters between homeless and the epilogue are the really long ones. Whereas doing it normally, it is a mix of both long and short chapters, as some long chapters come before homeless. The only thing that stops me from suggesting playing through it chronolically is the fact that it may not pop the trophy (I don't believe it has been tested.)
  9. I can help if you want, I've completed all survival stages on crushing as well, so you can do any at random, not in chronological order. Psn: TerminatarMnA
  10. I played this game when it first came out, nd I absolutely loved it. During my playthrough, I never once felt compelled to purchase any sort of mictotransactions. Even the ending, being super grindy, I never once wanted to get mictotransactions. However, being a fan of Shadow of Mordor and all things Middle Earth,I believe I was much more lenient to this games glaring flaws, so maybe it's best not to trust my opinion. Anyway, I suggest you either get a used copy now (so that the developers won't get money) or get a new version after reviews have come out for the updated version.