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  1. I just cannot stand God of War. Horrible characters in a meandering plot, just an overall misuse of the goldmine that is Greek Mythology. And the button-mashing combat was laughably dull coming off of the technical brilliance of 2004’s Ninja Gaiden. God of War has just been a series to groan on about from a distance, grumbling about its continued existence and appeal to angsty, brooding machismo. When they announced this new God of War, I just took it as another sign that Sony didn’t care about creating exclusive first-party IP I cared bout anymore. Just another cinematic adventure building off of the Uncharted formula, this time with a hack and slash twist. No thanks. I don’t read reviews for things I care about. Not until I’ve experienced what’s been reviewed for myself, then it’s fun to compare perspectives. But I always jump in headfirst for reviews of things I just don’t have any interest in, and so with God of War ... wow. It’s easy to get a feel for why I still probably wouldn’t like so many even well-reviewed games these days, but God of War reviews are hitting all the right notes to make me actually want to play it for myself. So yay.
  2. I’ve gone almost exclusively digital with PS4, under the educated guess that successor consoles would continue using similar off-the-shelf components, thus facilitating compatibility. If I’m wrong, it looks like I’m keeping my PS4 for a lot longer whilst avoiding Sony’s future consoles altogether.
  3. Sunshine bombs (yellow) transform enemies into animals. More often than not, you’ll turn one into a bunny. You can buy them in shops starting on the second island I believe, or find them in gold chests.
  4. May not be the best choice if having a high challenge is a priority, but Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is a great fantasy RPG. It’s kind of a breeze on its hardest difficulty setting though, at least when I played with the ranger/rogue/thief-escque character, but it’s quite a long adventure if you intend to complete everything.
  5. First stage, hidden behind foreground scenery.
  6. For a truly practical option, sans rumble unfortunately:
  7. Being an HD port of a PSP game that was an update to a DS game, I liked it well enough when I first played the XBLA version years ago. Biggest annoyance is the lack of hand-drawn, pixel perfect backgrounds that defined the series. Has the same kind of ugly rendered backgrounds as Metal Slug 6, except ultra blurry.
  8. They don’t own those IPs though, like they do with Spyro and Crash. And Activision doesn’t have a vast IP well to draw from in that era, especially IP with vast appeal like these two mascot platformers. Tony Hawk is maybe their biggest option, but they already bungled that with a miserable HD remake and an equally miserable throwback sequel. From my understanding, the rights to Croc are held by one of its original developers, while Square Enix owns Gex.
  9. I just wonder what could possibly be next for Activision. They’ll want to milk this nostalgia train for all it’s worth, like they do with each of their franchises. Toys For Bob have obviously been working on this for a while, and Vicarious Visions for a while on Crash before it, so it would be kind of crazy for them to put these out back to back and not have something in line for next year (either with VV again or maybe Beenox). Problem I can see is that they don’t really have anything else to do like this. CTR would be fun, sure, but it isn’t nearly as enticing as a full trilogy of remakes. Then they’ll have to scrape the bottom of the barrel and go with the post Naughty Dog and Insomniac entries, and just ... ew. Excited for Spyro. Will be my first Activision purchase in a very, very long time. It’s the game that first helped this Nintendo fan appreciate PlayStation, and I’ll be glad for a revisit.
  10. Night in the Woods Super Mario Odyssey What Remains of Edith Finch Everything Slime Rancher The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild RiME Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles The Sexy Brutale Blackwood Crossing Honorables: Tacoma, A Hat in Time, Cuphead, Hidden Folks, Linelight. Still have a lot to play, continue playing, or revisit for a proper chance.
  11. Thanks for not doing the usual reactionary thing players tend to do and command people not to buy the game. A great Vita game from an up and coming indie dev, and a great bug warning to go with it 🙃
  12. I can respect anyone’s opinion with regard to making these kinds of lists, especially knowing how absurd it is to try ranking 100 games by any metric, but not including a single Dragon Quest is a bit silly. Personally would have chosen at least VIII, though my favorite is III. As ever, the stories about how these kinds of collaborative lists are made are far more interesting than the actual list, but being IGN I’m sure the impassioned takes left on the cutting room floor are buried in a video or podcast thing somewhere instead of in a nice article.
  13. Still The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, on Nintendo GameCube. Such a dream to take in on a nice CRT to this day, and is a touch more seamless than the bloomified HD version on Wii U which is a bit more video game than stack of animation cels. After that, probably Fez.
  14. One of the absolute best on PS3. Just oozes with classic Nintendo, Enix, and Square charm. I played blind, and even exploring a lot I missed sooooo much, didn’t even figure out the princess timing until my third playthrough lol. But it was basically all I played for most of 2011, I loved it that much and recommended it to anyone getting a PS3 who grew up with an SNES or Game Boy. Would have killed for a 3DS or Vita version, would still for a Switch update. Every time From Software is gearing up for a new game, it breaks my 3D Dot Heart when it turns out to not be a sequel. I’ll still hope year after year until they team up with Silicon Studio again.