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  1. well this stinks, doesn't work for PS4 either
  2. I originally did not go for trophies, and had about 500 trophies before I accidentally got my first plat Guardian Lord (trophy 512) following Flawless Raider (trophy 511).
  3. thanks @JohnFPSKing works like a charm! and plus ITS FREE WOOO!
  4. AWESOME! Thanks
  5. Does the enemy setup need to be on default to get this trophy?
  6. this is looking really good!! @SquidGeneral10
  7. I will say that going for "That's a lot of them, and only 4 of us" trophy with randoms is the MOST infuriating thing i experienced.. (you will get kicked ALOT) but that's about the only trophy that is challenging.
  8. i had a similar question. I just got the That's a lot of them, and only 4 of us trophy doing the same thing (last chapter of each mission). So if I could just do this again on hard or even solo that would be awesome
  9. preciate everyone who commented, tried a mouth shot and got it immediately
  10. thank you squid
  11. Would love a transfer of this! VERY Solid guide!
  12. i seem to also have this problem, deleting save now and hopefully it pops
  13. Having the same exact problem now, super annoying. Hopefully I can get past it
  14. During the Boss fights my health does not seem to regen at all, or its very very slow. But did make progress with your tips so thanks
  15. got the trophy on a botched run of 19.6. quite overjoyed