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  1. Welp, i just got it. The issue that I faced was that the rewards for these spec op missions had a check mark in the box... I presumed this meant that I had completed the spec op missions. All it meant was that I had already obtained the reward. I still needed to complete the missions. It popped for me after Crosswind
  2. might be safe to say this trophy is glitched since multiple people have unlocked it a different way, and then those whom repeated them and have not got it yet
  3. Thanks for this man, the actual trophy guide linked to the game is not accurate at all.
  4. Thanks for the warning, it was in my cart
  5. This is great news especially now that it is free on PlayStation right now
  6. Not hard but certainly not easy. Took a while to get used too BUT the vita version NEEDS HELP. There is a "ink off" option which makes the vita version frames / lag manageable. PS4 version took me a lot longer though.
  7. I was able to get it with this second character idea. I ended up deleting my game data just to be safe and deleting / reinstalling the game. I was trying all sorts of nonsense BUT the second character idea was golden so thanks!
  8. Deep into second playthrough, I have yet to get it. I will check the other missions.
  9. I am having this issue right now sadly. Looking for a fix. Might to create a second character
  10. I honestly cannot be mad that the completion rate for this game is not 100% -- if a child made this game I maybe more impressed, but assuming a child did not I just have so many questions
  11. I will keep that in mind, I want to play this with friends but trophy glitches are my worst enemy and rather not have to deal with that.
  12. Seeing a lot of buggy trophies has me REALLY worried might have to skip it
  13. If I am being honest I am very afraid of bugginess and online trophies
  14. So randomly came across this video, and got it the first try... I think there is different "easy" guides that work for other people. Even though all of them start off working the game either tries to fix the loop and the game breaks and restarts checkpoint without any user interaction; it glitches to where he only punches or even shoots you at point blank; or you get stuck in a tree and cannot move; SO MUCH GRINDING FINALLY GOT IT. OH YEAH AND YOU CAN SUCK IT NAUGHTY DOG
  15. I needed these words cause none of the "easy" guides work >_<!!!
  16. It blue screen twice and corrupted the speed run data so I will just get the plat and move on. Not gonna condemn myself to further agony to play basically another whole speed run (for a 3rd time) just to get to then end and blue screen once more. (that was my initial fear of the speed run) BUT anyone going for it good luck Did the same thing this morning. I was beyond upset, but then I encountered bluescreens as well and just said to hell with it
  17. Out of curiosity are we allowed to pause the game or does that still count as time?
  18. Destiny 1 cause it was my first, and I got it with my buddies (at the same time)
  19. Idle minds die quick. Challenging the brain is healthy
  20. This just happened to me, thank god i had another save point in the middle of the game with like 40% of the game done.. Hopefully I am able to get it cause I refuse to do a full nother play through
  21. Just got it, THANK GOD. Experimenting with what you said, I found this to be the most helpful • Ripped Goat • Goatborn • Repulsive Goat • Classy Goat • Deadgoa6 • Double Jump (Credit to some user on the Xbox achievement forum and you as well) This slows down the frames just enough for a player to practice the run. I ended getting to 9 over the past hour (4 times), and about 5 minutes ago it just got it over 9. In my opinion it is better to do it on the TV in Goatsville, rather than other because you are able to see / take more advantage of the frame drops
  22. FAILED AT 9 FUCK!!
  23. Bro it actually is
  24. Planning to come back and finish this game up, glad to see a much more positive outlook now. Cause it had major problems on release.
  25. A DEFINITE YES. Even though I have some games I revisit from time to time, there are some I will never ever ever go back to and couldn't even if I tried. >_< SONY PLEASE