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  1. Finally got this shitty trophy on Arras as the British. To the medic who revived me just in time to get the capture after I got killed while trying to hide on the point, thus preventing me from destroying my controller in rage, you da real MVP.
  2. So there I was on Rotterdam Day 2, German side, our team is wiping the floor with the Brits and I'm thinking to myself "Flags are all but guaranteed on Day 3, finally, this trophy is within my grasp..." Then we move onto Day 3, and all of a sudden I hear a British my absolute despair I see that the server has put me on the opposing team just for Day 3!!! Which got absolutely devastated. That was some Grade A bullshit. EDIT One more flag as Germans on Arras - 9 total. One more to go.....
  3. This trophy sucks - I'm at 6 captures after 10 or so GO attempts. Of the 6 captures, I think 4 or 5 came from me being on the British side - all of my failures were definitely when I was playing the German side. On the plus side, if you don't have any of the points-based trophies, each GO attempt gets you closer to those. EDIT Just got 2 more flags while on the German side on Arras. I guess whether you are on a good team or not matters more than British or English. 2 more to go.
  4. Got all 5 kills solo within 45min on Fjell 652 yesterday after 2-3 days of not being able to hit even one station. My strategy: 1. Conquest Advanced Search - find a Fjell 652 map with lower player count to maximize chance of getting a bomber and time available to drop bombs. 2. Choose bomber for your side - if no bombers are available just wait until one is available. If nothing's available after 5 minutes or so quit and find a new Fjell map - no one getting shot down = no one manning the AA guns. 3. Fly low and practice dropping bombs on enemy soldiers. This is good practice and a good way to level up your plane if it ends up taking you a while to get the AA kills. Even if no one mans the AA guns, there will always be enemy soldiers to kill. 4. Eventually someone will hop in one of the many AA cannons on the map and start shooting at you. 5. Dive in on them and drop your bombs when you're almost right on top of them. Rinse and repeat until you get it.
  5. This is true - I pulled a sleep darted BOB into a Dragonstrike and the trophy popped. 100% finally!!