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  1. For most PS Now games, you are indeed correct that multiple controllers can be used (either online or offline/local). However, this game for ranked online multiplayer only allows for a second user on the same PS3 "system" (as shown on the far left icon of the PS3 XMB) to sign in to the associated PSN account, and unfortunately PS Now does not support the method which it uses.
  2. Yes, if you buy the digital version of Twisted Metal from the PSN store, then you will be able to play online and get all the online trophies. It does not require an online pass (it effectively has its own online pass built in). As Radikali wrote, just download, launch the digital version, and you can go to online multiplayer without any other download needed.
  3. The PSN version of Twisted Metal has a different save file from the disc version, so the PS Now version would not work with the disc version's save file. Also, you can only use one controller with the PS Now version, making it less than ideal for online, since you would need even more people to start the lobby (or use another PS Now on another system/computer) and would need someone for many of the other trophies which you would otherwise be able to do alone with two controllers. However, as noted in the post You do NOT need an online pass to transfer Warthog from physical to digital! it is possible to unlock the Warthog in the digital version after you get it unlocked with the disc version, and the digital version on your system would allow you to use two controllers, making the versus trophies easier. My suggestion is to use the $10 voucher they gave you and buy the digital edition of the game which is currently $9.99 (it was free for PS+ subscribers a few years ago, but since you wrote you were newish to PlayStation, you probably don't have it).
  4. I just tried the game on my PS3 and was able to connect and create an online lobby perfectly fine.