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  1. Does anyone know if they’ve fixed the disguise system with this being a remaster?
  2. IO have remastered the game which great as we can get the platinum in our collections again, but if you’ve started this on the PS3 then I’m not sure... I guess it depends on whether the new versions has contracts or not to replace the ones here.
  3. Well we had a similar issue with IO and Hitman Absolution and for those of you who didn’t know they’ve just remastered the game so the platinum can now be earned again so I suppose there’s always that solution. There has been rumours of this game been remastered in the past but that’s all they are, although with most of the AC franchise being currently remastered it makes sense this game could get the same treatment before the release of the next splinter cell game. EDIT: It looks like this has happened before on several occasions in the past, so if you still wanna complete this but don’t wanna risk the unobtainable then play through on a blank account and if they come back online you’ll be able to jump onto it straight away with a fully decked out character.
  4. They’re back? Then I sure hope so!!
  5. In the meantime I’d recommend playing through the story on a blank account if you haven’t started it so you can have all the gear available and ready for when you need it when the challenges do come back online.
  6. Aye I sure hope so, it’s not normal of them to close it for a game such as Blacklist, certainly not without a heads up anyways.
  7. Any new news from this? From what I can gather the shutdown was unintended from their end.
  8. Just figured I’d post an update as it’s been a while! I took a small break from gaming and trophy hunting over the summer holiday however I’ve been slowly but surely returning these last couple of weeks. Still working on my trophy guides - they’ll hopefully all be out sometime early next year ;D
  9. Should’ve included a poll option for both, that’s what I’ll be doing
  10. I’m pretty sure Telltale are publishing Stranded Deep on PS4 soon so it should be fine. Gonna be pissed if we don’t get TWAU though, they shouldn’t have beat around the bush with lackluster one night stands and stuck to what they were good at.
  11. It’s been a while as I took a break from gaming however I’ll give everyone an update. My Kingdom Come: Deliverance guide is coming along nicely with some great strategies. Terraria is being pieces together step-by-step with extensive testing and so far I’ve managed to find ways of getting through each stage towards the platinum without having to use RNG or rely on other players, which is great! As for minecraft I’m probably going to do a 100% guide instead of just a base game trophy one, so that I can cover everything (If I’m able to do that it is - however I’ll hold off for now as I’m focusing on my other guides). 7DTD and Elder Scrolls Online are still on the back burner for now but I still plan to write guides for both of these games. For people wondering, I’m using a new account which is why I haven’t been earning trophies on this profile anymore however I’ll change over to the new profile soon once I’ve sorted out the info for my guides (luckily I haven’t written much of it up yet - so it’s mainly just the descriptions to copy over).
  12. The innocent days of WoW were great, but then again that goes for most games and trophy hunting as a whole.
  13. Figured I’d post an update on how the guides are coming along. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is being worked on as I play my way through the game and I’ve developed some easy and quick ways of getting the ‘grind trophies’ of the game done, although they’re not all that bad. I’ve also started working on two brand new guides - which whilst they both already have guides written for them I’m gonna be writing new, updated versions from scratch which detail how to earn the trophies legitimately without being carried/item dropped through them for people interested in getting these platinums legitimately. These games are: Minecraft PS4 In Progress No help needed This guide will detail how to get all trophies through normal play of the game without having to rely upon the ever changing tutorial worlds. Terraria PS4/3 & Vita (I’ll be using colour codes for older generation requirements). In progress No help needed Again I’ll be giving detailed and straightforward ways of getting these trophies without having to do extensive searches for simple information as well as a guide of what to do and when for players struggling with the game. 7 Days To Die and Elder Scrolls Online are still planned guides of mine which I’ll be working on after I finish KC:D.
  14. @Dragon-Archon ever considered having a welcome screen for new members which acts like a tutorial on using the site when they sign up?
  15. As amazing as Mafia III is, I’ve already got it and platinumed it. Nethertheless a great game for people who haven’t got it yet