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  1. Can confirm: the trophies are glitched such that you'll only get one per start-up. Basically, when you get a trophy, save, turn the game off (as in choose to close the application) and resume playing and you'll be able to get them in order. New problem though: since the last chest I opened was the one that gave me the swap item for the broom, the game gave me the trophy for getting 100% without giving me the one for getting all the broom expansions, meaning I'll probably have to replay the game to that point to get it.
  2. Update: I found it. It's located in the Right Area in a secret location near the left of the tower
  3. After 100% the game, fighting the final boss, getting all the Elder Shards and defeating the secret boss in the left area, I'm still missing the Steel Spine Perk. I've been circling the game trying to find it to the point where I have Level 4 of all the other perks. I think my game might be glitched