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  1. I’ve played this 4 times, the traveler guide on here can’t be right. Other sites has extra stuff on it that has to be done, now I have to play for the 5th time to get this done. Frustrating
  2. Worst trophy ever, 2 days waisted to realize you messed up. No idea why this is only bronze trophy!!! Last one I need for a platinum.
  3. Yea, just don’t know if the servers are offline for madden 25
  4. I have the game but didn’t want to start this if it’s not totally obtainable. Is this still possible to obtain?
  5. I figured it out Its the fountain puzzle. i had to google it. puzzle is as followed Take the jug out of the pool.Fill the jug with water.Place it on the altar.Kneel and pray at the altar.Take one sip from the jug.Take the jug off the altar.Pour the water back into the pool. Hope this helps so nobody else can spend hours figuring it out.
  6. alrighty, trying to see who dropped the key! Thanks for the help.
  7. So there is a room with a little fountain in the lower level that has a door that's locked. Any ideas how to open it. I am certain i have to get in there with a key for the world trophy but i cant see how to do that. Any help on this would be great.
  8. No email. Just woke up and everytime I logged in I got a cannot login error. I called them and thats when they told me it got band. Said it was irreversible. I asked them why and all they can say was it was flagged for something. They tried to unban it but said they couldn't do it for some reason. Advised to start over with a new account. Just wondering if it happened to anybody else on here.
  9. So woke up on New Year’s Day to my account being banned from PlayStation. Called them and they had no answer. Couldn’t reverse it either. Has this happened to anybody else and what causes it? I was pretty pist that I had to start all over again!